Star Ring Mission Chapter 175


Chapter 175 Attraction (One Update)

But soon Su Mo can’t think about it anymore, because more and more Many black salamanders emerged from different corners.

They moved towards here.

“Brother! Can you hold it?”

Chen Shan asked.

“It’s okay.”

Su Mo also felt a strong oppression force, although these black salamanders were not enough to look at. But can’t stand the number.

He’s about to start preparing for a long fight!

It was followed by a roar.

The black salamanders rushed forward like crazy.

Su Mo controlled the mecha to squat down slightly, at this moment he seemed to fit into the mecha, the mecha was himself.


Su Mo raised his chain spear and swept across, killing several black salamanders.

Immediately after, he folded and kicked on the body of a Type II common mecha black salamander, kicking it fiercely out.

Actions in one go.

The attacking black salamander fell down one by one unwillingly.

The Heavenly Dragon guild players who were present saw Su Mo’s big kill, and their confidence suddenly increased. Their faces all showed joy, and they came to support a top-level expert, and this time they might really be able to hold on.


Chen Shan couldn’t help but praise, Su Mo’s battle method is really too appetizing for him, hurry up! Accurate! Ruthless!

As time passed, not only did the black salamanders show no signs of decreasing, but the number increased.

Su Mo entered commands quickly with both hands and pushed the lever, at this time he was like a tireless killing mecha.

Lin Yue silently looked at her wristband and timed Su Mo.

He has been holding on for more than an hour. There are hundreds of black salamanders beheaded everywhere. This record is also very powerful.

However, Lin Yue was also keenly aware that Su Mo’s breathing was uncontrollable and heavier.

Of course, this is also a normal phenomenon, after all, he has to drive such a large weapon and maintain such a high-intensity battle.

“Lord Zhang Wei, how long will it take?”

Lin Yue asked with a mecha loudspeaker.

“Hold on for another fifteen minutes.”

Zhang Wei replied calmly.

Lin Yue’s heart became more and more nervous when she heard Zhang Wei’s words, and it didn’t take long. Don’t fall short, she silently set a countdown of fifteen minutes.

She nervously watched the time go by.

When the time counted down to seven minutes, Su Mo’s control hand suddenly stopped.

Lin Yue lifts the head slightly in surprise.

I saw all around, and the black salamanders began to retreat and make way.

Soon with a huge vibration, a huge monster appeared.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed involuntarily, only to see a humanoid monster with a height of more than 20 meters, a length of more than 60 meters, and a sharp claw. The red flare, its head and facial features twisted together, grinned with a large round mouth. There are six eyeballs on the edge of its mouth, protruding like a slender tongue, and the tail section is highly differentiated, forming strips of sticky black tentacles.

As soon as this alien species came out, it occupied nearly half of the channel, and it was full of oppression.

“Everyone be careful, it’s a Type III elite black salamander.”

Chen Shan’s face changed suddenly and reminded, of course, he knew very well that there was a Type III elite monster in the In front of them, this means that one of the companions responsible for leading away has sacrificed.

Other companions present also felt a lot of pressure.

The black salamander that came in was enough for them, but now there is another Type III, and the situation has fallen to the bottom.

You know that monsters won’t fight you one-on-one. As long as this type III elite black salamander makes a move, other monsters will come up without the slightest hesitation.

At this time, Su Mo opened the mouth hoarsely and said: “Leave this to me, you will deal with the others.”

He planned to introduce the other party into the rotunda first, Don’t let it block the intersection, so that there is room for display.

“Will the brother be too reluctant?”

Chen Shan was also very moved when he heard Su Mo’s words. In his eyes, Su Mo’s behavior of taking the danger down, That’s what a real man does.

“It’s fine.”

Su Mo replied in a deep voice, in fact, Chen Shan had a bit of a misunderstanding. Su Mo is watching Chen Shan and they have been fighting for too long. Both the physical state and the mecha state are very bad, and it is easy to be caught in the weak spot by this type III. When the time comes, you will be more passive in your own battle, otherwise you will normally face this kind of high-level alien monster, and of course you will be the more the better.

Immediately, Su Mo drove the black steel messenger to a stop, shot the Type III elite black salamander directly, then turned and moved towards the side and ran.

The red flare on the Type III elite black salamander suddenly lit up, and the six eyeballs were instantly dyed red.

Here we go!

Each eyeball shoots a beam of light, which is moved towards Su Mo and swept across.

Su Mo controlled the Black Steel Apostle to roll forward, avoiding the incoming beam directly. After stabilizing mecha’s figure, the beam cannon on the shoulder turned to lock on the Type III elite black salamander, and bombarded it again, hitting the target’s body.


The huge explosion didn’t do much damage to it, but completely pissed it off.

The Type III Elite Black Salamander’s eyeballs locked on Su Mo, and at the same time made a harsh roar, swept its claws towards Su Mo, and all around the Black Salamanders swarmed up.

“Stop other monsters.”

Chen Shan rushed up with his companions!

Lin Yue looked at the incoming paw, her heart was beating wildly, she had never seen such an exciting scene in her life.

Su Mo was very calm, he quickly entered various commands, the black steel messenger burst into power, and the huge steel body quickly avoided the attacking claws. At the same time, Su Mo waved the jet-black chain gun in his hand, fiercely slid across the tenacious body of the black salamander.


The sharp chain gun opened a wound, but it wasn’t deep. This guy’s skin is not ordinary thick.

The black salamander was in pain for a while, and its tail section differentiated tentacles tail section moved towards Su Mo and ran through the past.

Su Mo turned the chain gun in his hand and swept over.


A strip of black tentacles were cut off by it!


A violent burst of air swept across with the sharp claw, Su Mo folded and raised the chain gun to block!


The entire black steel messenger sank and almost didn’t kneel down, the thick metal floor sags directly.

Su Mo pressed the power system with all his strength, and a prompt popped up on the control screen.

“Maximize the power output!”

In an instant, Su Mo pushed the black salamander away, and the whole mecha retreated wildly.

But this type III elite black salamander never gave Su Mo a chance to breathe. It moved towards Su Mo rushing up, bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, ready to tear Su Mo alive.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed. Instead of dodging immediately, he entered commands quickly.

Lin Yue’s nervous hands have nowhere to put aside, she wants to immediately remind Su Mo of the danger. But she still restrained, she knows the danger, there is no reason why Su Mo would not know, and she speaks rashly, it will only affect his operation.

Especially now that Su Mo is fighting this kind of terrifying monster, he can’t be distracted.

(end of this chapter)

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