Star Ring Mission Chapter 18


Chapter 18 Preparations

“I agree with this very much, but I see that you haven’t added any guild yet. No matter how strong this world is, it is still afraid of gang fights. It still needs to rely on the mountains. I see you and I feel very friendly. Why don’t you go to the Safety Sector with us, I recommend you to join the Wuji Guild, when the time comes I will cover You guys. Besides, there are many benefits to joining our guild, not only the shade under the big tree, but also the salary, five insurances and one housing fund, and more girls.”

The more Sun Duoxiang said, the more excited he became, and he directly pulled up the head. .


Zhang Hao was also very excited, and couldn’t resist replied for a while.

“It’s absolutely true, I guarantee it with my personality.”

Sun Duoxiang solemnly vowed promised.

Lanxi’s mouth couldn’t close because of this sassy bag operation. She secretly gave Sun Duoxiang a thumbs up.

Even Su Mo, who has always been calm, couldn’t help but twitch at the corners of his mouth. No matter how you look at it, I feel that this Sun Duoxiang looks like a MLM boss. Is this pulling people’s heads? Is it too tricky?

“That’s interesting, since that’s the case, then our brothers will mess with you. I don’t know what you call big brother.”

Zhang Hao is worthy of being a jerk. He can bend and stretch. , Without further ado, call Sun Duoxiang big brother.

“It’s all from my own family. My name is Sun Duoxiang. You can call me Brother Sun. Don’t worry, follow me. It’s definitely delicious.”

Sun Duoxiang Super thick, his face is not red and heartbeat continues to flicker. He thought to himself, these guys have guns in their hands, and they can take down so many players, the ability seems to be decent. Pull them back one by one, and there is a high probability that they will pass the guild’s review. When the time comes, they can’t count the money, and they are so cool.

“Brother Sun is interesting enough, then we are brother now. This is for you.”

“It’s too polite, then I will reluctantly accept it.”

Sun Duoxiang took it, his face almost blooming with a smile. But this time he saw Su Mo kept staring at him, and the smile on his face suddenly stiffened.

So he hurriedly handed the pistol to Su Mo.

“This is for you.”

Su Mo didn’t refuse to take it either.

“Brother Sun, you are already a senior executive, so this one has a higher position.”

Zhang Hao saw Su Mo and suddenly reacted. This guy has the worst temper and must have the highest status.

“Uh, he’s my big brother, he’s better anyway.”

Sun Duoxiang replied with an embarrassed expression.

“Oh, so that’s how it is. It’s okay, Brother Sun, we still have a few spare guns. I’ll give you two more.”

Zhang Hao listened to Sun Duo Xiang said this, looking at Su Mo’s eyes with more respect. He had long felt that this guy was different from ordinary people, and instinctively felt very dangerous.


Sun Duoxiang was happy when he heard it.

Zhang Hao turned and moved towards the backpack in the corner, ready to take out two more pistols.

Su Mo said to Sun Duoxiang in a low voice when he saw that there was no one beside him.

“You’re quite a fool!”

“Well, I can’t do anything about it, right? And just by the way, to get a head and earn a head fee, just ask for what you want. Need it.”

Sun Duoxiang explained to Su Mo awkwardly.

Su Mo didn’t say much, it’s not bad if things go on like this.

He played with the automatic pistol in his hand, took apart the magazine and checked it. There were seven 7.62mm bullets in it, and the texture was pretty good.

Not very long, Zhang Hao came over with two pistols, handed one to Sun Duoxiang and the other to Lan Xi, and asked at the same time

“When will we Let’s go to the Safety Sector.”

“Brother, don’t worry. At ten o’clock in the evening, there will be a special brother to release the signal source, so that we can find out the location of the Safety Sector. When the time comes, we will immediately rush over, It will definitely be dangerous along the way, so you have to keep your spirits up now, and then you will have the strength to run later.”

Sun Duoxiang explained.

“Don’t be so troublesome, there is a police car in the backyard of the guard station, we can just drive that one.”

Zhang Hao didn’t hide it, he told Sun Duoxiang directly.

“Have a car? Can it be used?”

Lan Xi was also a little surprised.

“Hehe! Don’t worry, it will definitely work, we have already tried it. I’m done.”

Zhang Hao replied confidently.

“That would be better, but what about those people?”

Sun Duoxiang looked at the squatting players and asked in confusion.

“It’s simple, it’s up to me.”

After Zhang Hao finished speaking, he walked up to the squatting players with his gun in hand, and roared with a vicious face.

“I will give you one last chance. Those who are willing to join us, I will kill you. If you are unwilling to join us, I will send you off the assembly line directly. You can choose for yourself.”

“I’m willing to join.”

“I’m also willing, don’t kill me.”

Several players on the scene were very unscrupulous and immediately compromised.

Seeing this scene, the smile on Sun Duoxiang’s face became even brighter. The more the better, the more people who pulled back the guild.

He was very pleased in one’s mind, thinking that if these people successfully entered the guild, maybe they would really give themselves a Captain, and they would be promoted when the time comes.

And at this moment, all the wristbands on the field suddenly vibrated, and a message popped up.

Su Mo took a closer look.

β€œHint: Congratulations to the Breaking Dawn Guild for successfully occupying the Incubation Ruins Base, its base will radiate an area of 500 kilometers, and guild members within the coverage area will receive communication support and”

β€œThis The Dawnbreak Guild is so awesome!”

Zhang Hao’s younger brothers commented in amazement, knowing that when they were still struggling for survival, they had already built a base, and the difference was too huge.

“No wonder, this Dawning Guild is the most powerful conglomerate Five Dragon HeadΒ·White Dragon, supported by the Dawning Group.”

Lan Xi Her tone was full of envy, even though the Dream Guild and Dawning Guild she belonged to were both girls’ guilds. However, the scales of the two are far from each other. The Dream Guild has only a few thousand members in total, and this Dawning Guild is said to have millions. And all of them are elites, supported by the five richest conglomerate families in the country.

Sun Duoxiang also coughed awkwardly and said, “It’s not a level, so don’t pay too much attention to it. However, it doesn’t matter, I believe that one day, we may be able to flourish.”

He cursed inwardly, “It’s so unlucky. He was just bragging about how awesome the Wuji Guild is, and he was slapped in the face in minutes. Fortunately, the gap between the guilds is relatively large, there is no comparability, and they do not collect garbage.

“Brother Sun is right. Let’s get ready.”

Zhang Hao cooperated and said that he couldn’t prepare to join the Wuji Guild. , it’s too embarrassing to tout other guilds on the back foot.


Sun Duoxiang responded quickly.

As night fell, Su Mo and the others all gathered in the backyard of the guard station, where six guard cars were parked.

Among them, Su Mo, Sun Duoxiang, Lan Xi, Zhang Hao, and his confidant Ma Ke, the five of them walked to a guard car and introduced each other to make it easier for subsequent actions. communicate.

Then Su Mo moved towards the cab naturally.

“I’ll drive.”

(end of chapter)

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