Star Ring Mission Chapter 182


Chapter 182 Keyboard Man (adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

“Sister Xue, We can’t just let it go, they bully intolerably.”

Zhao Han looked at the severely damaged Helan and was so angry that he gnash the teeth replied .

“I will handle this matter, and you don’t have to be too angry. Another point is to try not to conflict with them. In addition, we will do our best to organize personnel to repair the Helan, and report to me the funds and materials needed. I will approve it to you.”


“It’s been a while since you’ve worked hard, and it’s because of your hard work that we can achieve success. , I believe that we will definitely achieve greater achievements in the future.”

Standing aside, Su Mo looked at Qianchengxue to appease everyone there, and was a little admired. It stands to reason that the most frustrated and angry should be Qian Chengxue, the direct beneficiary. After all, the credit has been robbed, and the limelight has also left others. But she was unusually calm to prevent internal conflict from escalating.

Su Mo stood by and watched for a while, then clicked on the wristband and jumped out of the logout button.

“Log out of the game!”

After a while, Su Mo opened his eyes and took off his helmet.

He shook his head, and his spirit was also a little dazed. This time the online time was a bit exceeded.

gu lu ~

My stomach kept protesting.

Su Mo glanced down at his stomach, got up and walked out of the hangar. It was time to have a good meal and then go home to rest.β€”β€”

R Guoying All.

A house made of wood, inside its hall.

A short-haired, gorgeous-looking girl with bright red lipstick on her lips and a sky blue kimono sat on her knees.

Beside her sat a middle-aged man with sharp eyes.

These two people are none other than Takeuchi Suzune and Kawakami who died in the previous battle.

At this time, a majestic old man was sitting in front of them, and a set of exquisite tea sets were placed among them.

The old man solemnly said: “Your mission this time is very unsatisfactory.”

“Master Takeuchijima, this mission failed entirely because of Sawagi’s command. In the defeat, he did not let people intercept the support of the Helan, which caused our fleet to suffer a sneak attack, and thus be caught in one pot.”

Kawakami was simply extremely embarrassed. This ass was stabbed and it still hurts.

“Failure is failure, don’t make excuses, you must know that we, who are the best at surprise attacks, are actually a shame to be sneak attacked.”

Suzune’s rude accusation road.

“What are you talking about, if it wasn’t for you who didn’t come to support and couldn’t provide me with air warning, how could I be sneak attacked. And you didn’t succeed in blocking it yourself, but you were shot down. If you If I succeed, will I still be sneak attacked?”

Kawakami couldn’t help clenching his hands into fists, if it weren’t for the presence of Takeuchijima, he would have been angry.

“I was just carrying out Sawagi’s orders. In addition, the weapons on my Cangyun at that time were mainly bombing. I didn’t carry a powerful weapon for combat against ships, supersonic armor-piercing projectiles. But what you said also makes sense, failure is failure, I admit it”

Ringyin responded indifferently.


Speechless for half a day in Kawasami.

“Enough, Kawakami goes back to reflect.”


Kawakami lowered his head and replied.

“Go down.”

Takeuchijima waved his hand!

Kawakami got up and bowed his head and backed out.

Then Takeuchijima took a sip of tea and said lightly to the ringtone.

“This action is very bad, you should also reflect on it carefully. There is nothing wrong with Zemu’s command. The fault is that you did not achieve his strategic goals. But thanks to his last foreshadowing, the The satellite of the Heavenly Dragon guild is down, otherwise we will lose everything. I will try to revive you as soon as possible, and during the resurrection period, you will be transferred to the back line, responsible for intelligence collection and personnel training. “

“Understood, father.”

The ring tone nodded responded.

After speaking, Takeuchijima got up and left, leaving Suzune alone on her knees.

Ring Yin gracefully picked up the teapot and poured herself a cup of hot tea, she took a sip, then took out her mobile phone and flipped through the video she recorded,

She watched a video repeatedly.

This is the picture of Su Mo driving out the blue mecha and smashing the drone.

The corners of her mouth were slightly raised with a look of great interest. It was this person who sabotaged her plan at a critical moment, causing her to fall short of sinking the Helan.

“What are you looking at? You are so fascinated.”

Suddenly a cold voice sounded.

Rinyin turned her head to look, and saw a calm and extraordinary young man appearing beside her.

Ring tone respectfully greeted: “big brother.”

“I rarely see you pay attention to others.”

“This is an expert in country Z called Su Mo.”

Ring tone said Su Mo’s name directly, it seems that she immediately picked up Su Mo’s information.

“Country Z has a lot of experts. If you don’t pay attention to the top ones, how can you care about this newcomer.”

“Intuition, my intuition tells me that he is very special. This This time I have suffered a loss from him, and I am looking forward to the next meeting.”

Suzuki showed a bright smile.

“Interesting, someone has made you so interested.”

“Big brother, what are you looking for from me.”

“Nothing, I I just heard that your mission failed, so come and see if your father reprimanded you.”

“Thank you.”


The next morning , Su Mo full of energy out of the door. Yesterday he slept darkly, he couldn’t help but was too tired.

As soon as he walked out of the room, Su Mo was also slightly stunned. He subconsciously picked up his phone and glanced at it.

It’s ten o’clock in the morning, why haven’t Han Na and the others gone to work?

And Su Mo also saw Han Na sitting in front of the computer, cracking her hands on the keyboard frantically, as if she was fighting someone.

Zhang Wenjing and Zi Die were watching.

Su Mo walked over curiously and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, I’m busy, there is breakfast on the table, so hurry up and eat. “

Hanna didn’t have time to go back to Su Mo at all.

Su Mo walked over to the computer and glanced at it with a look of surprise on his face.

I saw Han Na yelling at the forum post!

All kinds of crazy trash talk is constantly output, it is simply a fighter among the proper keyboard warriors.

The most surprising thing to Su Mo is that many of the comments on this post are in the R language, which is mixed with other foreign languages.

“Do you understand?”

Su Mo curiously asked when Hannah became so talented.

“Aiya, there is a translation function next to it.”

Hanna clicked a button on the website, and all the text was translated into Z language instantly.

Zidie next to Su Mo said to Su Mo: “Hanna elder sister is scolding the people from the Amaterasu Guild on the Internet. Those people are too cheap.”

” .”


Su Mo nodded and went to wash up.

(end of this chapter)

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