Star Ring Mission Chapter 177


Chapter 177 launch (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (three shifts)

At the same time, Su Mo pushes the power to the maximum, The whole mecha made a harsh rumbling sound, and the three power units were running wildly.

The black steel messenger pushed the Type III black salamander away little by little.

At this time, all around the black salamanders rushed towards Su Mo after losing the enemy.

Chen Shan and the others, who fled to the platform, noticed that Su Mo had not come up, raised their guns and shot at the black salamanders that came in, shouting anxiously.

“Quick! Brother, come up quickly!”

Su Mo slammed hard, raised his foot and kicked the Type III Elite Black Salamander. Kick it away from the body, then press the ground with his hand, and the whole mecha gets up quickly.

He was about to withdraw when the black salamander in front of him yanked the tentacles tied to Su Mo’s feet.

Suddenly the huge black steel mecha almost lost its footing.

Su Mo swept across with the chain gun in his hand, directly severing the tentacles tied to his feet.

In such an instant, the Type III elite black salamander pounced again, and the sharp claw tore it over.

Su Mo can only passively block, two huge monsters collide together!

Seeing that the mountain on Su Mo’s side started to get farther and farther away from the platform, there was almost no hope.

“You give me fire support, and I’ll go down and help him.”

Chen Shan was in a hurry when he saw that Su Mo was stopped and couldn’t get away, without the slightest hesitation Said to his subordinates, and immediately controlled the black steel mecha to jump off the rising platform.

“General, let’s go down to help too.”

The subordinates next to him don’t care about their own safety and want to jump down to help.

However, Zhang Wei said at this time: “You don’t want to go down. You don’t have a jet device on your mecha. The platform is rising, and you can’t get up if you go down. You are condescending and remote fire support is better. !”

Hearing Zhang Wei’s words, the fighters present couldn’t help but jump off. But it is also with all the strength, and the long-range firepower shoots desperately.

peng peng ~~

Chen Shan, who jumped down, had the maximum power and rushed up, the gray long spear in his hand penetrated directly into the type III elite black salamander. body, push it away.

“Brother retreat! I’ll block it, you go.”

Chen Shan shouted with great loyalty, he couldn’t escape by himself, and let the brother who came to support stay there things here.

The black salamander made a piercing scream and swept its paw towards Chen Shan.

Chen Shan’s entire mecha was swept out and smashed to the ground, sparks flying everywhere.

At the same time, the furious black salamander opened its mouth and accumulated a terrifying heat radiation beam, which was about to kill Chen Shan.

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, and he suddenly became ruthless! He controlled mecha to burst out with all his strength, and threw the chain gun in his hand!



Accompanied by the terrifying sound of breaking through the air, the chain gun penetrated the head of the Type III elite black salamander with unparalleled precision, hitting its vital point.

The Type III elite black salamander died on the spot, and its huge body fell down.


Chen Shan, who got up, was also sluggish, lying, so fierce.


Su Mo pulled back the chain gun and shouted at Chen Shan.

“Okay, withdraw!”

The two of them simultaneously drove the mecha to turn on the jets and rushed to the ascending platform.

The last two landed on the platform without any risk!

“hu~, thank you.”

Su Mo let out a long sigh. Don’t look at their mecha can fly, but they can only fly at low altitudes, not too high. If the height of the platform was too high, they would not be able to get up, so Chen Shan did come down with a definite heartbeat.

“Brother, you’re so outrageous when you see what you said. It’s me who should really be thankful. If it wasn’t for your support, our death would be a trivial matter, and the failure of this mission would be the most major event. By the way, I still don’t know what your brother is called.”

Chen Shan’s replied gasping for breath, long-term battles have long exhausted him.

β€œSu Mo.”

Su Mo solemnly responded.

“Chen Shan.”


“Su Mo brother, you are really good!”

Chen Shan happily praised that Su Mo is such a quiet, taciturn, strong, and the key is a very reliable character. Chen Shan was very optimistic, he couldn’t help but think about recruiting talents like Su Mo into the Heavenly Dragon guild.

“It’s okay.”

Su Mo didn’t care much about the praise. At this time, his eyes looked towards the center silo, a heavy rocket with a height of 300 meters. Look lost.

“What kind of rocket is this big? A normal rocket is about forty-fifty meters, and it’s several times bigger.”

“That’s because The satellite in this rocket is very large, and the world we are in, its environment, conditions, and gravity are all different from our real world. So if you want to launch it, you need higher power requirements.”

Zhang Wei said very excitedly.


Su Mo replied, in fact, he was very curious about the role of this satellite. However, he was very sensible and did not ask, after all, this should be considered a confidential matter.

As the platform rose, Sea Breeze Island gradually came into their eyes.

At this time, a team member shouted excitedly.

“Look, isn’t that Xiao Corps Head and the others?”

Su Mo was also slightly startled, he turned his head to look over, and suddenly saw the Dawn Guardian driven by Qianchengxue.

It turns out that they led the monster out.

“It’s Corps Head and the others, they are fighting that monster!”

Chen Shan brows tightly frowns said, no matter how stupid people can see, the fighting situation there is not not optimistic.

At this time, the fixed frame on the giant rocket began to unravel!

The lab’s defensive glass was also activated.

With Zhang Wei pressing the launch button.

The bottom jet of the entire rocket ignited!

The huge rocket began to rise slowly and vertically along with the hot flames.

In the distance, Xiao Wen, who was restraining the Type III general-level black salamander, roared excitedly with a hint of ecstasy on his tense face.

“Zhang Wei and the others succeeded, and the rocket was launched. Now it’s up to us, everyone, keep this monster under control and never allow it to attack the rocket. The victory or defeat is here! For glory !”


Lei Keming and the others responded excitedly and frantically as if they had been beaten.

Even Qianchengxue was very happy, and their efforts were not in vain.

Suddenly everyone regained their battle strength, and they continued to harass and attack this terrifying black salamander. They don’t want to be able to kill it, they just need to hurt it.

As expected, facing the scattered attack, the Type III Black Salamander was completely provoked, and it directly ignored the rockets slowly rising behind it.

On the laboratory platform, Su Mo opened the cockpit and said lightly to Lin Yue: “The rocket has been successfully launched, you and Chen Shan and the others, and Zhang Wei Academician to evacuate, I will go down to help.”


Lin Yue hurriedly climbed down from the mecha.

“Brother, then please.”

Chen Shan said to Su Mo.

At this time, Zhang Wei, who was beside him, was also immediately removing the defensive cover.

(end of this chapter)

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