Star Ring Mission Chapter 193


Chapter 193 is moving (two more)

Time flies, Su Mo drives a black steel messenger here The occupied city was scurrying around, attracting a bunch of monsters.

The only thing is that I didn’t see Dandan, which made Su Mo frown slightly. Wouldn’t luck be so unlucky?

He took a deep breath and drove the mecha to continue searching.

As a result, Su Mo was left speechless, because the search was too loud. He was surrounded by a black swarm of zombies, who lost their maddened gnawing black steel emissary’s armor, teeth. It doesn’t stop when it bites.

Su Mo is also a little emotional looking at the loss of the tide, thanks to this game is not an ordinary monster upgrade.

Otherwise, this is definitely a super good place to spawn monsters.

At this moment, a group of people in the distance flew into the sky, and it seemed that some powerful monsters had killed them.

Seeing this scene, Su Mo’s eyes shined, found it!

Sure enough, the cute little girl with a grin and a penetrating face appeared. She waved a huge planet, killed all the zombies that were blocking her, and rushed towards Su Mo frantically.

Compared to the first time I saw it, the heat radiation reaction value on Dandan’s body has become higher, and it is infinitely close to Type II.

As long as she is given some more time, it is estimated that she will evolve soon.

Of course, there is a reason why she evolves so slowly. A large number of players in this city have been killed. The rest of the people escaped and were killed by the tide of foreign corpses, and she had no chance to absorb the nourishment. Otherwise, with her innate talent, she is likely to evolve into the city’s Sovereign.

Su Mo controlled mecha and bowed slightly to Dandan who was rushing over.

Of course, what repaid him was the rushing planet, but Su Mo just raised the chain gun in his hand to block and blocked its charged attack. Immediately afterwards, Su Mo raised his steel left hand into a fist, and fiercely slammed it down.

Smash Dandan directly into the ground.


The concrete street floor cracks and sinks.

Immediately, Su Mo raised his left hand and saw the smashed and bloody Dandan lying on the ground, still struggling to get up.

Life force is indeed very tenacious.

But Su Mo didn’t give her a chance. He raised the black chain gun in his hand and shot through it, hitting her heart.

The viscous blood splattered everywhere, and Dandan was still struggling, but his body stiffened.

Su Mo controlled mecha to extend the hand, took away the cross necklace key on Dandan’s neck with great precision, and then controlled mecha to leave.

Not very long after Su Mo left, countless zombies moved towards Dead Dandan and surrounded them, opening their mouths to eat.

Suddenly, Dandan’s chest cracked open, and streaks of blood ran through the zombies he was eating, draining them directly.

All around zombies were swept away immediately, but the blood she kept, like honey, continued to attract all around zombies to frantically come to die.


Outside the biochemical base, Sun Duoxiang was lying on the ground, breathing in all kinds of boredom.

“What the hell did Su Mo go for, how long has he been there, and he hasn’t come back.”

“I guess he’s looking for foreign aid.”

Zhang Hao thought for a while and said.

“I feel like I’m tired, it’s hard to find anyone, and it’s hard to open the door.”

Sun Duoxiang sighed there.

Lan Xi said to Sun Duoxiang, “Don’t talk sarcastically, just think of a way.”

“Lan Xi, you think too highly of me, Su Mo. There is nothing I can do, what can I do.”

Sun Duoxiang shrugged helplessly.

At this moment, there was a roaring sound of power in the distance, and Lan Xi was overjoyed, and Su Mo came back.

Sure enough, Su Mo returned in the black steel messenger. He parked the mecha at the entrance of the base, opened the cockpit and jumped out.

“big brother, where’s the foreign aid?”

Sun Duoxiang kept looking inside Su Mo’s cockpit.

“I didn’t look for foreign aid.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

“Ah? Then how do we open that door.”

Sun Duoxiang’s face was bitter, and he finally raised a glimmer of hope. It seems that this operation is really going to be unsuccessful. And returned.

Zhang Hao and others were also a little disappointed, but they didn’t say anything. After all, it was really too difficult to open the gate.

Su Mo looked at the slightly disappointed crowd and took out the cross key.

Lan Xi’s eyes widened.

“Su Mo, where did you get it?”

“Yeah, we’ll explore this with you. The base, this base doesn’t indicate where the key is at all!”

Sun Duoxiang was also stunned, where did Su Mo come from out of thin air.

“This key is on Dandan’s body.”

“Who is Dandan?”

Sun Duoxiang has long forgotten .

“It was the monster who almost smashed us into meat patties when we met Zhang Hao when we were driving. This key is on her neck.”

Su Mo explained lightly.

Sun Duoxiang’s eyes suddenly changed when they looked at Su Mo, and they asked incredulously: “Boss, is your head a computer? Do you remember what happened so long ago? And what happened at that time? , are you still in the mood to observe each other?”

“Stop talking nonsense, let’s go!”

Su Mo replied in a good mood.


Sun Duoxiang followed Su Mo into the base with a smile on his face.

Not very long, a few of them came to the partition door.

Su Mo, under the watchful eyes of Lan Xi and the others, inserted the key into the hole, not to mention the exact fit.

Sun Duoxiang’s expression became more and more excited.

At this time, Su Mo’s eyes fell on the rotary mechanical combination lock. He raised his hand to try to turn it, and then listened to the sound of the gear turning inside, when he suddenly stopped.

Since Dandan’s keys match, then the group photo he saw and the string of numbers recorded on the back might be the password.

Thinking of Su Mo’s plan to give medicine to a dead horse, there is no good way to do it anyway, so he turns according to the above code.

When he turns to the last number.


A crisp voice sounded, Su Mo was overjoyed, and he turned the key immediately.

Then shouted to Sun Duoxiang and the others: “Turn that rotary valve!”


Sun Duoxiang and the three of them Immediately step forward, reach for the switch.

The accident went smoothly this time, the switch was turned!

“Moving! Moving!”

Marco was so excited that his words were incoherent.

“Don’t talk nonsense, turn around!”

Sun Duoxiang shouted excitedly.

Soon as they turned, the whitened metal door opened from the side.

In an instant, a cold snap hits us!

Su Mo and the others shivered, and a prompt popped up in front of them.

“Warning, the temperature continues to drop, the life support device is running at its maximum!”

“Fuck, it’s so cold!”

Sun Duoxiang subconsciously stepped back several steps.

Su Mo looked inside, only to see it was dark inside, but could not see anything.

“Activate the night vision mode!”

At this time, another prompt appeared in front of Su Mo’s eyes, and the original dark vision suddenly turned into a dark red vision, which can be clearly seen to the inside.


Sun Duoxiang suddenly made an unexpected sound.

(end of this chapter)

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