Star Ring Mission Chapter 176


Chapter 176 Open (Second Update)

Just as the Type III Elite Black Salamander approached, Su Mo controlled mecha to open his abdomen to launch mouth. The three explosive missiles shot out directly, accurately entering the mouth of the black salamander.

At the same time, Su Mo controls mecha to make a defensive stance.


The three explosive missiles exploded in the mouth of the black salamander at the same time, causing it to let out a heart-piercing wailing sound.

The aftermath of the explosion hit mecha, and the whole mecha took a few steps back to stabilize.

“Beautiful! This time it’s dead.”

Lin Yue couldn’t help but praised excitedly.

“You’re thinking too simple.”

Su Mo replied calmly, his eyes getting colder.

When the explosion ended, the black salamander’s mouth was scorched and rotten, and the viscous black blood kept dripping on the ground. But even so, it didn’t kill it, but it completely angered it.

Type III elite black salamander rushed up like a mad swipe.

Su Mo’s eyelids kept beating, he controlled mecha to dodge left and right!


The heavy metal-covered ground was swept away and torn apart. Looking at the traces of horrible to see, it is conceivable that the black salamander in a state of rage is destructive. How strong.

It stands to reason that the design of the black steel messenger is for melee combat.

But now Su Mo is trying his best to avoid a head-on collision, and only if he can’t dodge, will he raise the chain gun in his hand to block, and he is completely at a disadvantage.

But Su Mo doesn’t care, he just needs to hold back for a while.

He fought so fiercely at first, in fact, the main purpose was to absorb hatred on himself. And pull the monster to one side as much as possible to prevent it from attacking the laboratory.

In the laboratory, Zhang Wei quickly entered instructions to adjust the launch parameters of the satellite rocket. His old hands were shaking a little, of course it wasn’t fear or nervousness, but excitement.

Because he’s about to make it!

After a while, Zhang Wei finishes inputting the last parameter and clicks to execute.

Suddenly the entire screen, crash-bang row after row of data running quickly.

At the same time, a prompt box pops up!

“The orbital parameters are set.”

“The countdown to the launch of the rocket device! 30.29”

Then Zhang Wei crouched down and turned on the hidden switch on the console!


The internal device was exposed, Zhang Wei put his hand in, flicked several bayonets, and pulled out a black box from the inside.

This black box is the key matcher that accepts and matches the satellite signal.

The next second, the countdown will reset to zero!

Red sirens sounded throughout the base.

“Warning: The launch process is on, the base is disintegrating”


Next to the Haifeng Island Center Base, there are four second-generation mechas, more than 30 units The green shield mecha is pinning down a more than 30-meter-high, red-brilliant body, its head like a flower bud, and the inside is full of sharp teeth. And along the edge of the mouth there are ten scarlet eyeballs, the whole body is anthropomorphic, with two sharp claws hands and bifurcated feet, and the tail section is differentiated into strips of black tentacles.

And this is the strongest monster type III general mutant, the black salamander, awakened by Sea Breeze Island.

I saw its tail pierced through a green shield mecha, then yanked it, pulled it up, and then opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.


Devours the entire mecha along with the player in one bite.

After swallowing the green shield mecha, a piece of metal particles appeared on its surface body, and the body began to be highly metalized, and the breath it emitted became more and more terrifying.

“Everyone, be careful, don’t let it devour any more.”

Sean, who was driving a second-generation mecha Β· black steel, looked extremely ugly, and they fought hard. For a long time, the damage was not much. He swallowed a mecha in one bite, and his breath suddenly soared.


Qianchengxue gasped and responded, to be honest, she was fighting a little desperate. This monster is not generally strong, the template is Level 1 worse, but it is several times stronger than the elite level.

The black salamander beast devoured mecha, and its whole body shone brightly.


Xiao Wen’s complexion changed suddenly, and in an instant, a super-strong heat radiation beam accumulated in the mouth of this general.

Here we go!

Ultra-coarse heat radiation moved towards Qiancheng Snow and the others swept across.

Qiancheng Xue and the others hurriedly dodged, four or five Green Shield mechas had no time to dodge, and all of them were destroyed!


However, the attack didn’t end there. I saw that its differentiated tentacles and tails were all erected, and their tail sections were all split like piranha buds.

Here we go!

Dozens of heat radiation beams form a firepower network, sweeping them in two stages.

In an instant, seven more green shield mechas were hit, instantly paralyzed!

All of a sudden, there were not many fighters left, and one third was attenuated in one breath. If they hadn’t died, they would have been over.

“Lord Corps Head, I can’t go on like this, I can’t hold it.”

Le Keming said anxiously.

“No, you have to hold on!”

Xiaowen gnashing teeth replied, while he controlled mecha to dodge, he kept pulling his short-range rifle, and the dense rain of bullets hit him. On the body of the Type III general-level black salamander.

It’s a pity that the wound was healed in an instant.

This is also the most helpless place for everyone.

At this moment, the entire Sea Breeze Island was shaking, and the mountain several hundred meters high in the distance began to crack.

“What’s the situation?”

Qian Chengxue and the others were shocked by the sudden change.

Xiao Wen’s body froze slightly. Could it be that the base started the self-destruct program? All lost?

In the Haifeng Island base, the entire mountain base is regularly cracking outwards.

At the same time, the outer body of the entire laboratory fell off, like a platform that began to slowly rise!

In fact, if you look down from a high altitude, the entire mountain base is like a large launch platform, which begins to crack and move back, and at the same time, the annular platform surrounding the launch pad begins to rise.

“Successful, go back to the lab!”

Zhang Wei shouted to Chen Shan and the others.

Chen Shan and the others immediately became excited when they heard Zhang Wei’s shout. They struggled to split the entangled black salamander, and then one after another mecha rushed to the experimental platform that was slowly rising.

Su Mo naturally heard the order to retreat. He controlled mecha to turn over and distanced himself from the Type III elite black salamander in front of him.

At the same time, it lowered the beam cannon and fired at the black salamander.

Immediately, without turning his head, he moved towards the ascending laboratory and ran.

The Type III elite black salamander, which was bombarded with a cannonball, saw that its prey was about to escape, and immediately became furious, chasing after it frantically.

“We are about to be caught up!”

Lin Yue reminded Su Mo nervously.

β€œI know.”

Su Mo cranked up his power to max, then he jumped, opening his back jet and jumping in a spurt of energy.

However, at this moment, strips of black tentacles wrapped around the black steel messenger with great precision and pulled it down violently.


The black steel messenger fell heavily on the ground, and then the Type III elite black salamander directly pounced on the black light messenger, opening its bloody mouth wide open Like a sacrificial bowl about to bite down,

Su Mo raised the chain gun in his hand and stuck his mouth tightly.

(end of this chapter)

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