Star Ring Mission Chapter 191


Chapter 191 opens

Sun Duoxiang was almost scared to pee, he hurriedly got up, turned and moved towards rushing over Su Mo rushed over.

Su Mo then controlled mecha and pulled the chain gun back.

However, in the next second, something happened that made Su Mo brows tightly frowns, and the synthetic beast that was swept away one after another climbed up, which was not enough. But the synthetic beast whose head was pierced by Su Mo actually stood up staggeringly, which made people feel like they had one’s hair stand on end.

Generally speaking The head and heart are the key points of the monster, these two places are destroyed, most likely will not survive.

The life of this synthetic beast is not so strong.

Of course, Su Mo didn’t have any fear. He pushed the lever, and the huge black steel messenger rose up like a fierce steel giant beast.

The four synthetic beasts made strange noises, and they also abandoned Sun Duoxiang and rushed towards Su Mo.

Su Mo controlled the black steel messenger to pierce a synthetic beast with one shot, smashed one into the sky with one punch, and then dodged sideways to avoid the attack of the other synthetic beast.

Immediately following a sharp kick, a synthetic beast was left.

However, these four synthetic beasts were like dog-skin plaster, they got up after being turned over.

Su Mo didn’t panic either. He waved the black chain gun continuously through different parts of their bodies to test the degree of trauma to them and the limit of their lives.

The whole battle looked like Su Mo was playing with the four monsters, and Lanxi and the others were so excited that they were so handsome.

Ten minutes later, the last synthetic beast fell to the ground unwillingly. At this time, it suffered at least seven or eight blows on its body, and almost no important parts of its body were intact. But the body of the fallen synthetic beast was still wriggling, as if unwilling. It’s a pity that its life is still passing, and the frequency of squirming is getting lower and lower.

Lan Xi and the others all gathered around. They were also frightened when they looked at the corpses of these four huge synthetic beasts.

“Boss, this is a ghost! It’s so terrifying.”

Sun Duoxiang asked in a trembling voice.

“This is not a natural monster, it should be created by man, but it should be a defective product. These monsters have a very simple attack method, except for being agile and quick, they have no characteristics. And the battle is also completely according to the wild. Beast’s instinct, but the most troublesome thing is its life force, which is several times more tenacious than monsters of the same level, and has no fatal weakness.”

Su Mo explained in a deep voice.

“What should I do then? There are so many over there.”

Marco asked worriedly.

Su Mo turned his head, looked towards Sun Duoxiang and said, “Continue to quote, don’t quote too much at one time.”

After Sun Duoxiang heard Su Mo’s words, he was also replied with tears on his face. .

“Okay, boss, I’ll try my best.”

So Sun Duoxiang had the most exciting day in the game’s history. On this day, he had been frantically working on the edge of death. Die, keep seducing those monsters.

It’s just as Su Mo said, these monsters have extremely low IQs. That’s why there was no such thing as a monster shouting and all of them rushing up.

Otherwise, if so many life force and tenacious monsters join together, even if the black steel messenger is more powerful, Su Mo will also make a strategic withdrawal.

When the time comes, it is estimated that Sun Duoxiang will really be sold.

When dusk fell, Su Mo split the body of the last synthetic beast into three and four halves, and the synthetic beasts around the base were cleaned up.

Lan Xi is carefully examining the corpses of all synthetic beasts to see if there are any surprises, such as falling fire.

Or whatever high-value material they have on them.

Sun Duoxiang lay on the ground like a dead dog, panting, “Let me rest, I can’t do it.”

“Don’t pretend to be dead, get up quickly, Here are the corpses of synthetic beasts. Their blood, bones, and internal organs all have strong radiation. The second-generation mechanical armor can weaken most of them, but it can also block them all. Do you want to die slowly?”

Su Mo reminded lightly.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Sun Duoxiang got up faster than anyone else.

“Boss, you should have said it earlier!”

“Let’s go.”

Su Mo simply waved his hand.

Lan Xi and the others quickly followed, moved towards the base.

Soon they came to this unremarkable base covered in a green protective color. Looking down from the sky, it is completely impossible to detect, and it must be close to it to be able to detect.

And this base is located in the hidden mountain within the valley, even in peacetime, under normal circumstances, few people will pass by here. Not to mention that monsters are rampant outside now, so the hiding is very good.

Su Mo drove the mecha carefully around the base before stroking the surface.

His brows furrowed immediately. Don’t look at this base is unremarkable, its structure is all heavy metal and super thick.

And it is still fully sealed, so there is no ventilation opening in the entire base. If you guessed correctly, the ventilation pipes of this base should extend from the ground to the distance.

The only way to enter is the main entrance, but the height of the main entrance is only six meters.

“Boss, how do you get in here!”

Sun Duoxiang scratched his ears anxiously.

Su Mo opened the mecha cockpit and jumped from it.

“Abandon mecha and go in.”

Obviously this base is not suitable for mecha to fight in at all, it can only be singlehanded.

“Isn’t it big brother, are we really going to get rid of mecha? There’s only one type II synthetic beast in here, and we all have to die in it.”

” danger lurks within the riches and honour.”

Su Mo certainly knew the risk, but there was nothing else he could do.

“I listened to Su Mo.”

Lan Xi didn’t want to answer directly.

“Okay, what the big brother says is what the big brother says, but even if we are willing to give up mecha to go in, how can we open such a closed door?”

Sun Duoxiang and the others also gave up, They asked while taking out small arms from their backpacks.

Su Mo pulled out a cipher breaker at this time.

“Use this!”

Sun Duoxiang’s eyes immediately lit up and said excitedly, “Isn’t this a decipherer? This thing is very popular in the black market, They are all sold at sky-high prices.”

Su Mo calmly walked to the base door, opened the box on the surface of the combination lock, and then connected the circuit on the decipherer.

The decipherer was activated immediately, and a string of numbers quickly jumped on the decipherer.

Lan Xi and a few people watched nervously, that is, ten minutes!

After the decipherer sounded a beep, the password lock immediately showed that the unlocking was successful!

The closed door slowly opens!

Assaults the senses.

Lan Xi and the others all stepped back subconsciously, and their mechanical armor kept prompting.

“Poison qi body components are scanned, and the automatic filtering system is turned on!”

Su Mo took the lead and touched in. The light in the base channel was very dim, and the main lights were all turned off. However, some of the emergency lights on the wall are still on, and some damaged lights are still sparking. The base should not be powered off, but the lines should be seriously damaged.

After a few steps, Su Mo stopped, looking down at his feet.

The ground is made of all metal, and it is also stained with a lot of viscous and unknown liquids, which are sticky and difficult to walk over.

And the whole base is unusually quiet, which is extremely terrifying.

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(end of this chapter)

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