Star Ring Mission Chapter 197


Chapter 197 Questions (One Update)

“Don’t mess with me again.”

Su Mo Angrily reprimanded, he has always been restless, and these two idiots are still messing around here.

“Okay, okay.”

Sun Duoxiang and Ma Ke hurriedly responded.

Lan Xi felt a little guilty when she saw that Sun Duoxiang and Ma Ke were reprimanded, and her reaction was indeed a little fierce. So she turned her attention and said to Su Mo: “Most of the important medicines here are sorted and packed into the backpack, and it will be done in a while.”

“Well, well done, you guys How was the search.”

Su Mo looked towards Zhang Hao and the three.

“It’s not ideal, many things have been destroyed, and only some sundries with low value are found.”

Zhang Hao was a little disappointed to hook the head, he originally thought Can find another pharmacy repository.

“Uh, I’m not ideal here, but I found something good.”

Sun Duoxiang took out a medicine bottle.

” This is? Let me see.”

Lan Xi extended the hand curiously.


Sun Duoxiang handed the medicine bottle to Lan Xi.

Lan Xi took a closer look and said with a little surprise: “This is a TEC-03 type epinephrine fever pill, which is used to stimulate potential in a short period of time and maintain high-intensity combat. However, the side effects are also obvious. After using it, people will experience nausea, vomiting, weakness and other symptoms.”

“I pulled it out from a corpse, you don’t know how brutal that person was. He even interacted with zombie with bare hands. Pinch, the efficacy of this medicine is absolutely great, I think it must be super suitable for the boss.”

Sun Duoxiang recommended it to Su Mo as if taking credit.

“Emergency is really good.”

Lan Xi handed the medicine bottle to Su Mo.

Su Mo accepted it very simply. Although this medicine has side effects, it is hard to say when it will be used.

“Well, Ma Ke, do you have anything to gain here?”

Su Mo turned his head and looked towards Ma Ke.

“I also found some medicine bottles, and some scalpels.”

Marco also took out a bunch of stuff.

Lan Xi squatted down to examine it carefully, and looked at the head regretfully and said, “The value is not high, it’s just some common medicines, I guess it’s only suitable for my own use.”

“Okay. Now, keep searching, hurry up, and we’ll leave later.”

Su Mo instructed Sun Duoxiang and the others.

“Don’t worry, big brother!”

Sun Duoxiang patted his chest and assured.

So Su Mo and Lanxi moved towards the medicine reserve room.

Leaving only the three of Sun Duoxiang standing on the spot, Sun Duoxiang helplessly sighed and said, “People are unlucky to drink cold water, and they get stuck between their teeth.”

“cough cough, Sun Brother, you are fierce enough.”

Both Ma Ke and Zhang Hao were about to burst out laughing.

“Go away, hurry up and search, don’t be frightened and flustered, and even pit me.”

Sun Duoxiang complained angrily.


Marco replied with a smile.

So Sun Duoxiang and Zhang Hao moved towards other rooms, while Ma Ke continued to search for dead bodies on the ground.

Just as Mark was groping for the corpse on the ground, a radiant heart suddenly lit up inside the rib-crossed chest of the sinister sinister snake.

In the base’s underground equipment warehouse, the giant freezer stopped running the moment the base’s closed door opened, and it was still rapidly removing air-conditioning.

Marco touched the corpse, always feeling as if someone was staring at him, so he lifted the head looked towards Snake of Resentment again.

Except for the penetrating eyes staring at him, everything else is normal, and the radiant heart that was originally lit up dimmed again.

Marco’s heart shrank suddenly, and instinctively stepped back in fear, he felt something was wrong, and the eyeballs definitely moved.

So Marco moved towards Su Mo’s room and hurried over, occasionally turning his head to look at the Snake of Resentment behind him. Although the snake still didn’t move at all, his heart became more and more flustered.

In the storage room, Su Mo and Lan Xi are making final checks to see if there is anything important in the discarded potions.

“Su Mo big brother.”

At this time, Marco walked in with an unnatural look.

Su Mo turned his head and looked towards Ma Ke, and also noticed that something was wrong with him: “What’s wrong?”

“I feel something is wrong with that snake.”

Marco hesitated and said to Su Mo.

Su Mo’s eyes changed slightly when he heard Marco’s words. He calmly said to Marco, “Speak slowly.”

“I was not in the laboratory hall before. Checking the corpses, I felt that something was staring at me, and then I lifted the head looked towards the snake. At that time I felt its eyes move, and I was taken aback. Later, I was taken by Sun Duoxiang. When he saw it, he laughed at me, and then the two of us quarreled, and that was the scene you saw. But when I was continuing to search just now, I still felt something was wrong, and I felt that the snake’s eyes moved. “

Ma Ke also did not care about being ashamed and explained the situation to Su Mo directly.

Su Mo turned his head and said to Lanxi: “Lanxi pack the things, I’ll go take a look, if something is wrong, take it away!”


Lan Xi nodded replied.

So Su Mo and Marco went out and moved towards the sinful snake approaching.

At this time, Sun Duoxiang also heard the movement and ran over to join in the fun.

“Boss, what are you doing?”

Su Mo didn’t go back to Sun Duoxiang, but went to the front of the snake of resentment and carefully observed the monster. He used the scanning device of the second-generation black steel mecha again to scan the monster.

A prompt popped up.

“Anti-animate reaction.”

“Aiya, boss, did you listen to Marco? This kid is absolutely frightened, this basilisk has long been If you don’t believe me, I’ll test it for you.”

Sun Duoxiang stepped on the Snake of Resentment again, but the monster still didn’t respond at all.

Su Mo brows slightly wrinkle, his mind is racing, he always feels something is wrong.

But he couldn’t tell what was wrong for a while.

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly noticed that the frost on the Snake of Sin seemed to be showing signs of melting.

Su Mo’s nerves tensed, he knew something was wrong, the temperature.

The temperature is up! It’s not as cold as it used to be!

It’s no wonder that Sun Duoxiang didn’t freeze the little brother. Because Sun Duoxiang exposed little brother under normal conditions of minus 1000000000000000000, which was an act of death, but he had nothing to do.

And since the combat uniform is automatically temperature-controlled, he didn’t immediately notice it.

“Zhang Hao, Lan Xi retreat!”

Su Mo stretched out his hand and grabbed the arms of Sun Duoxiang and Ma Ke to step back, and shouted at the same time!

“No, it’s not.”

Sun Duoxiang still wanted to say something.

In an instant, the heart of the terrifying and sinful snake’s chest lit up again, and it came alive in an instant, and its eyes, one after another black, suddenly opened.

“Damn it! Omg!”

Sun Duoxiang’s face turned green with fright.

At this time, Zhang Hao and Lan Xi also ran out, and Lan Xi was still holding three full backpacks. The Snake of Resentment let out a thunderous roar, then opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl moved towards Su Mo and the three of them bit it.


(end of this chapter)

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