Star Ring Mission Chapter 169


Chapter 169 There is no way out Finally broke the glass and successfully broke into the base, and the blue mecha fell directly.

As a result, before Su Mo got up, all around, black salamanders rushed up.

Su Mo didn’t get used to these guys either, wielding a sharp alloy blade, splitting them all in half and sending them on their way.

But at this time, the black salamanders jumped down from the broken gap of Su Mo, and the black salamanders that followed him caught up one after another.

Su Mo held his breath and operated mecha to turn around and run away.

It is also due to the fact that the interior space of this base is very spacious, and the passages are tens of meters high. So the huge mecha runs in it without restriction at all.

From here, it can be seen more or less that the base level is super high, and it is estimated that it is one level higher than the Gulf base.

Only a few buildings within the bay base can accommodate mecha dexterity activities.

But the only thing that’s not good is that the ground is all made of metal, and when mecha runs over, the sound is almost gone.

It’s no worse than shouting at the enemy with its own loudspeaker.

“I’m here.”

And this kind of behavior caused, all directions, a black salamander moved towards Su Mo crazily.

Su Mo’s heart sank to the bottom, and he switched his weapon to a short-range rifle.

Run while shooting at the incoming black salamander!

peng~ peng~!

The heads of the black salamanders were blown off.

However, this kind of behavior, not only did not change his situation, on the contrary, the situation got worse and worse, and more and more black salamanders came.

A black salamander even climbed on top of its head, jumped down suddenly, and threw itself directly on mecha, opening its mouth and biting it without saying a word.

Su Mo raised his left hand, grabbed the black salamander fiercely and threw it out.

He didn’t dare to stop at all, don’t look at these black salamanders as if they were no threat to him. That’s because these are black salamanders with no rank, and they are cannon fodder to put it bluntly. But attracting more monsters, if you are unlucky, you will run into high-level ones.

Just as Su Mo controls mecha to dash through an intersection.

Su Mo’s eyes suddenly shrank, his muscles tightened, and a huge black shadow suddenly burst out from the side passage.

He subconsciously raised the close-range rifle in his hand, covering its split mouth.

But the azure mecha still suffered a strong impact, fiercely slammed into the metal wall beside it.

At this point, Su Mo could clearly see the monster that was rushing towards him. This was a Type II ordinary black salamander, and its volume was as high as ten meters, which was no less than the second-generation mecha.

The black salamander showed its fierceness, raised its sharp claws, and was about to tear Su Mo.

Su Mo controlled mecha to lift the huge mechanical right foot, fiercely kicked the black salamander on the chest and kicked it out.

Immediately, Su Mo lowered his shoulder beam cannon and aimed it at it.

The black salamander that was kicked and flew out fell to the ground, immediately got up, and rushed up with an angry roar.


Su Mo pressed the launch button, and a small beam cannon immediately hit the body of the black salamander in front of him.


The black salamander fell out again, and a bloody hole was blasted out of its chest, and the wriggling tissue inside could be clearly seen.

But even so, this black salamander still did not die, and its life was still extremely tenacious, struggling to get up.

It’s a pity that Su Mo simply didn’t give him a chance. He raised the gun in his hand and shot violently at the black salamander’s injured chest.

Flesh splatter!


The black salamander made a piercing howl.

Of course, Su Mo’s attack didn’t stop, he controlled mecha and rushed forward, pulling out the alloy blade with his left hand!


The Type II salamander head rolled to the ground.

The viscous blood spattered all over the place.

Su Mo glanced at the dead black salamander corpse, and before simply checking to see if there were any spills of war, he turned and ran.

I saw the I-type black salamander rushing towards the channel on its side.

Su Mo controlled mecha to run out, and now he doesn’t know where to run, the instrument is severely disturbed. You can only run around, see if the blind cat can meet the dead mouse, and find Qianchengxue and the others.

I don’t know if it’s bad luck or too much noise.

Wherever Su Mo rushed, a group of black salamanders popped out and blocked his path.

He can only be brave oneself to keep diverting and fleeing. In addition, the structure of this base is also very strange, and it is very complicated, which makes Su Mo a little messy.

Those black salamanders are like mad dogs, chasing after them.

Running and running, a Type II black salamander appeared on the road in front of Su Mo, and he controlled mecha to make an emergency stop. He bent sharply and rushed into a narrow corridor on the right.

However, after rushing in and running not far, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

It seems to be out of use, and at the end of the corridor is a sealed metal door. On the right side of the metal gate, a corpse was lying on the switch, and there was a lot of dragging blood on the ground.

Su Mo glanced back, and black salamanders rushed in like crazy.


Su Mo let out a long breath in the cab, he controlled mecha to turn around and raised the alloy blade in his hand. Since you have escaped into a dead end and there is no way out, there is nothing to hesitate, you can only come to a monster and kill another.

Su Mo’s eyes suddenly became extremely cold, killing intent Ling Ran.


The black salamanders that rushed in at this time moved towards Su Mo one by one. Due to the limited width of this channel, there is also limited ability to attack Su Mo at the same time.

Su Mo pushes the power of mecha to the maximum, inputting various commands with extremely fast hand speed.

The blue mecha instantly turned into an ominous beast, and the sharp alloy blade in his hand slashed like an afterimage.


The stench of sticky blood spatters on the metal walls!

One, two, three!

Unconsciously, the fire in Su Mo’s body is also madly absorbed and burned.

Su Mo stared at the black salamander beast rushing up, his eyes were bloodshot, his thinking was fast and active, and his mind quickly predicted the monster’s attack trajectory, so that he could make predictions to avoid, and strong Attack to kill.

He must make sure that every knife hits the key points of these black salamanders, kills them with one knife, and never gives them a second chance to fight back.

At this moment, Su Mo doesn’t have any distracting thoughts, only a single thought, then kill!

Extremely calm killing!

At this moment, Su Mo is like a killing machine that abandons all feelings.

A moment later, the entire corridor was filled with corpses! Sticky blood dyed red whole metal floor. The entire surface of the blue mecha is also drenched with blood, and the huge alloy blade drips with viscous blood.

The entire metal corridor is like a purgatory on earth.

In the control room, Su Mo exhales one breath saying for a long time, adjusts his state, and gets out of the killing state.

If there is no accident, there will be no monster attacking him again for the time being, and he has killed all the waves that catch up.

Su Mo control mecha was about to leave here, just raised his foot and stopped.

Immediately after the cockpit opened, Su Mo rolled over and jumped out of the mecha cab.

He walked to the closed metal door. He tried to remove the dead player’s body, and sure enough, a combination lock switch was revealed.

(end of this chapter)

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