Star Ring Mission Chapter 170


Chapter 170 Crack (one more)

Su Mo check the combination lock, no accident this combination lock is locked status. He was also a little disappointed, and he didn’t know if the dead player was a step behind and didn’t have time to open it.

But Su Mo didn’t give up so easily, crouching down to examine the dead player’s body.

A few minutes later, Su Mo was holding three things in his hands, a very delicate mechanical box, a portable DCX-03 shield box, and a block device ECS-07 military code breaker. This cracker looks quite high level, but Su Mo can confirm that the cracker should have little effect on the combination lock.

Otherwise there would be no third thing, an old key log. And Su Mo can basically confirm one thing, the player should be deciphering the combination lock, but it was unsuccessful when he died.

Su Mo flipped through this old key record book, and frowned even more, which contained tens of thousands of keys.

With so many keys, I don’t know which one is the right one.

In addition, Su Mo is also curious, where did this player get it from.

Of course, being curious, Su Mo still hurriedly started. He first gently wiped the dust on the cipher box with his hands.

Then carefully observed the wear on each key, and soon he confirmed five numbers.

If there is no accident, the six-digit password is composed of these five numbers.

Su Mo flipped through the Code Book to see which passwords consisted of all five numbers.

It turns out that there are at least hundreds of them.

And many of them are followed by an X. It should be tried by the dead player, but it was unsuccessful.

If you guess correctly, this password lock should be able to be entered three times. If you enter three times incorrectly, it will be automatically locked.

The problem is that you don’t have time to experiment.

So Su Mo closed the key book and held it upright.

He carefully observed which page had the largest gap, then turned the page to see how worn the paper was.

Soon Su Mo confirmed that this page was slightly more worn than the others. If there is no accident, this page is used the most frequently, and the password should be on this page.

Su Mo checked it carefully and found that there are ten groups that satisfy the combination rules of the five numbers.

He carefully observed the ten groups of numbers, and he decisively ruled out the two groups with the easiest ordering.

generally speaking , the key will be set to be more convoluted, and will not set such a smooth sequence.

There are only eight groups left, and he has three chances to test, which means that he has a probability of more than one third to win.

Thinking of this, Su Mo no longer hesitated.

He entered the most difficult to remember first group password according to the key in the key book, but after entering it, the above display showed that the key was wrong.

Su Mo calmed down and continued to enter second group in order.


The moment he entered, the metal gate began to rise, and a super-spectacular arsenal came into view of Su Mo.

Hundreds of heavy tanks neat and tidy on the left are parked on squares.

On the right side, the green shield mecha are neatly arranged horizontally and vertically.

Further ahead are rocket launchers, as well as different types of fighter jets, helicopters, and heavy artillery, as well as rows of missile racks.

Su Mo approached the arsenal, and his blood boiled.

I usually can’t even see the weapons, didn’t expect there are so many here, but how do I get so many weapons and equipment?

However, when Su Mo walked some distance, he realized that he still underestimated the arsenal. Now the number of weapons left here is horrendous, but among these neatly arranged weapons, many of the squares marked on the ground are empty, which means that at least half of the weapons have been used, otherwise there will be more.

Su Mo continued to walk, and when he got to the front row, his breathing suddenly became very short.

Under the walls on both sides in front, there are dozens of squares, most of which are empty, but there are four squares with black heavy metal mecha.

These four are all second-generation machines!

As for the other empty squares, if there is no accident, the second generation mecha should also be placed.

But this is not the best, just in front of this batch of second-generation mecha, there is also a 15-meter-high, full-body armored black shine, full of oppression heavy mecha. Holding a dark black chain gun, the tail section of the chain gun locks mecha’s right hand arm, its right shoulder is loaded with a 50MM caliber folding concealed beam gun, and the back is erected with a triangular auxiliary glider and auxiliary jet device .

Beside that reload mecha, there is a metal platform.

Four sets of Type II black mechanical armor are placed under the platform.

And above the platform, there is a mecha manual, a dark mechanical key and a set of dark and shiny heavy second-generation mechanical armor, which are obviously different from the four sets below.

A jet black long sword is placed on top of the folded mechanical armor at the same time. The metal scabbard is densely covered with intricate pictographs, and two characters are engraved on the hilt.


Su Mo picked up the Moxue sword and pulled it out. The moment the sharp sword was unsheathed, a crisp sound sounded.

The whole sword is 80CM in length, blowing and breaking!

The blade is so bright that it can clearly reflect its own face.

“Good weapon!”

Su Mo couldn’t help but praise.

Immediately, Su Mo without the slightest hesitation took off the second-generation mechanical armor and changed into the dark mechanical armor in front of him.


The mechanical armor you put on automatically adjusts the size, covering Su Mo’s body in all directions, and a virtual image interface appears in front of Su Mo’s eyes.

Reminder: The II-generation power mechanical armorยทmodifiedยท(high level version)ยทblack steel is being activated.

Tip: The activation is successful, and the identity is automatically bound.

Tips: Energy remaining is 100%.

Su Mo moved towards the air, waved his fist, kicked it in the air, and there was an air-splitting sound. He just tried it a little, and he could clearly feel that the performance of this power mechanical armor is stronger, at least three times the performance of his original set.

Su Mo let out a long breath and continued looking towards the other things on the metal table.

At this time, his eyelids twitched slightly, and there was a special glass bottle on it. A bright red flame was burning in the glass bottle, and the inside was like a liquid flowing with red. Metal balls resembling a heart, and a yellowed notebook.


Su Mo recognized it immediately.

He walked forward without any hesitation, picked up the bottle of fire, and put it away.

This is good stuff.

You must know that in the game now, every kind of fire has been fired to a sky-high price. The problem is that money is not easy to use.

Because the output is too small, the demand is so large that it is suffocating.

At this time, Su Mo’s attention fell on the yellowed notebook. The information in this world is very scarce, and it feels like someone has deliberately erased it, as if covering up some shady secrets .

So unlikely to be that good, if Su Mo guessed correctly, this notebook is likely just a record of some important information and weapons placed in this warehouse.

(end of this chapter)

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