Star Ring Mission Chapter 195


Chapter 195 Taboo (Adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (four more)

Lan Xi sorted out these drafts, from He took out a file bag from the backpack, put it in gently, and then handed it to Su Mo.

“Put it in your backpack first.”


“Anything else.”

” No, we’ve all gone through it, and it looks like it’s been looted.”

Zhang Hao is very sorry to replied.

“It should be that all the data have been destroyed.”

Su Mo thinks it is normal, and it is good luck to be able to find a fish that escaped the net. Under normal circumstances, there should be no information at all.

And if you don’t pay attention, treat these scratch papers as garbage, and you will miss it as well.

“Okay, can we go, boss? Continue to explore other places?”

Marco asked.


Su Mo nodded slightly.

However, just as Su Mo stepped out of the office threshold, he stopped again.

Lan Xi looked towards Su Mo in confusion.

Su Mo turned back again, he walked to the edge of the wall, took down the group photo hanging on it, and saw a scribbled line behind it.

“When you stare at the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you, don’t touch the taboo”

Sun Duoxiang and several others also saw this line of text and glanced at each other , looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Boss? Is it very dangerous to explore next? Why do you feel that this message makes you have one’s hair stand on end?”

“Let’s go.”

Su Mo replied very calmly, they should not have reached the core area where they are now. The most critical laboratory should be in the depths, and he put away the group photo.

Sun Duoxiang swallowed and spit.


Su Mo They left the room and continued to walk forward.

At this time, the number of ice sculptures is also increasing, including not only zombies, but also black salamanders and highly deformed monsters, all of which have never been seen before.

Each is lifelike, as if it were alive.

When Sun Duoxiang walked past these monster ice sculptures, they all turned their bodies cautiously, for fear of touching them.

If it doesn’t die, it will be troublesome.

It didn’t take long for Su Mo and the others to reach the end of the corridor. When he stepped out, the space suddenly opened up.

They appeared in a laboratory with an area of tens of thousands of square meters.

A large number of biochemical jars and various precision equipment are placed here, but unfortunately these biochemical jars and equipment are basically damaged.

The ground is littered with corpses of researchers, as well as lifelike monster ice sculptures, many of which are juvenile synthetic beasts.

It can be seen that there has been a tragic disaster here.

Sun Duoxiang and the others watched this scene, and their already cold body felt a chill even more.

Su Mo walked in little by little and carefully observed all around the equipment, he saw one by one dissect station, blood extraction tank

Sun Duoxiang followed cautiously, They looked at the ice sculpture next to them from time to time. I don’t know why, I know that these monsters are most likely dead, but I still feel hairy.

But it’s normal. It’s weird for a normal person to go to the mortuary, knowing that he can’t cheat a corpse, not to mention coming to the monster’s cemetery.

And these monsters are still different from people, the ghost knows if they are dead.

Soon they walked to the central area of the laboratory, and saw a snake-shaped synthetic beast with a length of tens of meters and a height of five or six meters.

white python-like body, and the body of the snake near the head is split. It has human-like ribs inside, which are staggered one by one, with arms of different alien species embedded on both sides, the head is a human head, and one after another black eyeball is embedded in the long body. The snake’s tail has also been modified to be very similar to Bai Ze’s tail, with a cross on it.

The eyes on its head have also been replaced, one black and one red, like gems.

As for the internal organs, they can’t be replaced anymore.

“What monster is this?”

Sun Duoxiang and the others were taken aback, and instinctively went back, especially Lan Xi, who was face deathly pale.

The snake itself can make people feel fearful, not to mention such a big white snake, and it has been complexly modified to integrate the strongest organs of various low-level alien monsters. The color of the skin is also different from normal white, full of lesions, as if injected with zombie virus.

Su Mo raised his hand to signal them not to panic, approached cautiously, then picked up the bracelet to face the monster, and the bracelet immediately popped up a prompt.

“Type III general-level synthetic beastΒ·Snake of Resentment”

Seeing this prompt, Su Mo’s cold hair stood up. Type III generals, wouldn’t that be a match for the monster on Haifeng Island?

I can’t beat it with mecha, let alone without mecha.

These guys are crazy.

However, Su Mo quickly controlled his emotions. He used the black steel mechanical armor to scan the monster in front of him.

A very prompt pops up.

“No life sign reaction.”

Seeing this prompt, Su Mo’s heart eased a little, and it seems that he must have frozen to death. The temperature of this laboratory is indeed extremely cold, at least one hundred degrees below zero.

Many monsters are not afraid of high temperature and explosion shock, but extremely low temperature can kill many monsters very well.

“Don’t panic, he’s already dead.”

Su Mo calmly said to Sun Duoxiang and the others.

“Huh, it turned out to be dead.”

Several people from Sun Duoxiang sighed in relief.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s so cold here, the monsters should all freeze to death. Logically, there shouldn’t be any danger. Let’s spread out and search. See if there’s anything of value, and sweep it away as soon as possible. Here, we can leave.”

Although Su Mo said that there was no danger here, he was still very uneasy and always felt very dangerous, so it was the best choice to get things and leave as soon as possible.

“No problem.”

The four of Sun Duoxiang responded in succession.

So the five people spread out to search, and there were separate rooms on the edge of this circular laboratory.

Su Mo moved towards the largest room, the metal door was wide open, and he was wary of entering.

It turns out that the laboratory control center device is in this room, and the ground is full of human corpses. There is also a very old corpse lying on the console, followed by several monster ice sculptures chasing in.

As you guessed correctly, it should be the frozen program started by the dead old man to perish with these out-of-control monsters.

Su Mo went up and cautiously turned the old man’s body over.

Seeing the old man’s appearance, Su Mo can be sure that he is Dandan’s grandfather.

Su Mo searched his pockets a little and found a blood-stained mini notebook, which he gently opened and looked at.

It turns out that most of the content is not clear because of the stains, and only some information can be read in pieces.

In the second year of the natural disaster, the Dragon Kingdom occupied more than 60% of the land, various monsters emerged one after another, and the defenders suffered heavy casualties.

(End of this chapter)

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