Star Ring Mission Chapter 184


Chapter 184 is worth it (add more sugar for Silver Alliance Leader water) (five more)

Lin Zino cough, earn and well -meant advised said to Su Mo: “Su Mo, you don’t understand, how can a big man have no money, you think, no money, how can you find a girlfriend? Who wants to date a diaosi these days? Ah, you also need money to get married, and you need money to buy a wedding house. If you go back 10,000 steps, don’t you need to spend money at home? You need money in all aspects. Take it well and save more money, this society’s money That’s the most important thing.”

She thought to herself, save more money, maybe my Heavenly Eye is blind, she will really fall in love with you, and she is guaranteed!

“It’s fine, I’ll pay back the money I owe first.”

Su Mo didn’t listen to what Lin Zinuo said at all.


Lin Zinuo went crazy.

“Are you giving up your mind, no one is in a hurry to pay back the money. Besides, the money is not in a hurry, maybe one day you will give credit to you directly. Listen to my advice and squeeze the money.

In his own hands, this is the best.”

Su Mo was silent for a while, but did not refute Lin Zinuo, as if he had acquiesced.

Lin Zinuo immediately sighed in relief, and finally flickered over, she took a sip of tea from the cup on the table, and was overwhelmed!

It’s a pity that Lin Zino still underestimated Su Mo. He will always surprise people, no, it should be a shock.

I saw Su Mo suddenly said, “Then give this money to the more than 500 colleagues who died when I joined the guild.”

pu~ ~

Lin Zinuo was almost killed by lightning, she said angrily.

“Su Mo, are you not sick?”

“No, is there any problem?”

Su Mo looked at Lin Zino suspiciously.

“You treat money as Chinese cabbage, and if you spread it out like this, you don’t know what conditions you have?”

Lin Zinuo was so angry that she gnash the teeth, she was also against Su Mo before After investigation, this guy is not a wealthy family in Modu at all, or a low-level person living in the old city.

Those who usually live there will be thankful for their food and clothing.

“It doesn’t count as spreading it out. Didn’t they trick them before? And without them helping me contain the monster, I was already dead, and it’s normal to give some compensation.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

“Listen to me, you didn’t do it on purpose. No one can say anything about that kind of thing. You can only talk about unlucky things, and you will come across them. In addition, the guild also gives them pensions. And subsidies, you don’t have to interfere in this matter. It’s not easy for you to make some money. Don’t be so naive. You don’t come here to work for money. You should know how hard it is to earn money. , you can get such a big bonus.”

Lin Zinuo’s face sank, and he explained to Su Mo very seriously.

“It’s okay, that’s it.”

Su Mo didn’t care at all, not to mention that the other five hundred people were indeed killed by him. And as he said himself, if those people didn’t help him restrain him, he would be 100% dead. The most important point, if you didn’t join the Dawnbreaker Guild, it’s fine, you’ll die if you die, but now that you have joined, then it’s your own family no matter what.

Another point is that this compensation is actually not much for him. You need to know how much money they lose every month and how much money they lose every month.

Of course, the most important point, Su Mo didn’t think a million was a lot, that is, he used to buy a limited-edition figure. Lin Zino’s reaction was a bit intense.

After hearing Su Mo’s words, Lin Zinuo was instantly angry, she was extremely annoyed and spouted at Su Mo.

“Su Mo, you’re crazy, you’re more Holy Mother than Holy Mother Maria, this world is very realistic, money is hard to earn. You can dislike money, but you can’t If you don’t have money, don’t let your temperament go around!”

“I’m serious, I’m not joking. This should be regarded as a little compensation for them, whether I hurt them subjectively or not, but they are after all. Influenced by me, I have to give this money.”

Su Mo is very responsible replied.

Lin Zino fell into silence, finally sighed, and said to Su Mo with a complicated expression.

“Have you gotten used to being poor, you just need to eat enough, and you have no idea about money at all? Hey~ If any girl follows you in the future, it will really be a blood mold for eight lifetimes. Forget it, no I advise you, and what you said makes sense.”

Su Mo was speechless too, he didn’t bother to refute Lin Zino, what was this guy thinking about all day long?

Hey~ Forget it, he also knows that Lin Zinuo is for his own good, but he has no way to explain it. He couldn’t tell Lin Zinuo that he didn’t come for money at all, because he was so poor that only money was left.

“That’s it, by the way, I took leave with the head of the regiment before.”

“I understand this, you can go on vacation. By the way, about your this time Actions, and other rewards, will be sent to you when the time comes.”

Lin Zinuo thought for a while and said.

“Okay, nothing else, I’ll go first.”


Lin Zinuo waved helplessly, she is now Seeing Su Mo makes me angry, this guy is really an idiot!

And when Su Mo was about to leave, he suddenly stopped, he looked towards the emergency game helmet placed in the cabinet of Lin Zino’s office, his eyes lit up slightly. He walked over and took it out, turned his head and said to Lin Zinuo.

“Lend me this one, and when mine arrives, I’ll give you a new one.”

Lin Zinuo’s face turned green, this guy is sick, he’s leaving money Don’t, it’s really rude to pick up her wool, the ghosts believe that they will pay back.

At this moment, Su Mo opened the door of the office, and he was taken aback for a moment.

I saw a group of eavesdroppers gathered at the door of Lin Zino’s office. Immediately, embarrassed expressions appeared on the faces of everyone, pretending that nothing had happened, and they dispersed.

Because Lin Zino didn’t control his emotions just now, the decibel of his voice was too high, they thought they were arguing, so they all came over to eavesdrop.

Su Mo didn’t care either, and didn’t say anything shameful anyway.

He moved towards the elevator, walking, walking!

The girls I met along the way greeted Su Mo one by one.

“Su Mo!”

Su Mo was also slightly surprised, but he immediately nodded in response. At this moment, Su Mo felt that the gap between him in the twelve groups had disappeared.

In fact, just now, the eavesdropper had already spread the word that Su Mo was going to compensate the sacrificed companion with the bonus.

In an instant, he was recognized by everyone, and the unpleasantness before was suddenly disappeared.

Actually, they are not unreasonable, but they just didn’t get around it.

More and more colleagues who meet each other say hello to Su Mo.

Su Mo’s mood became more and more relaxed, and the money was really worth it.

A moment later, Su Mo was walking down the street, he picked up the phone and called Sun Duoxiang.

The call was connected shortly after.

“Big brother, you finally called.”

Sun Duoxiang’s excited voice came from the phone.

“Stop talking nonsense, I’ll tell you something.”

Su Mo said directly.

(end of this chapter)

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