Star Ring Mission Chapter 17


Chapter 17 Flickering

I saw seven or eight players running for their lives in panic, and a bloated giant appeared behind them. , a fatty with a highly decomposed body and a huge hook in his hands.

I saw the corrosive fatty swinging its huge hook and throwing it away.

Immediately, the three slower players were swept away on the spot and died violently. Then the halo of one after another fiery-red was sucked out of them and sucked into the zombie’s mouth.

“Help us!”

The surviving player behind him, seeing Su Mo and the others in the distance, shouted desperately as if seeing the dawn.


Su Mo ran away without saying a word. Really what the fuck, there will be a zombie with such a high degree of evolution, how many players will give nourishment to each other?

When they saw Su Mo running away, they realized that they also ran away. Sun Duoxiang didn’t forget to turn his head and shout in horror.

“Don’t hurt people!!!”

“Big brother help us, we don’t want to die!”

“You don’t want to die, say We seem to want to die.”

As a result, Sun Duoxiang ran faster and faster, rushing directly past Su Mo.

Su Mo was also speechless.

Not very long, the guard station appeared in front of you, and its gate was still open, but there were a lot of zombie bodies lying at the gate.

Sun Duoxiang extended the hand to pull the door handle.


Su Mo responded and shouted.

It’s too late, Sun Duoxiang has already opened the door, and then one after another, dark guns stick out from the door, aiming at Sun Duoxiang, Su Mo and Lan Xi.

Sun Duoxiang decisively raised his hands in surrender.

Su Mo’s heart sank to the bottom, and he didn’t make any radical moves. It’s not that he is unwilling to resist, but that there are so many guns that he can’t escape at all, and any action will be beaten into a sieve.

“Come in!”

led a middle-aged man with a scar on his left cheek threatened.

The three of Su Mo had no choice but to walk in with oneself. As soon as the three of them entered, the other side closed the door.

Afterwards, the three of them were pinned down by guns and pressed into the inner hall. In the hall, dozens of players were squatting holding their heads, and a dozen people who didn’t look like good stubborn were holding pistols and batons watching all the players.


“Put the backpack and all the weapons on the ground.”

The middle-aged man who took the lead fiercely said to the three of Su Mo.

Su Mo’s expression didn’t change. At this moment, he was quickly calculating in his mind, how could he take this lead scarred man by surprise.

“Don’t shoot, we’ll cooperate.”

Sun Duoxiang adhered to the principle of a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him, and directly put the backpack on his body. put it down.

Lan Xi didn’t say much, and put down the backpack naturally.

Soon Su Mo was left alone.

“Zhang Hao’s big brother, there is something that doesn’t cooperate.”

The younger brother next to him said with a bad expression when he saw that Su Mo didn’t move.

“The boy is quite kind, but don’t look at it. How many guys do we have? If you don’t know how to play, don’t blame us for being rude.”

Chapter Howe looked Su Mo up and down.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed, just as he was about to explode.

The unexpected happened, and Sun Duoxiang was the first to speak.

“What do you guys want to do?”

“Yo, you also want to be an early bird, courting death!”

Zhang Hao was also happy and turned his head looked towards Sun Duoxiang, really not afraid of death.

“I tell you, don’t be arrogant, I’m an executive of the Wuji Guild, if you dare to touch us to try? Our guild brother is in the vicinity, when the time comes I will meet them. Say, it’s easy to kill you guys.”

Sun Duoxiang decisively threatened, it’s not how heroic Sun Duoxiang is, but the thief of this family, he is very good at looking at people. In his opinion, these people are nothing more than relying on good luck to get weapons at the beginning to show off one’s military strength. Basically a hooligan who bullies the soft and fears the hard.

Hearing Sun Duoxiang’s words, Zhang Hao’s face suddenly turned a little unsightly. I’m just a small organization, adding up and down, it’s not more than thirty people. There is really no way to compare with them. If this guy is really an executive, it will be troublesome.

“What about the boss?”

The younger brother present did not know what to do looked towards Zhang Hao. Those who have done their homework have basically heard of the Wuji Guild.

Zhang Hao’s expression changed for a while, a little if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off, he knew that the Wuji Guild couldn’t afford to offend him, the question is, if it’s just that, where’s the face?

“You belong to the Wuji Guild? So are they?”

“Yes, both of them are.”

Sun Duoxiang is very Honest replied.

Lan Xi couldn’t help but take a look at Sun Duoxiang, she was also a little surprised that this guy didn’t rush to clean up. Of course, she wouldn’t explain anything stupidly, the Wuji Guild had more face than the Dream Guild.

Su Mo was silent, acquiescing to Sun Duoxiang’s kindness.

Zhang Hao felt more and more troubled after hearing this.

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t see that Zhang Hao couldn’t hold back his face, so he hurried down the steps for the other party.

“Actually, it won’t do you any good to take us down. The things on us are worthless to you, so why should you embarrass us. And if you let us go, let’s not talk about seeing each other in the future. I can tell you some important information.”

“What information?”

Zhang Hao lifts the head and looks at Sun Duoxiang.

“Let me tell you the truth, don’t think you are so majestic, squatting in the guard station with weapons in hand, you will be finished after a long time. But I have heavyweight information that can save you. There is a Safety Sector in this city, and now all the guilds and forces are ready to act at the same time to go to the Safety Sector. If you let us go, we can still cover you when the Safety Sector arrives. Otherwise, you will be here. That piece of Safety Sector, our guild people will not let you go, this is called a win-win situation.”

Sun Duoxiang began to flicker again, not to mention, he said clear and logical.

When Su Mo heard this, he couldn’t help but turned his head and looked towards Sun Duoxiang, his eyes were very strange. Didn’t this guy say that the Safety Sector message was heavyweight? This is what everyone says, it’s still important!

The next time anyone tells me that there is heavyweight information, I will definitely give him a shuttle first.

“Hmph, how do I know, are you lying to me, turn your face when you turn around.”

Zhang Hao didn’t quite believe in Sun Duoxiang, although he was from a gangster , there is no knowledge. But he still saw a lot of intrigue in this regard.

Sun Duoxiang quickly patted his chest and said, “How could I lie to you, everything I said is true, and”

“And what?”


Zhang Hao stared at Sun Duoxiang.

“And I think you are all talents who are rarely seen. Being able to seize the opportunity in such a dangerous city shows that you have extraordinary strength”

Sun Duoxiang started his own show. Bag operation, a lavish praise. Zhang Hao and the others looked much better at once. Compared with Su Mo, they looked more normal. Who would reject other people’s flattery.

“That’s right, all of our brothers are good players.”

Zhang Hao said confidently.

(end of this chapter)

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