Star Ring Mission Chapter 192


Chapter 192 The Gate (Part 1)

The five Su Mo walked in cautiously, but when they entered After a while, a sticky liquid started dripping on them from time to time.

“What the hell?”

Sun Duoxiang lifts the head looked towards the top of his head. In night vision mode, he can clearly see the metal top above his head, which is stained with many unknown objects and drips from time to time. That’s how those gooey things came to be.

“I don’t know, but I can confirm that there is no threat, so don’t be distracted.”

Su Mo reminded faintly.

“It’s the boss, but then again, this passage is too long, right? Why does this base feel different from normal.”

Sun Duoxiang immediately concentrated one’s mind , but he still felt a little fluffy.

Su Mo didn’t answer Sun Duoxiang’s words, but focused on all around, without mecha self-protection. If you are attacked by a stronger monster sneak attack, even if you have a second-generation mechanical armor, you will not be able to bear it, and it is not impossible to be killed directly by a bad luck point.

Sun Duoxiang saw that Su Mo didn’t speak, and quickly shut up, for fear of disturbing Su Mo.

Time passed by and Su Mo finally came to an end.

Suddenly, the eyes suddenly became bright, and everyone could not help but stop, showing shocked expressions.

I saw a towering, thick, and whitened metal closed door appearing in front of everyone. It looks very similar to the gate of a bank vault. There is a circular valve switch in the center of the gate.

As soon as they got here, Su Mo and the others clearly felt that the temperature had dropped a lot.

Lan Xi said suspiciously: “Why has the temperature dropped so much?”

“This closed door is so cold.”

Zhang Hao reached out and tried to touch it. For a moment, he said in surprise.

“It’s true or false, I rely on it, it’s true, there won’t be a freezer behind it.”

Sun Duoxiang, a little unbelieving, reached out and touched it. The result is also startled, it is really good ice. This is still through the mechanical armor, and the temperature touch sensor device only feeds back the temperature, not the real touch state.

β€œI feel the same way.”

Marco echoed.

Su Mo solemnly said: “Don’t talk nonsense, try it and see if you can open it.”

“Okay! Leave it to me!”

Sun Duo Xiang volunteered to go up and turn the circular valve switch, but he was too hard to turn it.

Zhang Hao and Ma Jian also reached out to help!

Three people working hard at the same time!


My face turned red, but unfortunately it didn’t work at all, so I finally had to give up and say.

“No, boss can’t open it.”

Su Mo took a closer look and found that there was a very special cross keyhole next to it. There is also a rotating mechanical combination lock, which is somewhat similar to the security device of a safe.

Judging from the behavior that the three of Sun Duoxiang couldn’t open, the door should be locked, so he responded lightly.

“I see.”

“The boss, what should we do?”

“Need to unlock.”

Su Mo extend the hand, pointing to the keyhole and mechanical combination lock.

“This, how do you open this? And this is not an electronic lock, how can it be cracked?”

Sun Duoxiang was suddenly worried, this kind of lock is the worst to open, Even if you hire an expert, it won’t work.

Su Mo, too, had a tough time studying the lock and keyhole. It’s a pity that the more you study the face, the more ugly it is. If there is a certain probability that the password lock can be cracked. Then this mechanical keyhole is really deadly because they simply don’t have a key.

He touched the chin in deep thought.

Lan Xi and the others looked at Su Mo with expectant eyes. In their eyes, Su Mo was really omnipotent.

In an hour.

The five of Su Mo sat on the grass outside the base with sad expressions on their faces.

Unfortunately they have absolutely no way to get that lock.

“Boss, since it’s not good to be soft, let’s just be hard. Let’s just blow the door open with a bomb.”

Sun Duoxiang suggested fiercely.

Su Mo replied calmly: “Don’t dream, if it is another base, there is still a chance, but don’t think about this base. You didn’t realize that this base is specially built, and all the metal barriers are It’s thickening, especially the partition door. I’ve observed it. You can’t use anything to blast it. Unless.”

“Unless what?”

Everyone was curious. put his head together.

“Unless tactical nuclear bombs are used.”


Everyone was speechless.

“Then I have no other way.”

Su Mo couldn’t think of a better way.

“What should I do, is it possible that I can only give up?”

Sun Duoxiang said with a frown.

Su Mo took out a bottle of mineral water and drank it silently. He was in a very irritable mood now.

But there is no way, he has tried all kinds of methods, and the lock can’t be opened at all.

Sun Duoxiang saw that Su Mo didn’t speak, so he wanted to continue asking. Lan Xi stabbed him with his arm, motioning him not to disturb Su Mo.

Sun Duoxiang closed his mouth immediately.

Su Mo kept recalling the mechanical lock in his mind, and the code might still be able to be deciphered by turning it and listening to the sound of the internal mechanical parts turning, but the key was tricky.

That key is a special cross type, which means that the corresponding mechanical key is a special cross type key.

Thinking of this, Su Mo’s expression suddenly moved slightly, and a picture flashed in his mind.

A special cross-shaped key seems to be hanging around the neck of the mutant monster Dandan who almost killed them.

Wait, the city is not far from here, and if I remember correctly, the grandfather in Dandan’s photo really looks like a very knowledgeable person. It is really possible that it is the researchers of this biochemical laboratory.

Thinking of this, Su Mo suddenly stood up.

“What’s the matter with you, big brother? If you can’t open it, try to find a solution. Don’t worry.”

Sun Duoxiang and the others were also startled by Su Mo’s abnormal reaction.

“You are all here waiting for me, I’ll come when I go.”

After Su Mo finished speaking, he climbed directly onto the mecha, and immediately controlled the black steel messenger and left.

Only Sun Duoxiang who looked at each other in blank dismay were left, but they still believed in Su Mo. Since Su Mo told them to wait, they just waited here obediently.

After a long time, Su Mo returned to the fallen city again in the black steel messenger.

As always, there are a lot of zombies wandering around here. After they heard the movement, they were attracted and rushed towards Su Mo frantically.

It’s a pity that Su Mo ignored them. The heavy black steel messenger mecha was like a bulldozer.

Of course, this zombie is not completely useless, at least it can stain the appearance of the black steel apostle mecha.

Su Mo moved towards the location where Dandan was chasing him by memory. Although it has been so long, she still has a high possibility and is still active in that area.

Now Su Mo doesn’t worry about finding her, as long as she’s still in the city, it’s just a matter of time.

The most fearful thing is that she is killed by other players, and the things are taken away by others, then there is no way.

(end of this chapter)

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