Star Ring Mission Chapter 194


Chapter 194 Tension (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (three shifts)

I saw inside the partition door, two frozen There are human-shaped ice sculptures, of which only one ice sculpture’s hand is still reaching for the partition door, and the facial features still maintain the expression of despair and fear. At the same time, these ice sculpture people all wear white coats, and they should be the researchers of this base.

Of course there are many soldiers with guns nearby.

Lan Xi started to observe curiously, the two ice sculptures in front of her, said in surprise: “This is the person in this world, this is the first time I’ve seen it.”

“Look at it, it doesn’t seem to be anything special. It’s the same nose and two eyes. It’s not as handsome as me.”

Sun Duoxiang also became interested for a while, up and down. sizing up.

Su Mo looked at Sun Duoxiang like an idiot, and he didn’t bother to complain about this guy.

“Go in!”


Sun Duoxiang and the others responded excitedly.

But when they stepped inside, they soon stopped laughing. It’s colder inside, and even the second-generation mechanical armor can’t stand it.

“It’s so cold, shouldn’t this really be a freezer?”

Sun Duoxiang asked tremblingly.

“This is a normal base, something must have gone wrong. In the end, the people inside chose to close the base, and then activated the frozen device.”

Su Mo walked inside. said while saying.

“No, there shouldn’t be a monster.”

Sun Duoxiang and the others were immediately tense, and clenched the firearms in their hands.

“Not good said, pay attention.”

Su Mo reminded cautiously.

They walked forward along the passage. The huge base was dark, cold, and unusually quiet, which made everyone nervous. Just when they reached the corner of the corner, they bumped into a Bai Ze head-on, almost sticking to their faces.

Sun Duoxiang’s face turned green, he instinctively pulled the trigger.


In an instant, this Bai Ze was hit all split up and in pieces, and gunshots echoed everywhere.


Su Mo shouted at Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang quickly released the trigger and looked towards Su Mo awkwardly.

“big brother.”

“Don’t start fire, look carefully, it’s frozen to death.”

Su Mo pointed at the broken white Ze, said to Sun Duoxiang.

“I understand, this monster suddenly appeared, scaring people to death.”

“cough cough, Brother Sun, why are you so timid.”

Mark joked jokingly said.

“Fuck you, this is my fighting instinct, I don’t understand it! Don’t talk about me, don’t wait and be careful that you will be scared to pee first.”

Sun Duoxiang His face was a little stumped.

“Okay, don’t talk about it, let’s be serious, this place looks scary.”

Lan Xi reminded the two of them very disturbed.

Although Sun Duoxiang has the will to continue his defense, he can only keep his mouth shut.

“Is there a flashlight? The light here is too dim. The night vision mode is good, but it’s still lacking.”

Su Mo asked calmly.


Zhang Hao quickly took out mini flashlights from his backpack. Before they came, they had done a lot of preparations.


Su Mo They turned on their flashlights and continued walking cautiously.

The further you go, the more ice sculptures there are. There are people from this base and various monsters.

Looks like Su Mo said, the base is in trouble for some reason.

Although these monsters were frozen, they should be dead, but when Sun Duoxiang and the others walked past them, they were also very nervous, for fear that the monster would suddenly move.

Walking down Su Mo they stopped, flanked by open offices.

β€œSearch it.”

Su Mo thought for a moment.


Lan Xi and the others nodded in response.

They walked into the room on the left first, only to see the tables and chairs slumped, and the items displayed in a mess.

Su Mo searched carefully and found nothing of value.

“It’s really a hell, there’s nothing, it’s too clean.”

Sun Duoxiang looked like a ghost when he was resurrected.

“The next room!”

Su Mo didn’t bother, there were so many rooms here, he couldn’t believe that he couldn’t find anything.


Lan Xi and the others nodded in response.

So next, Lan Xi and the others explored room after room.

The result is still very unsatisfactory, simply didn’t find anything of value, and it feels like it has been specially dealt with here.

“This base is too poor, it has nothing.”

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t help but complain.

Zhang Hao said: “There is an office in front, it seems to be bigger.”


Su Mo’s attitude is very Be clear, and don’t miss every corner that may be profitable.

Immediately they walked in and saw all kinds of documents scattered everywhere, and the drawers were open, as if they had been thieves.

Lan Xi and the others began to search carefully.

Su Mo is not idle either, he observes the office all around. At this time, his attention fell on a photo of a kind old man and a lively and lovely girl hanging on the wall.

He was also slightly surprised.


But Su Mo was relieved. It seemed that all his guesses were correct. Dandan’s grandfather belonged to this laboratory. And his status doesn’t seem to be low. He should have put the spare key on Dandan’s body.

All this seems to be a coincidence, but it is in fact inevitable.

“Su Mo, come here and see what we find!”

Lan Xi shouted excitedly.

Su Mo slightly startled and walked over.

I saw Lan Xi cautiously holding a pile of scratch paper.

“I’ll take a look.”

Su Mo gently picked it up and looked at it, also slightly surprised, this is an experimental data that they extracted from some monsters The protein is mixed to produce a new protein, which has the effect of resuscitating the heart and lungs.

And at the back there are handwritten, sketches of the structure and decomposition of the protein material.

The last comment is not high value.


Su Mo reacted immediately.

“Yes, this is the data, the data of the new medicine.”

Lan Xi said excitedly.

“What’s the use of this? is it possible that it can be used outside for production, and these raw materials are not available outside.”

Zhang Hao and several people looked unfathomable mystery, Lan Xi Why are you so excited.

“You are right. Normally, there are no raw materials outside, so this information is of little value. But the researcher left the protein structure diagram and decomposition technology directly, so that people outside can try it directly. Synthesize.”

Lan Xi said excitedly.

“Fuck, how much is that worth?”

Sun Duoxiang and the others asked excitedly.

“It doesn’t seem to be able to sell for money. This kind of material is designated to be recycled, and you can get certain rewards. But it’s hard to say how much, but it seems that many foreigners are recycling at high prices on the forum.”


Lan Xi’s smile froze slightly, she explained to Sun Duoxiang and the others.

“Put it away, this thing can’t be sold for money.”

Su Mo nodded slightly, it seems that Lan Xi’s Secondary Profession course is pretty good.

Sun Duoxiang has a regretful expression on his face. The medicine of his heart and lungs is normally sold to a large biopharmaceutical company, and he can get a lot of money.

It is absolutely enough for a normal person to eat and drink without worry for a lifetime.

“You still have it.”

(End of this chapter)

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