Star Ring Mission Chapter 187


Chapter 187 Come back soon (add more sugar for Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

at this time The mecha in the video suddenly accelerated in a roundabout way, pulling the monster behind him to change direction.

Everyone present excitedly shouted: “The main event is coming.”

Su Mo brows slightly wrinkle, he also saw a little tricky. This guy is attracting monsters, but different from the usual monsters, he is caused by the monsters of the whole city, leading these monsters to go around in circles.

Now it should be leading the monster to the designated area, which is crazy enough.

It was at this point that the sound of the communication came out of the image.

“Captain, everything is ready!”

“Good job!”

Wang Feng responded calmly.

Immediately, Wang Feng controlled mecha to accelerate further, he increased the range of the detour, and led the monster behind him to the center like a vortex.

And the consequence of this is that when he circles to the center point, all directions are monsters, he is completely surrounded, and there is no way out.

“Oh my God!”

The people watching couldn’t help but let out a worried voice.

Wang Feng controlled mecha to brake suddenly and stopped in place!

In an instant, all around came up like a tide of monsters, with a posture of tearing it to pieces. At this moment, Wang Fengmecha squatted down slightly, and the modified auxiliary jet wings unfolded behind it!


A huge heat wave erupted, and the next second the light mecha shot straight into the sky.

A massive chain explosion follows!


The explosion devoured it directly, forming a monster tide.

Not long ago, Wang Feng’s other team members planted and installed a huge number of bombs in this central area.

Seeing this shocking scene, everyone in Star Travel Cafe cheered excitedly! !

“Fuck it, very awesome, this is a cleanup!”

Sun Duoxiang watched with excitement.

“Well, that’s great, but shouldn’t we get down to business?”

Su Mo reminded the excited Sun Duoxiang not to get too excited.

“Uh, boss, you’re right, I forgot, let’s go to the bar and turn it on.”

Sun Duoxiang reacted suddenly, the boss himself is a top class expert, praising others in front of him, seems a little cerebral palsy.

It’s a pity that Sun Duoxiang didn’t know that he was thinking too much. Su Mo just watched other people’s battle videos and became more and more excited. He couldn’t wait to open up the wasteland.

Immediately, the five people came to the bar, and there was a mature beauty with big wavy hair and a very rich dress sitting at the bar.

“Yo, isn’t this Sun Duoxiang, I haven’t seen any improvement in a few days, and even brought a beautiful woman with me.”

“cough cough, Sister Cheng, don’t Just kidding, this is my teammate, do you keep my private room for me?”

Sun Duoxiang is also a little guilty, don’t lose the chain at the critical moment.

“Don’t worry, we can be considered as acquaintances and have a little friendship. The private room you reserved will be reserved for you. If this is replaced by an irrelevant person, I will not leave it.”

“many thanks, Sister Cheng.”

“Oh, how do you want to thank me, don’t just say it with your mouth.”

” How can it be? No one dares to prevaricate you.”

“This little mouth is really getting sweeter and sweeter, remember your words, when you are finished, elder sister will drink with you alone Let’s have a cup, let’s discuss it together, and see if your kung fu is as good as your mouth.”

Sister Cheng stuck out her tongue and licked the corner of her mouth.

Lan Xi’s face was slightly red, and if Su Mo wasn’t there, she would have complained about Sun Duoxiang.

Su Mo was also surprised to look at Sun Duoxiang one more time. He found that this guy has a lot of ability to provoke women.

Suddenly the entire Star Travel Cafe was in complete commotion, and there were even excited screams.

“Ah, it’s Wang Feng!”

“You’re lucky to meet Wang Feng on the plane! Alright, your private room is at 403, and my sister is going to entertain VIPs. I’m done.”

Sister Cheng laughed, walked out of the bar and moved towards the door.

Su Mo and the others stepped aside, only to see a young man with arrogant eyes and a very handsome appearance walking in at the gate. He was supported by everyone in the center.

“God, please accept me as a recipe. It’s easy to say how much it costs.”

“God, take me.”


Whether it is a handsome man or a beautiful woman, everyone is excited to worship.

“Ah, I really can’t be envious. When will I be treated like this.”

Sun Duoxiang said to himself with great envy.

“You have your own strengths. You don’t need to consider the battle for the time being. You can’t surpass him in the short term.” Sun Duoxiang suggested.

“The boss said yes!”

Sun Duoxiang replied with joy.

“Let’s go!”

Su Mo continued reading with little interest.

So they went upstairs, and soon they entered the designated private room.

The decoration of the private room is very good, but the space is a little small. There are five space chairs with game helmets side by side, and there is a small sofa next to it to rest.

There are also several bottles of water.

“hehe, the Internet cafe has been sitting in a row for five consecutive times, and has never won.”

Introduced by Sun Duoxiang’s laughed.


Su Mo all looked towards Sun Duoxiang, the smile on Sun Duoxiang’s face froze, and he realized that he seemed to have said the wrong thing.

“cough cough, I’m joking, let’s play the game.”

Su Mo said simply and neatly: “All gather outside that biochemical base, remember not to act without authorization. And don’t let people follow, it will only increase the variables.”

“Understand!” She is with Su Mo now.

Just as everyone was about to play the game, Su Mo’s phone rang suddenly.


Su Mo picked up his hand and glanced at it, it was Lin Zinuo calling.

He picked it up.


“Su Mo, where are you? Come back quickly.”

“I’m on vacation today.”

Su Mo lightly replied.

Lin Zinuo on the other side of the phone almost didn’t catch her breath.

“Big brother, you have to come back from vacation. I just received a notice that the people from the Heavenly Dragon guild are coming to hold a commendation meeting for us. The entire Dawning Guild gathered at the gate, ready to welcome them. Come here quickly! The above has issued a death order, and all important personnel must be present.”

“You can go and greet me, don’t say anything, I’m on vacation now.”

Su After Mo finished speaking, he hung up the phone and immediately turned off the phone. He had no interest in this kind of thing.

In the tenth building office of the Breaking Dawn Group, Lin Zinuo was going crazy, he really convinced him!

Dong Dong~

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Lin Zinuo took a deep breath and calmed down.

“Sister Zinuo, it’s too late, let’s go down quickly. Sister Xue and the others are waiting at the gate.”

Zhou Qian pushed open the door, facing Lin Zinuo anxiously shouted.

“I know, I’ll wait a moment.”

Lin Zino still didn’t give up, thinking about calling Su Mo again!

“Don’t wait, if you are late for waiting, we will all be punished.”

Zhou Qian went up and grabbed Lin Zino’s arm and pulled it out

“Ah! Wait a minute!”

(end of this chapter)

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