Star Ring Mission Chapter 185


Chapter 185 Notice (One Update)

“Okay, big brother, you can say as long as I can. “

Sun Duoxiang solemnly vowed assured.


“Hmm, um”


North Suburb of Imperial Capital, Dream Guild Office Building .

Lan Xi walked in with a thick stack of information collected from the Internet.

She looked a little sluggish, and it was obvious that she was very tired. Although death can be returned to logistics to collect intelligence, the guild will not give money for nothing. They also have requirements for intelligence collection, and they will be fired if they fail to meet the standards.

So this is not an easy job, it has a strong pressure on people’s spirits, often many people can’t stand it, and finally choose to terminate the contract.

The essence of the Dream Guild is relatively formal. After all, it is an affiliated guild of the Mori Ye Guild, so it is relatively abiding by the rules. As long as you can bear it, no one will force you to open.

Some small guilds and rateless guilds will find various reasons to drive people away after the player dies and has no use value.

A more disgusting guild would even play a role in the contract, and use various excuses to make its members pay death penalty.

The office area is very lively, a vibrant girl, chatting and laughing with a group of handsome guys and uncles.

Lan Xi walked in, and many people saw her, laughing and whispering!

“Isn’t that Lan Xi, I remember when she was training, she was very beautiful.”

“No, how many people surrounded her at that time, now? Neither.”

“I tell you, I saw her working in a restaurant a while ago.”


“Really, I was shouted and drunk.”

Lan Xi walked forward as if she didn’t hear it, came to her desk, and put the information in her hand on the table. superior. Then take out your mobile phone and send the audit report.

After everything was done, Lan Xi could not help but let out a sigh of relief and put the phone on the table.

A special person will come to review it in a while, but most of them will be thrown into the trash can, because there are many repetitions and not much value.

“Lan Xi.”

A familiar voice sounded.

Lan Xi turned her head to look and saw Sister Wu walking over.

“Hello, Sister Wu.”

Sister Wu said to Lan Xi with a smile: “I haven’t seen you for a while, how are you doing recently.”

“It’s okay.”

Lanxi nodded responded with a smile.

“Well, that’s good, that.”

Just as Sister Wu was about to care about Lan Xi for a few words, the shouts of her team members suddenly sounded beside her.

“Sister Wu is leaving soon, don’t talk to her, there will be a meeting in a while.”

“Oh, good. I have something to do. If there is anything , you can call me.”

Sister Wu left in a hurry before she could wait for Lan Xi to reply.

Lan Xi looked at the back of Sister Wu leaving, the smile on her face suddenly became very bitter.

At this moment, an envelope suddenly stretched out.

Lan Xi was also slightly taken aback, she subconsciously lifts the head, only to see Qiang Hua, Liu Zi and the others appear in front of her.

“Brother Qiang, who are you?”

“Take it, this is your own income and death pension, there is no need to feel guilty and share it with us, it’s okay to go back to logistics. It’s not a major event.”

Qianghua said cheerfully.

“You don’t need Brother Qiang, it’s not much money. And it’s because of me that you all died, and I’m still myself”

“Hey~ why are you talking about that day? There’s nothing to say. Even if you don’t provoke that smelly brat and let him touch us, we’ll do the same. Take another 10,000 steps back and say that even if the door of the mall is not closed that day, we may not be able to survive . As for them chewing their tongues and saying that you hug your thighs in order to survive, isn’t this such is human nature? Besides, we all live in the same urban village, how can the situation be unclear, let alone your family’s situation, it’s simply terrible You can’t help it, in order to survive, it’s not shameful to live.”

Qianghua said to Lan Xi with a smile.

Lan Xi’s eyes were slightly moist, and she bowed to Qiang Hua and the others.

“Thank you.”

“Yo, which one is this singing? I said Qianghua, you have been in a mess yourself, and you have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. And Lan Xi, don’t be complacent, it’s just because you have a long face, otherwise Qianghua and the others will forgive you, it’s just a joke.”

Tang Zhi took a group of sisters away Come here, sarcastically.

“Tang Zhi keep her mouth clean, don’t think it’s amazing that you hug your thighs now.”

Qiang Hua’s forehead bulged, and he wanted to slap Tang Zhi, but He was still in control of his emotions.

“I said Qianghua, this world is so realistic, you are dead now, you are nothing. You don’t have to stand up for Lan Xi, she won’t like you. This is the reality .”

Tang Zhi continued sarcastically with disdain. There is no room left, and now she is not what she used to be, even if she is the director of the guild, no one should give her face.

“You fart!” Hua Qiang cursed directly.

“Forget it, Brother Qiang.”

Lan Xi shook the head and hurriedly stopped it. She didn’t want Qianghua to stand up for her again, she was ashamed of them already.

“Lan Xi, you don’t have to pretend to be innocent anymore, you can’t turn around in this life, continue to be a stinky salted fish.”

Tang Zhi said with a sneer.

Lan Xi was also depressed for a while, and her breathing was a little uncomfortable. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t know how to say it.

At this time, all around colleagues gathered around, and they all laughed and whispered, watching the good show.

At this moment, the mobile phone on Lanxi’s desk suddenly vibrated.

Then a special voice message was automatically opened and played, and an extremely pleasant voice sounded.

“Respect the pioneers of Star Ring, congratulations on your return to the Star Ring world, rekindling the fire of civilization, Star Ring will be with you, please log in to the game as soon as possible”

Lan Xi After hearing this, his body trembled slightly, he picked up the phone in disbelief, and watched it carefully.

At this moment, she felt that the whole world was not very real. When she came back to his senses and confirmed that the information was real, she had already burst into tears.

At the same time, the colleagues all around were also frying, and they had expressions of disbelief.

“It’s a lie, Lan Xi was actually resurrected?”

“Impossible, doesn’t it cost one million for a fire? Who is crazy and takes so much money to resurrect? She?”

“What a million, now it’s 3 million, and it’s still impossible to buy it with money. Which guild that got the fire didn’t leave it for its own use, how could it be used for it? Go out and sell it.”

“Then this information could be fake.”

“It’s hard to say, the council has regulations, making a prank about Star Ring is He will be sentenced.”

“Oh my God, you mean someone really resurrected Lan Xi, this is too crazy.”

Tang Zhi’s face is not bad, At this time, she was a little distorted, and her face was black with anger.

Why is this slut so lucky that someone is willing to resurrect her, and Tang Zhi knows who did it without thinking about it.

(end of this chapter)

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