Star Ring Mission Chapter 171


Chapter 171 Replacement (Second Update)

So Su Mo picked up the yellowed diary and opened it, looking at He was also very surprised by the contents inside.

“On February 7th, the Haifeng Island base was covered with dark clouds, and lightning flashed! It has been raining for more than ten days. Our clothes would be difficult to dry without a special dryer. The weather is getting weirder and weirder.”

“On February 9th, those damn monsters climbed up again, what are they trying to do, why are they staring at Sea Breeze Island?”

“On February 12th, we once again fought off those filthy monsters, and the victory belongs to us after all.”

“On February 13th, the chief held a grand celebration banquet for us, at this time I saw Zhang Yu, she was still as charming as ever, we danced a dance together, and my gloomy heart was completely relaxed.”

“February 15th, today is a wonderful day, we are together Get through it.”

“On February 26th, this nightmare day, a large-scale infection broke out in the base, and more than half of the personnel were infected. The infected personnel were confused, began to talk nonsense, and Gradually losing my mind.”

“On February 27th, I always heard people say how desperate I was, but I could never feel it, but at this moment I was really desperate. Why is Zhang Yu also infected Now, looking at her crazy face, I feel the whole world seems to be collapsing.”

“On February 28, the commander ordered all infected personnel to be gathered in the underground closed room, and he ordered The order to clear the secret, and my name is on the list of executors. My heart is shaking.”

“On February 29, I looked at that familiar face and pulled tears in my eyes. With the trigger, it is my duty to obey orders.”

“On March 10, the infection broke out again”

“On March 14, the base fell”

Su Mo continued to flip through the diary, and found that the back was blank, it should be the end, he muttered to himself.

“It’s February 26th again? Another virus?”

If Su Mo remembers correctly, the Bay Base seems to have been breached by monsters because of an internal problem.

And this island base too?

The first time is accidental, the second time is not very similar, and normally the island base is sealed and defensive should be better.

After thinking for a while, Su Mo still can’t think of a reason, forget it!

His eyes swept across the countless weapons in the warehouse, his expression changed, and then he raised his hand to log out of the game. See if I can contact Qianchengxue and the others offline and ask them to come and get it.

After all, there are so many weapons, he really can’t take it alone, it’s a pity to leave it like this.


Su Mo brought up the logout interface and clicked.

As a result, a message was displayed on the bracelet: “Logout failed, you are still in combat.”

Su Mo was also taken aback, it shouldn’t be! is it possible that all around have a monster?

He looked all around with vigilance, but the arsenal was unusually quiet and there was nothing.

Su Mo brows tightly frowns, always feeling that something is not right, he suddenly thought of something and called up the mission log.

Suddenly he saw an unremarkable prompt.

Note: You have entered the area covered by the thermal radiation attack, and you will receive cumulative radiation damage.

Su Mo looked at this reminder time, and there was no accident that it was the time when he went to the island before. It should be that the radiation damage is limited, and that he is wearing mechanical armor, which greatly reduces the damage, so there is no particularly uncomfortable feeling.

In this way, only leaving the island is the Safety Sector. When Zhou Qian went offline, the reason why he was able to get information should be from the mouths of his teammates who died in battle.

Su Mo looked at the four second-generation mechas and one first-generation mecha behind him, countless tanks, and fighter planes.

I felt very sorry. But he was relieved after a while, and what he couldn’t take away was worthless, and there was nothing to worry about.

So Su Mo picked up the black manual and the key, and took the four sets of mechanical armor and the set of tidal mechanical armor that was taken off by himself.

He climbed straight up to the mecha, found the hidden emergency socket in his chest, and inserted the key into it and turned it.


The cockpit opened, and Su Mo threw the five sets of mechanical armor in his hand, which immediately made the not-so-spacious cab even more crowded.

Then he jumped in, sat in the driver’s seat, picked up the manual and read it.

Body type: MD-01 type II reload mecha (change) Β· black steel messenger.

Manufacturer: Heigang Heavy Industry.

Affiliation: Dragon Country

Initial equipment: M.E78 years.

Technical Parameters

Interior Environment: Standard Cockpit.

Dimensions Full height: 15 meters.

Weight: 150 tons.

Armor Material and Construction: Reinforced synthetic metal.

Coating: ink-black

Waterproof grade: B-Rank (Grade S, A, B, C, D, E.)

Power Device: Three MC-01 reinforced high-concentration engines.

Operation system: Dragon system version 2.5.

Fixed electronic equipment: MT-02 light and shadow scanning device, circulating air system within 78 hours.

Backup: Double emergency escape.

Fixed armament: TL-02 type 50MM concealed shoulder beam cannon, K03 type 38mm concealed integrated near-defense rifle (hidden in the left arm), abdomen KC-02 type burst heavy missile*4, reinforced alloy Chain Gun*1, Alloy Spike Destruction Fist*2.

Auxiliary devices: Four groups of FG-02 rear high-power vector auxiliary injection devices.

Selected Hand Weapon: Universal

Su Mo’s eyelids are twitching when he sees this data.

This is a second-generation mecha modified with a high-level version. Its weight is three times that of the blue mecha. The built-in power machine is not only an improved model, but also an additional set.

In addition, the defensive performance of this mecha is also greatly improved, and it is itself a giant steel ominous beast.

This mecha is mainly for strong hand-to-hand combat ability. Even if the main weapon chain gun is lost, its hands are specially treated, and there are sharp metal thorns on the back of the hands. If you clench your fists tightly, it is like wearing a sabotage glove, and your fists are full of lethality.

Just as Su Mo was fascinated, he heard the monster’s roar and the sound of fire in the distance.

He came back to his senses immediately, someone was fighting monsters.

Su Mo took a deep breath and immediately activated the Black Steel Messenger.


Suddenly the huge mecha moved, and before it took a step, the floor vibrated slightly.

In an empty corridor at this time, a group of Heavenly Dragon guild players dressed in uniform and holding QBZ-171 rifles desperately guarded a tall, beautiful and refined woman with clear eyes. They madly shot at the black salamander, roaring hoarsely.

“Protect! Lord Lin Yue!”

However, the reality was cruel, and the black salamanders rushed up against the rain of bullets.

a The player is knocked down, his neck snapped by sharp fangs, and a howl of pain is heard.


Lin Yue kept shooting at the black salamander with automatic pistols.

peng~ peng~!

It’s a pity that the effect is very small, and basically it doesn’t have much effect.

(end of this chapter)

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