Star Ring Mission Chapter 190


Chapter 190 Inducing Monsters

In the Star Ring, an extremely hidden mountain within the valley, the five Su Mo joined together .

The three of Sun Duoxiang touched Su Mo’s black steel messenger, almost drooling.

“Wow! Boss, your mecha is really awesome! After seeing your stage, look at the mecha called Wang Feng, then beggars! There is absolutely no comparability. Ah!”

At this time, the cockpit was opened, Su Mo didn’t talk nonsense, and directly took a set of second-generation mechanical armor and threw it to Sun Duoxiang and the others.

“Catch it!”

Sun Duoxiang and the others caught it subconsciously, and the result was a look! Each excited voice said incoherently.

“Second-generation mechanical armor! Boss, is this for us?”

You must know that this kind of mechanical armor is generally equipped for other people of the Divine Grade. Rookies like them don’t even have the qualifications to touch it, so they can only watch it in videos and live broadcasts. I never thought that one day I would be able to touch it myself, but happiness came too suddenly.

“Of course it’s for you guys to wear, do you want you to enjoy it?”

Su Mo replied with a look of contempt.

I saw Lan Xi put on Su Mo’s original second-generation tidal mechanical armor, and his face was full of excitement.

She had never used such good equipment.

“big brother, you are very good to us.”

Sun Duoxiang hugged the equipment and was very moved.


β€œStop talking nonsense and change it up quickly!”

Su Mo was speechless and urged.

“No problem! We’ll change it now.”

Sun Duoxiang smiled and put on his equipment. In an instant, the original miscellaneous squad immediately changed the shotgun to the shell, and turned into an ace elite squad.

Su Mo was looking at the mountain within the valley. He didn’t have a clue in his heart, but his reason told him that he had to go through this. Because his Tinder energy bar is full, the genetic potion is urgently needed.

Soon after, Su Mo and the others touched the periphery of the base in the center of the valley. Because the Black Steel messenger was making too much noise, he deliberately stopped at a hidden spot on the periphery.

The five of them were lying in the bushes and came to observe the situation of the base first, so as not to beat the grass to scare the snake.

“There are many damaged protective power grids on the outermost periphery. From the visual point of view, it should be out of power. However, generally for such bases, there may be concealed triggering mines on the periphery.”

Lan Xi lowered her voice and said her opinion.

“This is fine, just walk from the front.”

Su Mo replied calmly.

“Boss, the number of those Type II mutants and synthetic beasts is not unusual.”

Sun Duoxiang counted a little, and he can only see it now. There are at least seventy or eighty of them, ranging in size from six to nine meters, and they are all Type II. What makes people feel most like they have one’s hair stand on end is that these synthetic beasts are green all over. This is not a good phenomenon, which means that the radiation value of monsters is over the top.

The second-generation mechanical armor they are wearing is sweeping the synthetic beast, and it keeps prompting that the radiation exceeds the standard, please stay away as much as possible.

“There are so many, what should I do? If they find this, they won’t tear us apart.”

Zhang Hao also saw his scalp tingling.

At this time, Su Mo said calmly, “Then kill them.”

The four of Sun Duoxiang looked at Su Mo in astonishment.

“Boss, are you kidding me? This number is not one or two, it’s not that I don’t believe you, you will always be the strongest in my heart, but this hero is also invincible with four hands! “

“I didn’t say, I want to kill them all at once!”

Although Su Mo is very confident in his own strength, it does not mean that he will think that he can at the same time. On so many type II monsters. When the number reaches a certain level, the threat level will change qualitatively.

“Ah, what can you do, boss?”

All of Sun Duoxiang stared at Su Mo curiously.

Su Mo turned and stared straight at Sun Duoxiang. Seeing that Sun Duoxiang felt uncomfortable, he touched the corner of his mouth to make sure that nothing was on it, and asked embarrassedly.

“What are you doing, boss?”

“Thank you for your hard work, now the bait, go and help me lure monsters out, don’t have too many at once.”

Su Mo said seriously.

Sun Duoxiang’s face suddenly turned green, and immediately changed to a mourning face.

“Boss, I can’t do it!”

“Your speed is faster than Zhang Hao and the others, plus the second-generation mechanical armor support, keep the maximum distance as far as possible. monster. Lead the monster to the outside, it should be no problem.”

Su Mo just did some calculations, it should be feasible. As long as Sun Duoxiang doesn’t make major mistakes, such as falling, etc.

“Since the boss said so, then I will fight!”

Sun Duoxiang’s expression changed for a while. . Su Mo is willing to take them, then they have to play their due value and not be able to completely hold back.

“Then it’s settled, I’ll go open mecha!”

Su Mo cautiously stepped out.

A moment later, Sun Duoxiang moved towards the gate of the base. He walked very slowly, for fear that he would lead to too many monsters at once, and if the group was destroyed, he would be a fool.

The three of Lan Xi hid on the other side, nervously watching Sun Duoxiang attract monsters there.

As he got closer to the base, Sun Duoxiang became more and more nervous, and his pace became slower and slower.

Unfortunately, when Sun Duoxiang walked to the gate, the synthetic beasts in the distance did not respond at all.

Sun Duoxiang calmed down a little, these monsters seem to be blind, and they have nothing at worst, so he took a bold step.


The synthetic beasts were like cats with their tails stepped on, all turned their heads and looked towards Sun Duoxiang.


Sun Duoxiang swallowed hard, turned around and ran away.

In an instant, the four mutant monsters of Type II Ordinary Level rushed forward with incomparable speed. They were as fast as cheetahs.

Sun Duoxiang glanced back as he ran wildly, his face darkening.

No one didn’t expect this gang to be so fast.

Lan Xi’s expression changed slightly and said: “Oops, the speed is so fast!”

“Big brother! Help!”

It only took ten seconds At the same time, after Sun Duoxiang ran two more than a hundred meters away, the four synthetic beasts caught up.

The sharp claws moved towards Sun Duoxiang’s head and claws.

Sun Duoxiang felt extremely dangerous and escaped with a lazy donkey roll.

But when he got up, he saw one after another disgusting sarcoma head appearing in front of him, his penetrating eyes staring at him.

“It’s over!”

Sun Duoxiang was about to cry. Finished apprenticeship is not good! It was originally expected to be led to three-four hundred meters away.

Without suspense, he led a synthetic beast to open its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and directly moved towards Sun Duoxiang and bit down.

Suddenly there was a burst of sound.


A chain gun is extremely accurate, it penetrates from the mouth of the synthetic beast, and then flicks the chain in the tail section of the chain gun, and the penetrated synthetic beast is It swept out like a planet, and swept away all the synthetic beasts surrounding Sun Duoxiang.

(end of this chapter)

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