Star Ring Mission Chapter 199


Chapter 199 Duel (Add more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (Three shifts)

The Snake of Resentment sends out a painful Roaring, struggling desperately.

Su Mo took control of the Black Steel Emissary, raised his hands into fists of steel, and fiercely smashed the Serpent’s head with one punch after another.

peng peng ~

Punch to the flesh!

The Snake of Resentment is struggling frantically, but unfortunately his bloated body is just stuck in the passage, and there is simply not much room for movement.


Sun Duoxiang, who avoided a catastrophe, got up, his legs were still shaking, he eased a bit, feeling a little small man intoxicated by success, yes Roaring at the sinful snake.

“Kill your grandson to death. Boss, don’t be polite and smash to death!”

Su Mo didn’t answer Sun Duoxiang’s words, and continued to output frantically.

This monster’s head is far more powerful than Su Mo expected. Under normal circumstances, even a Type III elite monster would have been hammered into meat sauce by the black steel messenger.

In this way, the head and upper body of this sinful snake were just smashed. And they are still fighting frantically. The passage of the entire base is constantly being hit by the body of the Snake of Resentment, shaking violently.

Su Mo became more and more terrified. So Su Mo suddenly became ruthless, grabbed the deformed head with both hands, and yanked it violently!


The head of the Snake of Resentment was immediately screwed off by Su Mo.

A viscous, foul-smelling liquid that sputters away with electrical sparks.

Su Mo was also taken aback for a moment, only then did he realize that the skeleton of the sinister serpent was actually made of metal machinery.

At the moment when Su Mo lost his mind, the body of the Snake of Resentment rammed straight out, knocking the black steel messenger out.

Su Mo controlled the black steel messenger to get up, put the head in his arms aside, and stared at the body of the sinful snake.

On its rib and chest, a human face suddenly protruded, making a penetrating wailing sound.

The Radiant Heart’s power response soars!

In an instant, one after another black eye opened on his body, all locked on Su Mo.

Here we go!

one after another Radiant Beam moved towards Su Mo swept across.

Su Mo controls the black steel messenger to dodge fast!


A massive explosion engulfs the Blacksteel Emissary.

When Sun Duoxiang saw this scene, he was so frightened that he hurried away.

Lan Xi’s heart is also in the throat, they are very worried about Su Mo, the problem is that they can’t help much.

At this time, Su Mo controlled the black steel messenger to rush out from the explosion flame and pulled his hand!

Immediately, he pulled back the chain spear in the distance, and charged precisely at the Type III general, the Serpent of Resentment.

Under normal circumstances, Su Mo would never dare to confront this level monster head-on. But the situation is different now. This Snake of Resentment is in an extremely weak state, and he was successfully screwed off by his own sneak attack just now.

Its battle strength is greatly reduced, and Su Mo estimates that the only remaining battle strength of the III elite level is the sky.

I have every chance to kill it myself.

The body of the Sinister Snake seemed to sense danger, and its huge tail moved towards Su Mo and swept over. And the tail is close to the moment, and it splits like a piranha, revealing sharp fangs inside.

Su Mo controlled the Black Steel Emissary to bend back and bend his knees forward.

The entire mecha slides under its tail.

Immediately, Su Mo shot the face of the sinner’s chest.


Its rib shrank instantly and jammed the black chain gun.

Su Mo brows slightly wrinkle.

At this time, the slender body of the Snake of Resentment was entangled directly, and Su Mo didn’t dare to let it entangle at all. It decisively turned on the jet device behind it and flew.

However, one after another black eyeball on the Snake of Resentment rolled, locked at a low altitude and flew Su Mo


one after another beam comes up.

Su Mo’s mind was spinning, constantly calculating the opponent’s attack trajectory. Quickly enter commands to control mecha to dodge at high speed while lowering the beam cannon on the shoulder.

It was a blast!


The body of the Snake of Resentment was hit, but the effect was very poor, except for a little blackened, there was no effect.

So Su Mo controlled the black steel messenger to rush up and smashed down like a shooting star.

Fiercely smashed into the body of the Serpent of Sin.

Lanxi and the others in the distance watched Su Mo’s fierce battle with the Snake of Resentment, and they were also very nervous.

The two are fighting hard!

Marco said worriedly: “That monster is too perverted. It’s been beaten like this, and it has no head, and it is so cruel. Su Mo big brother will be okay.”

“Shut up your crow’s mouth, is there a monster that big brother can’t handle?”

Sun Duoxiang actually said that he didn’t have much confidence.

Su Mo is also getting harder and harder in battle! He no longer believes in evil, the life force of this monster can be infinite.

Su Mo takes control of the Black Steel Emissary and slams a shot through its body.

As if the body of the Snake of Resentment would not feel pain, it slammed its body and knocked Su Mo out.

Su Mo was confused when he collided in the cab, and his head almost hit the console.

Su Mo controlled mecha to get up quickly and was about to rush up again, when suddenly Su Mo changed his mind, he remembered something. When I was cleaning out the synthetic beasts outside, these synthetic beasts had no weaknesses, and their life force was extremely strong. Later, they basically destroyed most of their body parts before they were killed.

Then this enhanced version of the monster should also have this effect, so if you rip off its head, its body can still fight instinctively.

The reason why that snakehead lost its combat capability was because it had already done enough damage.

Thinking of this, Su Mo immediately changed the battle method, he had to slowly consume this monster, and he couldn’t just go up and fight.

Otherwise, you might be the one who falls first.

So Su Mo first stared at those black eyeballs on the surface of the Snake of Resentment.

First kill those eyeballs to reduce their threat level. Thinking of this, Su Mo slammed and threw the chain gun in his hand!

It precisely penetrates the viscous liquid from an eyeball on the Snake of Sin.

The Snake of Resentment moved towards Su Mo madly and rushed over.

Su Mo no longer confronted him, he controlled mecha and started to run to the side, pulling the snake of sin to turn around the valley.

“Uh, what is big brother doing?”

Ma Ke asked in confusion.

“Stupid, of course it’s kite flying. I’ve never played a game. Kite flying is a must-have iconic skill for every great god. This is the best way to kill bosses.”


Sun Duoxiang said with a very understanding look.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Zhang Hao and the others responded in nodded fashion.

Su Mo is highly concentrated at this time, he does not dare to be careless, now he must ensure his own safety, continue to cause enough damage to the body of the Snake of Resentment, destroying every part of its body function.

But fortunately, this snake of sin is a little different from a normal monster. It has no consciousness at all, only a mixed wild beast instinct and only knows how to kill.

So basically there will be no decoupling.

(end of this chapter)

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