Star Ring Mission Chapter 180


Chapter 180 Popularization (One Update)

Soon after, Su Mo and Qiancheng Xue control mecha one after the other landed on the deck of the Helan.

Qianchengxue’s mecha fell fine, but when Su Mo’s mecha landed, the entire ship shook violently.

Lin Zinuo and the others almost didn’t fall.

“Sister Xue, you’re finally back.”

Lin Zinuo hurried up to meet her and asked.

“en. ”

Qianchengxue answered.

“Very good.”

The sisters on the side rejoiced and said happily, knowing that Qianchengxue is their soul.

“Hey, where’s Su Mo? Why didn’t he come back?”

Lin Zinuo asked quickly with a lingering smile on his face.

“I’m here, you unreliable Captain, you haven’t forgotten me.”

Then the cockpit opened, Su Mo jumped from the black steel mecha down.

Lin Zinuo looked at the surprised mouth of the black steel messenger and opened it into an O shape.

“Fuck~ when did you change mecha.”

“I changed it at will.”

Su Mo shrugged replied casually.

“che, I despise!”

Lin Zinuo directly cast Su Mo a blank eye.

“Have Sun Li and the others come back?”

Qianchengxue also jumped down at this time, she asked.

“Don’t worry, Sun Li and Zhang Ru are all back, they are all in the control room. We saw that the situation was not right, so we didn’t stay any longer, and immediately withdrew. Later when we came back , it happened to hit Ye Wei and their ships were evacuating. Then we learned from the Heavenly Dragon guild that your queen was blocking the monster. We hurriedly sailed around Haifeng Island according to the sound of the explosion to see if we could support it. You guys.”

Lin Zinuo thankfully explained to Qianchengxue and the others.

“Good job!”

Qiancheng snow is heavy nodded.

At this time, Sun Li and Zhang Ru also ran out of the control room.

Seeing Qianchengxue, Sun Li shouted with red eyes: “Sister Xue! You are very good.”

“Well, I made you worry. This time, thanks to Su Mo , I can come back safely.”

Qianchengxue couldn’t help but praise.

After everyone heard this, they all looked towards Su Mo.

Su Mo on the side, saw everyone looking towards him. Embarrassed, he spread his hands and said.

“It’s your duty, it should be.”

“che, what a modesty, you’re too thin-skinned.”

Lin Zinuoyi Said contemptuously. As everyone knows, there is a bit of sourness in his words.

“That’s right, Su Mo, you don’t have to be so humble.”

“Yes! Su Mo, you are amazing!”


Everyone praised you one after another, and I praised it one by one.

“Okay, but right now, I can’t be careless, get out of here quickly.”

Seeing Su Mo’s embarrassed look, Qiancheng Xue hurriedly opened her mouth to relieve the siege.

“Sister Xue, don’t worry, just after you boarded the boat, Ziqing has fully powered on and is leaving this Sea Territory at high speed. It should be fine.”

Sun Li Nodded responded quickly.

“Aiya, you don’t even know that shot was fired just now. My heart almost jumped out.”

Zhang Ru covered her chest and said with great emotion.

“Who let you see, there’s Sister Ziqing in the matter of firing a cannon, you have nothing to do with it.”

Lin Zinuo rolled the eyes towards Zhang Ru.


Zhang Rugan laughed a few times.

At this time, Lin Zinuo’s attention fell on the black steel messenger. Her eyes glowed, and she reached out to touch the thick armor on the surface.

“Wow, Su Mo honestly explained, where did you get such a Hegemon mecha! It’s so big!”

“Didn’t I say it? Just change it. ”

Su Mo lightly replied.

“What mecha is this, why is it so big.”

Zhou Qian and the others also asked very curiously.

“This is the ceiling of the second-generation mecha. Let me popularize it with you. The second-generation mecha is roughly divided into four series, the first is the reloading body, and the volume is between 13 meters and 15 meters. This kind of mecha has strong explosive power, thick armor, and strong melee ability, but it is too bulky and inconvenient to move. The second balance body, with a height of nine to twelve meters, this type of mecha has balanced performance in all aspects and is versatile. , such as the second-generation mecha that Su Mo and I originally had. The Third Type is a light body, with a height of five to eight meters. This is a light mecha, very agile and has high mobility. As for the last type, it is the crawling series , This mecha’s moving speed to the pinnacle is very suitable for strategic combat. Of course, there are no good or bad types of mecha, only suitable or not, and the one in front of you should be an enhanced version of black steel, and it should be a second-generation heavy-duty mecha The ceiling exists.”

Qianchengxue would like to give a general introduction to everyone.

Su Mo nodded in agreement, lightly saying: “The head of the group is right, although this mecha is not bad, it is very uncomfortable to use and not suitable for me.”

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Zhang Ru rolled the eyes and complained.

“Big brother, when you say this, can you be scruples about our feelings, don’t pretend to be forceful! The precious mecha that no one can ask for will become unsuitable in your hands, It’s not easy to use, it’s a bit too pretentious.”

Lin Zinuo touched his forehead and sighed: “Su Mo is almost done.”

Su Mo didn’t argue. , he’s just telling the truth. It’s not that the black steel messenger is bad, its performance is actually nothing to be picky about. Mainly because it is a bit different from Su Mo’s fighting style, Su Mo actually prefers the all-round type. There is a saying that balance is king.

But unexpectedly, Qianchengxue said something to Su Mo indifferently: “Su Mo is actually right, no matter how good something is, it’s not as good as what suits you best.”

“Sister Xue said yes.”

Lin Zinuo and the others saw that Qianchengxue agreed, but they could only answer in embarrassment.

Sun Li asked Qianchengxue worriedly at this time.

“Sister Xue, is this mission a success or a failure?”

Everyone immediately reacted and asked nervously.

“Yes! Sister Xue, is this a success or a failure?”

Although the rocket was successfully lifted off, it was shot down after a few seconds of life. .

Qianchengxue raised her hand to signal everyone not to be nervous, she explained to everyone seriously: “I hereby solemnly announce that our support mission Perfection has been successful. I appreciate your outstanding contributions. Looking at it in my heart, when I return to Dawn City, I will count everyone’s contributions and give everyone generous rewards!”

Actually Qianchengxue didn’t say a word, this mission is really for them It was a success, but for Xiaowen they were a failure.

“Thank you, Sister Xue!”

Lin Zinuo and the others hugged excitedly.

At this time, Zhang Ru asked Qianchengxue curiously: “Sister Xue, can I ask you a question?”

“You ask.”

Qianchengxue lightly replied.

“You were at the scene at the time. Who the hell shot the rocket down? Could it be the same group of people.”

“Most likely, yes.”

“Most likely, yes.”


“Those people are too hateful!”

Han Na and the others cursed angrily.

“That’s right, I tried my life to intercept us again and again, and finally jumped over the wall!”

“I really want to smoke them! I’m so mad at us”

Sun Li and the others mentioned This matter, the face has become very ugly.

(end of this chapter)

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