Star Ring Mission Chapter 198


Chapter 198 Escape for Life (Second Update)

Su Mo three people moved towards a deep jump in different directions!


The entire metal floor was dented by the Snake of Sin, but that didn’t affect it at all. It pulled its head back stiffly and turned to lock on Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang was almost out of fear.

“big brother, I have no grudge against you! Don’t stare at me.”

Su Mo was keenly aware that the body of the sinful snake had not recovered yet. All joints in the body are still stiff. And it seems to be very weak, the heat radiation in the chest is not strong enough, and he has not exerted the battle strength of the III-type general level, and now he is eyeing Sun Duoxiang, this is a good opportunity for buffering.

So he said to Zhang Hao and Ma Ke, “Go help Lan Xi move things, then the three of you will leave first, and Sun Duoxiang and I will contain this monster.”


Zhang Hao and Ma Ke immediately moved towards Lan Xi and ran away.

At this time, Sun Duoxiang was running wildly in the laboratory, dodging in front of various equipment, dodging the attack of the Snake of Resentment, and shouting to Su Mo with a loud cry.

β€œbig brother save me!!!”


No matter what kind of large equipment or obstacles, they all fell apart under the impact of the Snake of Sin.

Su Mo squinted his eyes and pulled out Mo Xue who was about to go up to attract hatred, and then he gave up.

This level monster, no matter how many knives he is asked to slash, it is estimated that it will have no effect.

But it can’t be completely ignored, Sun Duoxiang won’t be able to hold on.

So Su Mo decisively pulled out his automatic pistol and shot the sinister snake in the eye.

peng~ peng~!

The gun hit the eyeball, but unfortunately it didn’t explode.

However, it also succeeded in angering the sinful snake, and it immediately shifted its target and rushed towards Su Mo frantically.


Wherever he passed, all obstacles, whether ice sculpture or equipment, were all knocked away.

Su Mo turned and ran quickly. Of course, Su Mo didn’t just run away. From time to time he changed direction, taking the monster around in circles.

His heart has been tense, and at this time, the holographic image of the black steel mechanical armor keeps prompting.

“Warning: The target’s heat radiation response value is rising!”

Su Mo’s eyes became more and more sharp, he knew very well that as long as the monster’s heat radiation response value rose to II The elite level. It can use the thermal radiation beam, and when the time comes it can’t run!

So there is really not much time left for them to emerge.

So Su Mo was ready to give it a shot, he moved towards the metal wall on the left of the laboratory exit and ran towards the dead end.

“Hey, big brother, you’ve gone astray, that’s a dead end!”

Sun Duoxiang, who had come over, shouted eagerly to Su Mo.

The Snake of Resentment soon caught up, and a huge shadow shrouded Su Mo.

Su Mo’s heart was not flustered at all. He looked at the shadow covering him and listened to the voice of the Snake of Resentment, silently calculating the distance between the Snake of Resentment and himself.

It was followed by a terrifying growl.

The Snake of Resentment opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and directly moved towards Su Mo and bit it.

Su Mo’s body bent down slightly, instantly activating all the auxiliary power of the mechanical armor. Bouncing up on the spot, stepping on the metal wall with one foot, and then using the strength to turn over the Snake of Resentment! The whole process in one go.

The next second, the Snake of Sin slammed into the metal wall.

Sun Duoxiang’s mouth can’t close, he’s awesome!

However, at this time Su Mo ran past him and rushed towards the exit, opening the mouth and said suddenly.

“Don’t run!”

Sun Duoxiang immediately came back to his senses and hurried to catch up!

“big brother wait for me”

The two of them were running side by side in the passage, and then there was a roar that made people tremble behind them!

Sun Duoxiang shuddered when he heard the voice.

“Big brother, that monster is catching up, what should we do?”

“Don’t ask me, just run.”

Su Mo There is no good way, there is only one way to escape. And that monster’s rank has far exceeded his ability to bear, any attempt to challenge is extremely stupid.

Sun Duoxiang’s expression was wonderful when he heard Su Mo’s words, but then a single thought flashed through his mind. I can’t do anything else is it possible that escape is not enough. As long as I can outrun Su Mo, then it’s not safe. Thinking of this, Sun Duoxiang’s heart suddenly let go.

He coughed and said to Su Mo seriously: “I’m sorry, big brother, I’m going to run with all my strength!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Mo also started When he got serious, his running speed suddenly soared, throwing Sun Duoxiang behind him all at once.

Sun Duoxiang was also stunned, he desperately accelerated and ran.

However, not only did they fail to catch up with Su Mo, but the distance between the two became wider and wider.

Sun Duoxiang’s face turned black, what’s the situation! Why is Su Mo running so fast.

Although it usually seems that Sun Duoxiang is the fastest runner, it’s just that Su Mo disdains to run at the front, he is usually in the back.

At this moment, the Snake of Resentment rushed up like a madman, its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, as if it was going to swallow Sun Duoxiang.

“Big brother, wait for me!”

Sun Duoxiang was so frightened that he almost died.

“Su Mo, hurry up!”

The three of Lanxi, who had already escaped at this time, stuck their heads in and shouted anxiously to Su Mo and the others.

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, his strength exploded again, and his speed soared again, directly throwing Sun Duoxiang further behind.

Sun Duoxiang became even more desperate, he desperately ran away and chased hard.

Unfortunately, the Snake of Resentment still caught up, and it jumped forward and bit towards Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang instinctively felt the danger and jumped forward suddenly, because the huge mouth of the Snake of Resentment could not be fully opened in the passage, it directly bit the air.

But this also frightened Sun Duoxiang, so he broke out again and his running speed soared.

It does answer that sentence, only death can make people break through the limit. Of course, the biggest credit is the mechanical armor. Without these mechanical armors they are wearing, they are probably dead.

At this time, Su Mo successfully rushed out of the base exit, he moved towards the mecha next to the dock and climbed up, while shouting to the three of Lanxi.

“Stay away!”


The three of Lanxi ran quickly.

Su Mo activates the black steel messenger extremely fast, hides on the right side of the exit, and raises the black chain gun in high’s hand.

“Help! Boss!”

Sun Duoxiang’s cry for help from wail like ghosts and howl like wolves in the base is getting closer.

Su Mo took a deep breath and was highly concentrated.

The moment Sun Duoxiang rushed out, rolling and crawling, Su Mo turned the power to the maximum.

The next second, the Snake of Resentment also rushed to the side.

Su Mo controls the black steel messenger to hold the black chain gun and go through it hard!


The black chain spear successfully penetrated the neck of the Snake of Resentment and pierced the ground, nailing the entire Snake of Resentment to the ground.

The Snake of Resentment suddenly twisted his head furiously, trying to get rid of it.

At this time, Su Mo controlled the black steel messenger to jump up, and the 150-ton Hegemon smashed directly on the head of the Snake of Resentment.


(end of this chapter)

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