Star Ring Mission Chapter 186


Chapter 186 The Great God (Second Update)

She didn’t expect Su Mo’s strength to be so powerful, why even People like Lan Xi can hold such thighs, but she can’t.

In an instant, Tang Zhi felt that the thigh she was holding was not fragrant at all.


Qiang Hua and the others sincerely thanked Lan Xi after they were shocked.

Lan Xi bowed again to Qianghua and the others, she wiped her tears, and said seriously: “I will cherish this opportunity and make as much money as possible. I will share the future profits with you. Yes.”

“Don’t talk about that, we big lords can’t eat soft rice, you don’t have to worry about us. But if you feel bad, we won’t pay you back this pension, just treat it as You invited us to dinner.”

“Well, thank you, then I’ll go to the game.”

“Come on! Don’t worry about the rest.”

Qiang Hua said to Lan Xi.

Lan Xi nodded heavily, and then she ignored everyone’s comments and moved towards the computer room on the second floor.


On the ruins of a collapsed gym, a black steel messenger one-knee kneels, the cockpit open.

Su Mo walked slowly to a ruin and dug out a dilapidated body. Then he picked up the bottle, tilted it slightly, and the fire fell directly.

The instantly broken bones floated up, the fire burned violently, and the broken bones recovered at a speed visible to naked eyes.

In just a few seconds, the corpse was restored to its original state! Then Lan Xi’s body began to blur, waiting for her consciousness to come online.

Su Mo waited silently with his arms crossed.

Time passes by every second, and I don’t know how long it has passed.

Lanxi, who was floating in the blur, suddenly opened her eyes, her body materialized again, and she looked at her body with red eyes.

β€œWelcome back to the team.”

Su Mo opened the mouth and said lightly.

Lan Xi lifts the head looked towards Su Mo standing on the mecha with a big smile.

“Well, I’m back.”

Su Mo took a deep jump and landed in front of Lanxi to extend the hand.



In the evening, in the green park on the outskirts of Imperial Capital, Su Mo sat on a bench and waited quietly with his eyes closed .

“big brother! Here we are.”

I saw Sun Duoxiang rush over with Zhang Hao and Ma Ke.


Su Mo nodded slightly.

“Big brother, I have done everything you explained to me. Shall we set off immediately?”

Sun Duoxiang asked impatiently.

“What’s the hurry? Someone hasn’t arrived yet.”

Su Mo replied calmly.

“Ah? Who else?”

Sun Duoxiang is also slightly startled. Anyone else want to participate? He suddenly became a little nervous, shouldn’t there be a bunch of people? I don’t know if I’ll get along well or not.

At this moment, Lanxi ran over gasping for breath and said apologetically, “Sorry, there is a traffic jam on the road.”

Not long ago, Su Mo brought Lanxi back to life After that, and take her out of that small city.

After he explained that Lan Xi went to Jade Green Park to gather, the two of them went offline at the same time.

“Lan Xi! long time no see, how are you doing recently!”

When Sun Duoxiang saw Lan Xi, his heart that was still hanging suddenly relaxed, and he asked very enthusiastically. road.

Ma Ke scratched his head, and asked with a very low EQ: “I remember that Sister Lanxi was already killed, how could she join us in the operation?”

“No If you know how to talk, don’t talk, there’s no way to poke at the wound.”

Sun Duoxiang said angrily to Ma Ke, “Is this guy an idiot?

“It doesn’t matter, I have been resurrected.”

Lan Xi responded with a smile.

“Ah! You’re resurrected? Which big guy helped you resurrect? You don’t know how precious a piece of fire is now.”

Sun Duoxiang was also completely dumbfounded. He felt incredible.

“Su Mo helped me resurrect.”

Lan Xi explained happily.

The three of Sun Duoxiang turned their heads and looked towards Su Mo, their eyes were glowing, very awesome!

“Boss, as expected of the boss, please accept my knee. I will be yours in life, and will be your ghost in death.”

“Go away~”


Sun Duoxiang quickly moved aside.

Su Mo coughed, cleared his throat, and said seriously: “Okay, everyone is here, let’s start talking about business. Our action this time is very clear, that is to explore that biochemical base, I How about the things you prepared?”

Sun Duoxiang showed a guilty look on his face, and replied embarrassedly: “Boss, about exploring the biochemical laboratory, let’s try to collect a Fan, but those things are too scarce.”

“It doesn’t matter, what I told you not long ago?”

“You can rest assured that I have already done it, and we can leave at any time. .”

“Well, did you all take a good vacation? This private activity has uncertain risks, uncertain difficulty, and uncertain time consumption.”

Su Mo one after another asked.

“No problem.”

The four of Lan Xi didn’t hesitate!

“Let’s go then.”

“Okay, my van is parked outside”

Sun Duoxiang’s face was full of excitement, During this time, he was almost suffocated to death, and finally let him wait for the opportunity to turn over.

Soon the entire group left the park, and they got into Sun Duoxiang’s van.

Sun Duoxiang stepped on the accelerator and the van sped away. Not long after, they stopped in front of an oversized Xingyou Cafe.

The entrance of this Star Travel Cafe is very lively, and many players are making reservations.

“There are a lot of people.”

Lan Xi was surprised and replied, she remembered that when she played before, Star Ring was not so popular yet, how many days has it been?

“Not a lot of people, but a lot of people, but don’t worry. The network manager here is very familiar with me. I have already greeted him in advance and reserved a private room.”

Sun Duoxiang patted his chest and assured.

“Go in.”

Su Mo slightly nodded, Sun Duoxiang is quite reliable.

So the five of them got out of the van, moved towards Xingyou Cafe, walked through the crowd, and just stepped into Xingyou Cafe.

A loud and excited cry rang out.

I saw a holographic Star Ring image in the huge Star Travel Cafe hall.

Hundreds of players crowded around to watch.

In the video, I saw an azure dexterous mecha running fast in a fallen city, behind it a group of ferocious crawling mutant monsters were chasing him frantically, high level crawling mutants monsters can even crawl flat on the walls of buildings.

They caught up with the azure mecha along the walls of the building on both sides and swooped down.

And that azure mecha had eyes on its head, it predicted the monster that jumped down in advance, and avoided it in advance.

The monsters that threw down all fell directly in the air.

The scene is very thrilling! Seeing that everyone’s hearts were suspended, they secretly broke into a cold sweat for him.

“Oh, so awesome! As expected of Wang Feng!”

Sun Duoxiang was also amazed.

“You know him?”

Su Mo asked a little curiously, this person is very skilled and has a strong fighting instinct.

“big brother, who doesn’t know him, he is a famous god, and he is also a VIP guest of this star travel cafe.”

Sun Duoxiang to Su Mo explained.

(end of this chapter)

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