Star Ring Mission Chapter 174


Chapter 174 bode ill rather than well (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (five more)

Su Mo accelerates further , and at the same time he controlled mecha to avoid the black salamander beast coming towards him, if he couldn’t escape, he would kill it.

Soon Su Mo successfully rushed out of the passage, and the all around scene suddenly became clear, and they rushed to a rotunda that was nearly 100 meters high.

I saw players’ corpses and broken mecha everywhere.

There is a destroyed laboratory door directly opposite, a second generation black steel riddled with scars and seven green shield mecha. We are fighting a group of black salamanders, including several Type II black salamanders.

all around are mountains of monster corpses and mecha wreckage.

Although the black steel mecha has scars all over its body, the battle is still very fierce.

The monsters that rushed up were penetrated one by one.

Several black salamanders launched a sneak attack from the side, the black steel mecha took a step back, precisely dodged the incoming sharp claw, turned and swept a shot at them, sweeping them out .

At this time, in the laboratory, an old man with white hair and a white jacket was quickly debugging the equipment.

The cloudy eyes stared at the screen, completely oblivious to the unexpected battle.

In the entire laboratory, the instruments were scattered, and many players in assistant costumes fell in a pool of blood.

It can be seen that this laboratory has already fallen once.

In addition to the old man in the laboratory, there are only three players with rifles left, and they anxiously said to the old man.

“Mr. Zhang Wei, you can’t stand it anymore, you withdraw!”

“No, just a little bit, the launch parameters are set. We sacrifice so many people , I spent so much money and material resources just for this moment! I won’t leave.”

Zhang Wei remained unmoved at all, his cloudy eyes kept staring at the screen.

Although the hardware of the satellite rocket has not been checked again as scheduled, it has basically been repaired.

Now that the base is falling, he wants to take a gamble.

So now he needs to get all the setup programs in as soon as possible.

At this time, with a loud bang, a green shield mecha was pounced on by the Type II black salamander and slammed into the metal wall next to it.

The green shield mecha struggled to get up, but it was too late.

The Type II black salamander rushed up and wanted to tear up this green shield mecha.

At this time, the black steel mecha turned to see it and shouted violently.

“Qin Le!”

In desperation, he threw the long spear out of his hand.

It instantly penetrated the head of the Type II black salamander.

“General Chen be careful!”

A Green Shield pilot saw a Type II elite black salamander grabbing the gap and attacking the black steel mecha. past.

The black steel mecha was instantly thrown down.

But in the next second, Chen Shan in the cab pushed the power lever hard, controlled mecha to grab the body of the black salamander, and slammed it out.

It’s just that he just controlled mecha and wanted to get up, when another type II elite black salamander jumped over and knocked the black steel down again.

Chen Shan resisted vigorously and wanted to get up, but his motivation was insufficient.

At this time, the black salamander beast pounced on him opened its mouth and began to frantically store energy.


The other team members shouted in horror when they saw this scene. But now they’re all entangled in monsters and can’t help at all.


The Type II Elite Black Salamander was pierced by a black chain spear in its chest.

Its hideous face seems to reveal a trace of doubt, it doesn’t even know how it died.

At this time, a dark mecha with a body covered in blood appeared at the entrance of the laboratory, and the mecha suddenly pulled back the chain gun and rushed towards another Type II elite black salamander beast.


The speechless of everyone present was amazed.

Chen Shan controlled mecha to get up, and when he saw the black steel messenger suddenly appearing, he was completely stunned.

Who is this? And why is this mecha so big? Why has he never seen it?

And Chen Shan could feel that this guy was an expert, so he thanked him.

“Thank you very much brother for your life-saving grace, what do you call it?”

“General Chen, you are very good.”

At this time Lin Yue’s voice sounded in the black steel messenger.

Chen Shan and the others were also very surprised when they heard Lin Yue’s words, and they all started talking.

“Lin Yue turned out to be you, when did you become so strong?”

“No, I didn’t drive it, it was a friend of the Dawnbreaker Guild who saved me, I came here to support.”

Lin Yue explained.

“Thank you, brother.”

Chen Shan thanked him again immediately after listening.

“No thanks, we should withdraw.”

Su Mo looked at the densely packed monster and reminded in a deep voice.

Chen Shan took advantage of the gap between Su Mo’s support, turned his head and saw Zhang Wei who was busy shouting with a change in his expression.

“Lord Zhang Wei, we should withdraw.”

Zhang Wei was still quickly entering various commands, although he did not look back. But he knew exactly what was going on, and he replied in a very calm and sincere tone.

“I can’t go, although I know that my request is very willful, but please help me buy some more time.”

“Yes, but, Mr. Zhang Wei is here. The base is almost completely occupied, our people are almost dead and wounded, and you may not be able to leave if you don’t leave.”

Lin Yue was in a hurry.

“Don’t talk about Lin Yue, since Mr. Zhang Wei said so, then we can only fight until the last moment. Brother, I beg you to fight side by side with us! I owe you Chen Shan. A favor!”

Chen Shan rushed over to retrieve his long spear.

Although Su Mo doesn’t know what to do with this old man, he doesn’t even want his life. But it can be more or less guessed, it should be a very important thing.


“Enough is refreshing!”

Chen Shan shot through the black salamander, replied excitedly.

Su Mo controlled mecha to retreat directly to the door of the laboratory to help guard.

At this time, more and more black salamanders attacked here.

Su Mo took a deep breath, he controlled the Black Steel Apostles to riot, and crushed one by one to kill one, but the number of monsters attacked was increasing.

“The base gate is not closed, why are there so many monsters?”

Su Mo is very puzzled, this number is not right, if the base is captured, it is barely Also said in the past.

“The base is closed, but there is something wrong with this base.”

Lin Yue didn’t hide it from Su Mo.

“What’s the problem?”

Su Mo asked curiously.

“Hey, the bottom of this base is the hatching nest of black salamanders, and there are countless monsters below. I don’t know what happened, these monsters suddenly woke up and hit us completely. unprepared.”

Lin Yue explained to Su Mo.

“Oh, then have you met anyone from the Dawnbreaker Guild to come to support?”

Su Mo’s face flashed unnaturally when he heard this, and he probably guessed the reason. . Soon he adjusted his condition, ignoring those things and asked.

“I really don’t know about this, but I can help you ask.”

So Lin Yue asked Chen Shan: “General Chen, have you seen other Dawnbreaker Guilds? members?”

“You said they, before in the base, there were four Type III elite black salamanders, a Type III general level salamander, people from the Dawnbreak Guild, and Corps Head they lured those monsters away.”

Chen Shan explained.

Hearing this, Su Mo couldn’t help taking a breath. Type III monsters are all perverts!

Those four elites can be estimated, no matter how strong they are. But the black salamander of the type III general level was a bit infiltrating.

Even in the forum, Su Mo has not seen any relevant information.

This time it’s troublesome, it looks like Qianchengxue and the others really want to bode ill rather than well.

(end of this chapter)

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