Star Ring Mission Chapter 188


Chapter 188 Greetings (Adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader in water) (four more)

The doors of the Dawn Group headquarters are open.

Two rows of slender queues stood on both sides of the door. On the left were tall beauties in cheongsams, and on the right were security guards in solemn black suits.

At the main entrance, Ye Wuhen, Ye Haitang, Ye Wei and the others were all dressed in gorgeous dresses. It could be seen that everyone was well-dressed.

In the outer circle area, there is a gathering of reporters, who are shooting with cameras. It’s a pity that they were all blocked by special security personnel, and no matter how crowded they were, they couldn’t get in.

Many reporters sat up directly on the spot to report live.

“Dear viewers and friends, we are now at the door of the Dawning Group headquarters. You can see that the entire Dawning Group has been under martial law. It is said that a great character will come to distribute rewards for the Dawning Group!”

At this time, Ye Tian was wearing a black dress, white gloves on both hands, and a bow tie, and walked over in an imposing manner, followed by a group of senior Ye Family members.


Ye Wuhen and the others greeted all respectfully.

“Well, pull yourself together, the guests will arrive soon, don’t ruin our own image.”


Ye Wuhen and the others responded.

Standing in the back row at this time, Lin Zinuo sent Su Mo a frantic message.

Come and curse Su Mo to himself.

“You bastard, hurry up and reply, hurry back!”

At this time, an extended, low-key and luxurious commercial vehicle drove in.

The door opened, and a tall, hearty middle-aged man stepped out.

“Brother Ye Tian!”

“Brother Zhang, haha! didn’t expect you to come in person, too much face.”

Ye Tian laughed heartily, the person who came was none other than the patriarch of Zhang Family, that is, Zhang Qiwei, the controller of Zhiyan Group.

Zhang Qiwei directly raised his hand and patted Ye Tian’s shoulder.

“You’re really not funny, all the credit is taken away, so I can only envy and hate.”

“Haha, you are overpraised, that Zhang Ru boy from your family. It’s also very good. After being defeated, I didn’t hesitate. Singlehanded brought people up to support, which can be seen from the above.”

“Zhang Ruzhi is okay, but he can’t compare with you guys. Forget about it, congratulations.”

“Thank you!”

Ye Tian replied in a very good mood.

“I said Ye Tian, won’t you welcome us?”

A sudden voice sounded.

Ye Tian looked over, just now, specially modified luxury cars were parked beside them.

A person with extraordinary bearing came down from above, and the opening was an old man of considerable age.

This old man is not someone else but a member of the Xiao Family, and the others are also representatives of other families.

β€œOld Xiao!”

Ye Tian politely stepped forward to shake his hand.

“You’re welcome, but you did a great job this time.”

A kind smile appeared on Old Xiao’s face.

“It’s overpraised, it’s just good luck.”

Ye Tian responded calmly. Although he was very happy, he didn’t feel a little bit floating.

At this moment, a manager of the Breaking Dawn Group ran over, wiping the sweat from his forehead and hurriedly reporting.

“People are coming!”

“Lay the carpet!”

Ye Heavenly Eye Shen Yiling.

The staff of a Breaking Dawn Group immediately spread out the red carpet, and the reason why it was not laid before was to keep the carpet in the cleanest state to welcome the VIPs.

Not very long, a military vehicle drove in.

Immediately after the car door opened, a soldier in uniform came down, they spread out and stood on either side.

Then the door of the car in the middle opened, and Xiao Wen and Chen Shan were seen walking down straight and forcefully, dressed in decent clothes.

“Lord Xiao Wen, Lord Chen Shan! Welcome!”

Ye Tian and the others immediately greeted them with expressions.

β€œMr. Ye Tian, Old Xiao.”

Xiao Wen and Chen Shan extended the hand to shake hands with Ye Tian and the others.

“It’s really an honor for our Dawning Group to have the two of you here in person. Thank you very much.”

Ye Tian greeted with a smile on his face.

“Don’t be so polite. In fact, we should really thank us. Without your support, things would have been troublesome.”

“It’s so polite, we just did what we could. It’s a pity that I didn’t help a lot in the end, and I fell short.”

“I don’t mention that, I have tried my best.”

Xiao Wen interrupted Ye Tian directly, his eyes flashed An imperceptible strange emotion. But he concealed it well, and disappeared in an instant.

Not everyone is so generous. For example, Xiao Wen couldn’t cross that threshold, he just pressed down.

“Okay, then let’s invite you inside, everything is ready.”

Ye Tian responded with a high emotional intelligence.


Xiao Wen and the two nodded responded.

So a group of people from Grandiose moved towards the tallest building in the center of the Breaking Dawn Group.

A moment later, everyone came to the top-level banquet hall of the Central Building of the Headquarters of the Breaking Dawn Group.

The whole banquet hall is decorated with gold and jade in glorious splendor, with extremely luxurious natural crystal chandeliers overhead.

So the tables are all made of the highest redwood, the surface of the table is covered with white tablecloth, and the tableware on it is all pure gold products.

Even the equipped chairs are golden, with the golden Dragon Mark engraved on the back.

At this time, a beautiful young lady will present the sumptuous food and wine in an orderly manner.

After everyone entered the banquet hall, they naturally picked up wine cup and chatted with each other.

Except Ye Tian, the most popular ones are Ye Wuhen and Ye Wei. Many of the younger generations who visited came to congratulate.

Ye Wuhen and Ye Wei were warmly entertained.

After all, Ye Wuhen, as the elder son, has a pivotal position in Ye Family, which cannot be compared by others.

And this time, everyone heard that it seems that they are the ones who have made the most contributions. This is the rhythm of achieving great success!

“Congratulations, Brother Wuhen, we several brothers are really envious. Maybe you will get merit this time.”

“That’s right, you have made such a big contribution suddenly. , I heard that you also rescued Master Zhang Wei. That’s a great character. He was in the scientific research community, and when he sneezed, the entire scientific research community was shocked!”

“It’s really incomparable, our parents, but many of us have fallen behind.”

“You’re welcome, it’s hard to say what merits this time. Maybe it was sent to me, Ye Wei’s younger sister, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s all my own family.”

“What’s the difference between what Ye Wei’s younger sister gets and what you get.”

Of course, don’t watch Ye Wuhen and Ye Wei chatting with this group of people In fact, their minds are not here at all, they are all on Xiao Wen and Chen Shan. It’s just that the two of them are chatting with their elders, and they can’t find a suitable opportunity to step forward and interject.

But there has been an iron rule since ancient times, that is, if some people are happy, some people are not happy.

Ye Haitang and other other sisters stood not far away, looking at Ye Wuhen and Ye Wei who were busy with each other with displeased expressions on their faces.

There is even a hint of jealousy, but because today is an important day, no one dares to make a sound.

As for Qianchengxue, she stood aside with a very indifferent expression, holding a glass of wine in her hand, taking a sip from time to time.

(end of this chapter)

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