Star Ring Mission Chapter 196


Chapter 196 Rebuke (adding sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader in water) (five shifts)

For the survival hope of the survivors, for those The people who died, we finally decided to throw away all conscience. We want to repay the people with the way of the people. Since the monster has such a strong power, then we humans can also control this power. Maybe we can use the human head to control the monster’s body and complete the most perfect sharp change.

On January 4th, our experiment failed, and all the people transplanted into the monster body went crazy. They were quickly assimilated by monsters and turned into weapons that only knew how to kill.

On January 13th, we received an order from our superiors, the laboratory was banned, the program was terminated, and we began to destroy materials. However, at this moment, a very serious conflict of ideas broke out within us. More than half of the people could not accept failure. They were unwilling to destroy all the experimental items.

Su Mo turned back and there was no content.

He pondered, and could probably guess how the tragedy happened.

But Su Mo doesn’t intend to judge, people will always go crazy when civilization is about to collapse.


A sudden scream wakes Su Mo from his thoughts.

“Not good, something happened.”

Su Mo rushed out quickly, Sun Duoxiang and the others also gave up searching the room and rushed out.

They followed Su Mo moved towards the room Lan Xi was searching for.

Soon the four of them rushed in, but what they saw was not that Lan Xi was in danger, but that Lan Xi was holding a bottle of potion, and her face was full of excitement that could not be concealed. color.

“What’s wrong.”

Su Mo asked calmly.

“We made a fortune! Su Mo, look at this.”

Lan Xi was a little incoherent with excitement.

“True or false?”

The three of Sun Duoxiang were also very happy when they heard about making a fortune.

“Why am I lying to you? These are all genetic potions, available in various models, as well as high level healing potions, catalytic potions, and poisons”

Lan Xi held a Books, books, said to the rows of freezers in the house.

Su Mo glanced around, and his eyelids couldn’t help but jump. There are at least a hundred bottles of potions here, and I don’t expect all of them to be genetic potions. A small half of them are genetic potions, which is scary enough.

“Wow! I really made a fortune this time.”

Sun Duoxiang laughed until his mouth could not close.

Su Mo said neatly: “Zhang Hao and Ma Ke gave Lanxi their backpacks and let her put them on!”

“No problem.”

The two immediately took off their backpacks and handed them to Lan Xi.

Immediately after, Su Mo said to the three of Sun Duoxiang: “Go to other places to search, don’t miss any corners.”

“Don’t worry, boss, We can’t do other things, we are strong in this aspect, let’s go!”

Sun Duoxiang left with Zhang Hao and the two confidently.

Su Mo said to Lan Xi: “Pick valuable outfits, don’t want those like poisons, and don’t want regular medicines.”

“No problem, I understand.”

Lan Xi answered seriously.

Su Mo consciously started for Lan Xi. There is a saying that everyone has their own field of specialisation. It is better to leave the collection and sorting to life players.

On the other side, the three of Sun Duoxiang also seemed to have been beaten by chicken blood. Seeing that there were so many good things, they directly ignored those monster ice sculptures. Jumping up and down in other rooms, I can’t wait to dig three feet in the ground and dig out some more profits.

It is indeed the sentence, human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food.

I don’t know if it was bad luck or other reasons, they searched for a long time and found nothing.

Marco walked out of a room with an unfortunate look on his face. In the room he searched just now, he didn’t see anything good, but saw a bunch of dismembered wreckage of monsters, how disgusting So disgusting, I almost vomited Marco.

Marco was still a little unwilling, he looked at the huge laboratory. Since I can’t find anything good in the room, why don’t we search the bodies of these dead researchers? See if you can find something good?

So he started rummaging through the bodies of the dead, let alone finding something special.

For example, some messy medicine bottles, and some surgical knives and things like that.

After seeing something, Marco’s confidence suddenly increased and he searched harder.

After searching around the Type III monster, he glanced at the Type III monster and couldn’t help but whispered.

“If this big guy can also move out, maybe he can sell it for a good price.” Staring at Marco.

Marco was taken aback and sat directly on the ground.

“What are you doing, Ma Ke?”

At this time, Sun Duoxiang just finished searching a room and came out with nothing, and saw Ma Ke sitting paralyzed on the ground.

“Then, that monster is alive.”

Ma Ke said to Sun Duoxiang tremblingly.

“Haha, what did I say before, you must believe it, it works. This monster can’t die anymore, I’ll scare you.”

Sun Duoxiang observed, the Snake of Resentment was still there, without any change.

“Who said it, I clearly saw its eyes move.”

“Bullshit, come on, don’t be so timid.”

Sun Duo Xiang observed it carefully, and after confirming again and again that there was no problem, said with a smile.

“Who said I was timid? Brother Sun didn’t say I said you, you are less timid than me.”

“Aiya, are your wings hard? You say I’m timid. , I’m so timid.”

“When I met Bai Ze before, you were more frightened than anyone else.”

Marco said with some dissatisfaction, He and Zhang Hao were more or less mixed up. In other respects, he can be endured. Saying he is timid doesn’t mean that he can’t do it?

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t hold back his face.

You can’t be ashamed in front of Ma Ke, so Sun Duoxiang also risked it.

“Who said that! I’m not afraid.”

“Brother Sun, just admit it, it’s not ashamed.”

Marco In turn, he persuaded Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang was so angry that he said to Ma Ke, “Look!”

Sun Duoxiang kicked the blame without saying a word. The snake had two feet, and then opened a slit on the spot, and sighed for a while at the snake of resentment. He is also really willing to go out, and he is not afraid that his brother will freeze into a popsicle.


At this moment, Lan Xi just came out, and when she bumped into this scene, she screamed instinctively.


At this time, Zhang Hao and Su Mo rushed out from different rooms immediately.

Sun Duoxiang was also clever and quickly put it away.

β€œWhat happened?”

Su Mo frowned asked.

Lan Xi pointed to Sun Duoxiang and said, “He’s in the trumpet.”

Su Mo’s face darkened when he heard this, and moved towards Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang had a very embarrassed look on his face, and hurriedly explained to Su Mo: “Big brother, listen to me explain, isn’t this a person’s three urgency, and I can’t hold back.”


Su Mo kicked Sun Duoxiang both feet angrily, of course it was only symbolic.

“You’re so sick! Don’t look for something else to do, and you mess around at the critical moment. You don’t even look at what’s going on now, you really can’t hold back and won’t go to the corner? And The temperature here is so cold, you dare to let it out, and you are not afraid of freezing? You are really full!”

In fact, Su Mo also regarded Sun Duoxiang as his own talent and scolded him, otherwise he would Not too lazy to say a word.

“Big brother, I was wrong, I will never dare to do this again.”

Sun Duoxiang assured with a sad face.

Ma Ke and Zhang Hao also almost didn’t laugh. If it wasn’t for Su Mo being annoyed, they would definitely have laughed heartily. Just like that, Zhang Hao and Ma Ke secretly gave Sun Duoxiang a thumbs up.

(end of this chapter)

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