Star Ring Mission Chapter 19


Chapter 19 The Butcher

“Big brother, why don’t you need to drive the car yourself. You sit in the co-pilot and see It’s alright, just leave it to me for things like driving.”

Sun Duoxiang licked Su Mo and said.

“You can drive?”

Su Mo stared at Sun Duoxiang a little uneasy, this guy doesn’t seem to be too reliable.

Sun Duoxiang patted his chest and boasted: “big brother, I don’t like to hear what you said. I have an A1 driver’s license, and driving this car is like a toy. It’s not me. To brag, even if I have driven tanks, I went to the actual combat training camp to train in order to play this game well.”


Although Su Mo does not How can I believe what Sun Duoxiang said, I always feel that this guy’s words are full of water. But since everyone has guaranteed it, he can’t say anything.

So the five of them got in the car, and the others took the rest of the car.

Zhang Hao was very cautious, he even arranged the order of driving. And the cars that the newcomers were riding in were arranged by him in the front and back. Of course, he was not afraid that these guys would be disobedient. In each car, he arranged for his own person to sit in the co-pilot and stare at them.

The time passed little by little, and soon it was 9:55. There were only five minutes left before the agreed time.

Sun Duoxiang was also a little nervous and muttered in his heart, don’t go out on business.

Fortunately, at ten o’clock, a fire in the distance skyrocketed into the sky.

Ma Ke shouted excitedly: “Look at the boss!!!”

“Yes, there is really a signal source guide.”

Zhang Hao At this time, he trusted Sun Duoxiang even more.

“Then let’s go.”

Sun Duoxiang, who was sitting in the driving position, said excitedly.

So Zhang Hao stuck his head out of the window and shouted to the younger brother in front: “Let’s go!”

A younger brother quickly opened the gate to the backyard of the guard station.

All the guard cars started and set off happily.

But when the first guard car drove out, the huge iron hook fiercely smashed down at the moment of exiting the gate.


The entire guard car sank down from the middle, and the player sitting inside died violently on the spot, blood dyed the deformed guard car red.

At this time, the rotting butcher walked out from the opposite building during the day, twisted his bloated body, opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and let out a deafening roar.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Hao and the others were stunned.

It’s a pity that the bullet hit it’s bloated body, and it just made small holes, and the effect was not very good.

This time is over, being targeted by such a strong monster, the key is to block the exit.

The crowd was also face deathly pale.

However, at this moment, Su Mo directly opened the door and jumped out of the car, slowly pulled out the Tang knife, and said to Sun Duoxiang and the others.

“I’ll contain it, you all go first!”

“Big brother, don’t go, aren’t you going to die?”

Sun Duoxiang After reacting, he hurriedly shouted, joking. From visual inspection, the butcher was about 4 meters tall and at least 2 meters wide. Judging from its bloated body, it weighs a ton at least, not to mention the explosive power. It is completely beyond the scope of normal cognition. If it is encountered by it, it will die or be disabled.

I saw Su Mo speed up and head straight for the butcher, first jumping onto the smashed guard car.

At this time, the butcher also found Su Mo, and fiercely stretched out his left hand and moved towards Su Mo and grabbed it. Su Mo didn’t have any fear, he didn’t dodge, but used the guard car under his feet as a springboard, jumped hard, and dodged the opponent’s attack. It landed directly on the butcher’s shoulder. He raised the Tang knife in his hand and plunged it into his right eye quickly and accurately.

pu~ ~

A viscous green liquid that sputtered out on the spot.

The butcher growled in pain, raised his huge left hand, moved towards Su Mo and grabbed it.

Su Mo turned over, jumped directly on the butcher’s head to dodge, and at the same time pulled out a pistol and shot him in the head at close range.

peng peng~~

Blood splattered!

This violent scene made Zhang Hao and the others dumbfounded.

“Brother, your big brother is too fierce.”

Zhang Hao praised from the bottom of his heart. Not to mention anything else, the butcher stood in front of them, and their legs went weak with fright. Let them attack at close range, it is estimated that they will be scared to death if they are not killed.

“I also think he’s so fierce, no, get out of the car to help!”

Sun Duoxiang reacted and opened the door quickly.

“Yes, get out of the car, give me a call!”

Zhang Hao also reacted and hurriedly took his younger brother out of the car.

They raised their pistols and shot the butcher in the back. Although their Spear Art is really bad, but fortunately the butcher is big enough.

The butcher was completely irrational at this time, shaking his bloated body frantically, scratching his head frantically with his left hand, trying to get Su Mo off his body. It’s a pity that Su Mo’s balance is exceptionally good, he dodged back and forth on the butcher’s shoulder and head, and at the same time raised the Tang knife in his hand and slashed at the butcher’s body one after another, creating one after another horrible to see wound.

The butcher instinctively felt that his life was threatened, so it frantically moved towards and slammed into the wall.

Want to knock Su Mo down forcibly.

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, he turned over directly on the butcher’s back, and the Tang knife in his hand fiercely penetrated into his body and was firmly fixed on his body.


The butcher slammed his head into the wall fiercely, and seemed to be a little dizzy because of the impact.

Su Mo pulled out the Tang Dao, one turned over like an acrobat, and landed on the butcher’s shoulder, the Tang Dao in his hand slid into the butcher’s neck.

Fiercely a pull!


The butcher’s neck was slashed with horrific cuts, and thick green blood spurted like a fountain.

The bloated butcher let out an unwilling roar, and his body staggered down.

At this time, Sun Duoxiang and the others rushed in, and they saw a scene that they will never forget. Su Mo stepped on the butcher’s bloated body, his clothes were covered with sticky green blood, and he pulled out the Tang knife indifferently.


Sun Duoxiang swallowed hard and asked.


Su Mo jumped off the corpse, said in a tranquil voice.

It was incredible that everyone in the audience looked at Su Mo as if they were looking at a monster.

Of course Su Mo didn’t care about their eyes either, each minding their own business checked the butcher’s body to see if there was any profit. This guy is at least a small boss. According to common sense, there should be some drops.

But unexpectedly, Su Mo checked and checked, but nothing of value was found.

At this time, Lan Xi came up. She took out a glass bottle and a sharp knife, and tremblingly cut open the butcher’s chest, exposing her deformed heart. She braced oneself to cut open the heart, and then cautiously received the dark green blood flowing out of the heart. After filling a small bottle, she let out a long relaxed breath.

“This is you?”

Su Mo looked at Lan Xi suspiciously.

(end of this chapter)

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