Star Ring Mission Chapter 181


Chapter 181 Greeting (Second Update)

“Okay, it’s fine for everyone to know this, so don’t do it any more. I mentioned it. The Heavenly Dragon guild will naturally handle it. We are still very weak, and we are not qualified to participate in this matter. But there is a saying that everyone remembers, one day there is a chance in this field, and we will definitely get it back a hundredfold! “

Under Qianchengxue’s calm face, there was also a trace of anger hidden.

“cough cough, shouldn’t I say at this time, peace is the most precious thing? Then forgive them generously?”

Zhang Ru laughed asked.

“Forgive them is God’s business, we are only responsible for sending them to see God!”

Su Mo replied abruptly, don’t look at Su Mo’s good temper, that’s only limited to in a reasonable case.

Zhang Ru’s face froze, and she gave Su Mo a thumbs up: “Brother is awesome!”

He could feel that Su Mo was serious.

Qiancheng Xue waved her hand and said: “Okay, everyone is probably tired, let’s take a break.”

“Well, okay.”

Lin Zinuo and the others all left.

When Qianchengxue was about to leave, Su Mo hesitated and shouted, “Captain.”

“en? What’s the matter.”

Qianchengxue stopped and looked at Su Mo with a slightly surprised look.

“About the gains from this battle”

Su Mo is about to explain his gains to Qianchengxue, after all, this is a group mission. However, he was interrupted by Qian Chengxue just as he was about to speak.

Qianchengxue replied to Su Mo very succinctly: “Needless to say, you have contributed a lot to this operation. Whatever you get at the base will be yours, you don’t need to hand it over to the guild. I’ll prepare a reward for you when I go back.”

“Are you sure?”

Su Mo looked towards Qianchengxue unexpectedly.

“That’s it, there are other things to do, if not, I’m going to take a rest.”

Qianchengxue’s cold face showed a trace of fatigue, she was on this mission. Staring at the whole process, coupled with the high-intensity battle, the spirit is indeed a bit unbearable.

“Yes, after I go back, I’m a little tired and want to take a few days off (in reality).”

Su Mo thought for a while, and simply took this opportunity to Holiday please. Although Lin Zinuo and Zhao Han will definitely approve, but after all, it is an extraordinary period of land reclamation. They are easy to be gossiped by asking for such a long vacation, but the nature of the invitation is different from Qianchengxue.


Qian Chengxue didn’t ask any further questions, she simply agreed, and then she left.


The port of the city of the sea and the moon.

Ye Tian, Ye Wuhen, Ye Haitang and other important Ye Family people are all waiting anxiously.

Next to them was a group of stern-looking Heavenly Dragon guild players, ready to wait for the ship to approach.

Someone in the waiting crowd shouted in surprise.

“Look! It’s the Soaring Ship!”

Seeing the Soaring Ship arriving slowly in the distance by the sea, everyone on the shore was immediately excited.

Soon Soar was docked in port.

Xiao Wen, Zhang Wei and other important personnel walked off the ship accompanied by Ye Wei and Sikong.

Ye Tian hurried up to meet him, shaking hands with Xiao Wen, Zhang Wei and the others one after another excitedly.

“Welcome home safely!”

“You should be Mr. Ye Tian, this time thanks to the help of your Dawnbreaker Guild, we were able to come back safely, and we will honor this credit. Reported.”

Xiao Wen shook hands and replied.

“You are so polite, that’s what we should do.”

Ye Tian responded in a very good mood.

“Corps Head, it’s time for us to go.”

The people from the Heavenly Dragon guild who were waiting on the shore at this time reminded calmly.

After listening to this, Xiao Wen said to Ye Tian and the others, “I won’t say more about thank you. We still have important things to do. We have to go back to our lives and say goodbye!”


“Okay, you can walk slowly.”

Ye Tian sent Xiao Wen and the others away with a smile on his face.

A moment later, when Xiao Wen and the others left, Ye Tian walked up to Ye Wei and the others and praised them happily.

“Ye Wei, Ye Wuhen, you did a good job this time,”

“Thank you father, this mission is indeed very difficult, but fortunately we managed to rescue Xiao Wen and the others. Yes.”

Ye Wei looked modest, but her words were not modest at all, and she directly took the credit. The person was sent by her, and the credit is also linked to the Dawning Guild, who can say clearly.

And under normal circumstances, they should have returned to Dawn City, but Ye Wei deliberately deviates from the track and runs directly here, and then informs the Heavenly Dragon guild people to come here, so as to take credit for herself.

Although the practice is very inauthentic, who would give up such a good opportunity.

“This is what we should do, but this time Sikong and Ye Wei are indeed you did good.”

Ye Wuhen echoed it very cooperatively

The elders on the side all praised with smiles.

“It’s really beautiful. You can see that Mr. Xiao Wen said it so clearly, and he wrote down the credit.”

“That’s right, it’s more than that, how do you say it? It can be regarded as a good relationship. Those are adults with high status, especially Lord Xiaowen and Zhang Wei.”

“The status of Lord Chen Shan is not low.”

“Yes, yes, why did you reveal him?”

Ye Tian said to Ye Wei and the others in a good mood: “The credit is the credit, and I will give you extra when the above is settled. reward!”

“Thanks father!”

Ye Wuhen and Ye Wei responded with joy.

However, Ye Haitang stood beside her and didn’t say anything, only a sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Although the fleet she sent has sunk and the casualties are almost the same, she knows better than anyone about the execution of this mission.

On the other side, the Helan is also close to the sea port of Auroville.

Tang Yao, Zhao Han and the others are waiting anxiously.

“Hi! We’re back.”

Lin Zinuo waved his hand at the bow excitedly.

Seeing the return of the Helan number riddled with scars, Tang Yao was sighed in relief. They were afraid that if something went wrong on the way back, it would be troublesome.

Soon Helan stopped, Qiancheng Xue and the others walked down.

“Sister Xue, you guys are finally back, we are all worried to death.”

Tang Yao and the others all gathered around.

“It’s alright, by the way, has the Aoxiang returned? Why didn’t I see it at the seaport?”

Qianchengxue suddenly noticed something was wrong. Logically speaking The Soar should have arrived early.

Hearing Qian Chengxue’s question, everyone present looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing how to speak.

Qianchengxue also felt that the atmosphere was not right, she asked calmly, “What happened.” The port of the city. Ye Wei took all the rescued people there, and in front of all the executives of the group, she tried her best to take credit! Now the whole guild is rumored that Ye Wei and Ye Wuhen made great contributions.”

Tang Yao angrily explained to Qianchengxue.

Qianchengxue thought for a while, but she didn’t get too angry. This kind of trick of taking credit is not surprising. She firmly believed that it was yours.

“I see.”

(end of chapter)

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