Star Ring Mission Chapter 172


Chapter 172 Shot (For Alliance Leader to open the door and deliver the courier) (three shifts)

Soon protect all her team members Sacrificed, the black salamander beasts stared at Lin Yue, and the ferocious eyes seemed to tear Lin Yue to pieces.

Lin Yue was also desperate at the moment, she silently took out a grenade from her pocket, ready to detonate perish together.

However, just as the black salamander pounced, in the darkness in the distance, there was a dull sound of footsteps, followed by a long spear from the darkness.

It penetrated the chest of the black salamander with great precision, and then the chain linked to the black chain gun slammed and yanked, and the black salamander was thrown out and hit other companions.

The black salamander beasts surrounding Lin Yue were swept away by arrogance.

Lin Yue was also stunned, she lifted the head and looked over. She saw a pitch-black mecha like a giant beast of steel appearing in front of her. I saw him withdrew the black chain gun, violently rushing towards the other scattered black salamanders.

He waved his pitch-black long spear and swept away two or three black salamanders with one shot.

The black salamander swept away hit the wall, and the metal wall sank.

Then Heigang turned around and stomped to death a black salamander, then raised his foot and kicked another.

The scene is extremely lively!

Lin Yue was dumbfounded.

After Su Mo finished solving these monsters, he lowered his head and looked towards the sluggish Lin Yue, brows slightly wrinkle.

This person is motionless and doesn’t speak, so he must be stupid.

Lin Yue was briefly absent-minded and reacted, seeing the brutal mecha so close to her, she was also startled, and instinctively took a step back.

“Don’t be nervous, I’m not an enemy, I’m a Dawnbreaker Guild player who came to support.”

Su Mo explained slightly surprised.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Lin Yue immediately reacted and said.

“Thank you! You saved me.”

Then she seemed to think of something, and lifts the head anxiously said to Su Mo: “Brother, do me a favor. Okay, go and rescue Zhang Wei, Academician and the others.”

Su Mo also felt pain when he heard this. He still has to find Qianchengxue, but looking at Lin Yue’s posture, it seems that some important person is in trouble.

“Isn’t it? It will be too late.”

“Yes, yes! Where?”

“You open the cockpit and take me with you.”

Lin Yue pleaded.


Su Mo weighed it, he wouldn’t be able to find Qianchengxue for a while. Forget it, let’s save people first, the Academician named Zhang Wei in her mouth seems to be a very important person.

So Su Mo controlled mecha to squat down and extended the hand towards Lin Yue.

Lin Yue immediately stood on mecha’s palm, and then Su Mo opened the cockpit and put Lin Yue on his chest.

Su Mo extended the hand to Lin Yue.

“Give me your hand.”

Lin Yue looked at Su Mo in the cab, which was also slightly startled, and subconsciously stretched out her hand. She didn’t expect such a young man to drive such a super powerful second-generation mecha.

Su Mo pulled Lin Yue into the cockpit and closed the door.

At this time, Lin Yuecai noticed the situation in the cockpit and couldn’t help but complain.

“Good guy, this is for stock!”

The interior of the cockpit looks very narrow due to so many things. Therefore, Lin Yue can only squeeze together with Su Mo. Under normal circumstances, Lin Yue is definitely not willing, but now is an extraordinary period, so he can’t care so much.

While Lin Yue and Su Mo were huddled together, Su Mo suddenly smelled a very light floral fragrance. But it didn’t feel anything to him, and then he asked.

“How to get there! Where is the person we’re trying to save?”

“Turn to the right, go to the front passage and continue on. At the end there is a giant The elevator, we have to take that elevator down. The people we want to save are at the bottom, which is the central area of the underground base.”

Lin Yue told Su Mo very clearly.

β€œSit down!”

Su Mo reminded.


Lin Yue hadn’t reacted yet, when Mecha got up in an instant and ran out, she hit the back of the chair directly.

Her delicate and pretty face showed a hint of pain, but she didn’t complain, her heart was quickly lifted, because a group of black salamanders appeared in front of them, among which there were three or four I-type beasts Yes, she asked nervously.

“Can you fight?”

“No problem.”

Su Mo controlled mecha without hesitation and rushed forward, he swiftly waved his chain gun .

Those black salamanders also rushed forward, not to be outdone, and then Lin Yue saw a scene that she would never forget. I saw that the black salamanders that rushed up seemed to hit Su Mo’s muzzle specifically.


One by one, it flew out or pierced through the heart, it was obviously such a cumbersome mecha, and it was extremely dexterous in its hands, just like a dexterous fatty, This feeling is so contradictory.

Lin Yue saw that Su Mo’s expressions all changed a bit. This young man’s strength is very strong, and he is about to catch up with the top experts in Legion.

Just when Lin Yue was in a trance, Su Mo suddenly controlled Heigang to do a large sideways dodge action, and Lin Yue fell directly on top of Su Mo.

“Sit down!”

Su Mo pulled the lever, and brows slightly wrinkle reminded him that he really wanted to tell Lin Yue that she was affecting his operation.

Lin Yuegang wanted to defend herself, but when she saw the monster of sneak attack, she immediately closed her mouth and kept quiet.

sneak attack They are a type II elite black salamander with a volume of up to 13 meters, with red flares on its dark body. In addition, his ugly face is actually a bit feminine and anthropomorphic, and some black hair grows on his head. The whole is nondescript, and his scalp is numb.

Su Mo, if you read it right, should have devoured human evolution.

This type II elite black salamander seemed to become extremely furious, it opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and quickly accumulated a beam of thermal radiation.


Lin Yue reminded in horror.

At this time, Su Mo stared at the Type II elite black salamander, his head was unusually calm, he quickly entered the command, and controlled mecha to not dodge, but to rush forward.

Lin Yue was shocked by Su Mo’s abnormal behavior and looked pale. But she still controlled her emotions, clenched her hands tightly, and didn’t make a strange sound to disturb Su Mo’s operation.

Here we go!

The black salamander instantly moved towards Su Mo and spit out a beam of gray heat radiation.

However, a second before his attack, Su Mo seemed to predict the opponent’s movements in advance, mecha deflected sharply, and the thermal beam almost swept past mecha’s body.

Lin Yue was frightened into a cold sweat, she turned her head in shock and looked towards Su Mo.

This kind of behavior is crazy to the extreme. If you dodge at such a close distance, as long as there is a slight error, you will definitely be hit.

But Lin Yue saw Su Mo’s indifferent face, and always kept extremely calm, without a trace of panic.


Blood spattered with a whimper of pain.

(end of this chapter)

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