Star Ring Mission Chapter 173


Chapter 173 Guidance (adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (four more)

Su Mo controls the black steel messenger with his left hand Fist, fiercely smashed in its face, coldly snorted.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Yue asked nervously.

“It’s nothing, its nondescript face disgusts me.”

Su Mo replied flatly, under normal circumstances, he should shoot through it, causing as much damage as possible harm. But in the end, Su Mo still chose to use his fists. He wanted to try the feeling of punching to the flesh, which proved to be super cool.

Lin Yue opened her mouth slightly, not knowing how to answer Su Mo’s words, there was nothing wrong with her pretending.

At this time, the black salamander beast was completely furious, and threw up irrationally.

But as soon as it came up, it was fiercely hit with a beam cannon.


The black salamander was blasted out directly, hitting the wall heavily. Its face was centered, it became bloody, and even its eyes were directly blown up, which would make it impossible to see anything at all.

Suddenly this Type II elite black salamander rammed around like a headless fly.

Su Mo squinted his eyes and rushed up! The black long spear in his hand pierced the head of this black salamander neatly and nailed it to the metal wall.

The black salamander gradually became inactive and eventually died after wailing in pain and struggling to resist.

Su Mo draws out a pitch-black long spear after confirming that the target is dead.

Rush past him and keep walking forward.

Lin Yue’s throat felt a little dry, so a Type II elite monster was just tortured and killed?

After a while, Su Mo finally reached the position Lin Yue said. There is indeed a lift, but the lift is not raised at the bottom at this time, and the guard door and switch are completely destroyed.


“It’s here, but I didn’t expect it to be damaged.”

Lin Yue was also a little dumbfounded.

“I see!”

After Su Mo got a definite answer, he drove the mecha directly into the hole of the elevator, and the whole mecha fell freely.

Lin Yue nervously extended the hand and grabbed Su Mo’s arm.

Su Mo was also a little puzzled, and he asked inexplicably: “Isn’t everyone in your Heavenly Dragon guild very good at fighting? It’s a staff officer, and the battle can only be considered average. Now is not the time to talk about this, we are about to land! “

Lin Yue reminded nervously.

Su Mo was very calm and turned on the back spray device to slow down, and just landed on the elevator at a good speed.

With a loud bang, Su Mo controlled mecha to smash open the protective door of the elevator and appeared in the outer corridor.

He controlled mecha to look around.

“This is where? “

“This is the basement of the Sea Breeze Island base, and the Academician is in the central control room on this floor!” “

Lin Yue explained clearly.

“Are you sure he is still alive?” Things don’t seem to be that bad here. “

Su Mo spoke, controlled mecha to raise the chain gun in his hand, and swept his sharp eyes to all around. I saw a type II elite black salamander coming out of different corners.

At least there are four, and the other I-types are more numerous.

“It should be still alive, the defense barrier of the central control room is specially strengthened, and it is not so easy to break. “

Lin Yue herself didn’t realize that what she said was lacking in confidence.

“Which side. “

Since Lin Yue said so, he doesn’t have so much nonsense.

“On the left.” “

Lin Yue pointed somewhat guilty to the left, but unfortunately the left area was guarded by three elite-level Type II black salamanders.

Su Mo held his breath , without a trace of fear, drove the mecha and rushed forward.

I saw the three Type II black salamanders one after the other greeted them.

Su Mo directly bounced off and fired button.


The black steel messenger mecha’s abdomen opened, and a KC-02 explosive heavy missile was fired directly.

Seeing Su Mo For this move, Lin Yue felt that this guy was crazy. Using a missile at such a close distance, the explosion should not affect him and cause the base to collapse.

Lin Yue’s heart was suspended, and a very delicate scene appeared at this time. Well, that missile passed right by the three Type II black salamanders.

“Wrong! “

The next second when the missile flew to the center of the black salamander, it was suddenly detonated.


The violent explosion directly devoured those Black salamander.

Su Mo pushed the power control lever violently, and the black steel messenger rushed into the explosion flame.

Wait until Lin Yue came back to his senses , they have already rushed over and blocked their black salamanders. Except for the three type II elite black salamanders, all the others died violently. Of course, although the three elite black salamanders are still alive, they are not feeling well. The whole body was charred black. They got up again, extremely furious, and moved towards Su Mo like crazy.

Unfortunately, Su Mo ignored them directly. He stared at the fork in front of him and asked Lin Yue in a low voice.

“Where to go! “

“Turn left!” ”

Lin Yue came back to his senses and hurriedly replied.

Su Mo controlled mecha a sideways offset and turned directly to the left channel.

Results Just turned in.


A pair of ferocious eyes looked towards Su Mo and the others, and the black salamander beasts of different shapes stared at Su Mo and the others.

In the next second, the black salamanders rushed over like a tide.

Su Mo glanced at all the black salamanders rushing over very quickly, without any hesitation.

His eyes became colder and colder, and at this moment Su Mo entered the extreme fighting state again.

Lin Yue’s heart beating suddenly beside her, she suddenly felt the aura of the young man beside her, becoming very dangerous

Then the black steel messenger, like an awake ominous beast, rushed towards the attacking black salamander, the chain gun in his hand madly penetrated and swept away the black salamander beasts.

The black steel apostle forcibly rushed into the monster group and killed the past. The scene was very shocking.

Of course, Su Mo dared to do this, on the one hand, he had no choice. Another point is that this black steel The performance of the apostle is really good enough to explode. If he doesn’t say anything else, his tonnage is enough for a monster to drink a pot.

Such a strong mecha is only the second generation (changed), How strong are the three generations of mecha?

Lin Yue’s expression was a little dull, she looked at the scene of blood splashing outside, and couldn’t speak for a long time.

Su Mo gave her It feels strange, she knows that Su Mo is very strong, but this kind of power is different from that of Corps Head. Corps Head’s strength lies in fighting skills brought to the point of perfection, but Su Mo is very strange, he His fighting skills can only be said to be ok. But he is like a fish in water, tyrannically slaughtering in the tide of many monsters, this feeling is like playing minesweeper, he steps on the most correct answer every step.

A moment later, Su Mo was killed from the monster group, and he continued to run forward without pausing.

“How far? “

“It’s not too far, just rush through the passage in front, and you’re there!” “

Lin Yue explained to Su Mo.

At this time, you can hear the sound of battle.

(End of this chapter)

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