Star Ring Mission Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Birthday

“It’s okay, get rid of the outdated equipment of the Internet cafe, there is still some left over Money. As long as you save some money, it’s okay to be reluctant.”

Uncle Wang replies with an ugly smile.

He couldn’t do anything either. The helplessness of life forced him to bow his head.

How could Su Mo believe what he said, and then he called the head and said: “Uncle Wang, you don’t have to lie to me, it’s simply not good. Well, I’ll pay for a stake in the Internet cafe, and we’ll renovate it. Internet cafes also use the kind of equipment called ZR.”

“How can this be possible.”

Uncle Wang startedled slightly and quickly replied.

“It doesn’t matter, after the decoration is finished, you can leave me a separate machine, and I will come over to play for a while when I have time. Didn’t you just say that I was too homey, and you don’t have to feel bad about it, I will come out You contribute the money, and each person gets half of the income.”

Su Mo settled the matter in a few words.

“Okay, then I’ll go to draw up the contract and budget. Don’t be too troublesome, biological brother will settle the account.”

Uncle Wang was actually very moved. , how could he not know that Su Mo is taking care of himself as an elder. His brother’s grandson, although he is usually taciturn, has a high IQ.

“Okay, then I will continue to collect rent.”

Su Mo waved his hand at Uncle Wang and continued to move towards the front. Basically, the rent has been collected almost, and the remaining two have been confiscated.

Of course, these two are quite special, so he was placed last.

A moment later, Su Mo dragged a snakeskin sack to the door of a martial arts gym.

The signboard of this martial arts hall is made of wood, and the old one feels like it will fall off. The gate is covered with various small advertisements.

He pushed open the door panting, and his eyes suddenly opened up.

a A burly, well-built man with a short head, wearing a white training suit, standing in a row. At the same time a flying kick, kicked on the stake.


The wooden stakes were cut off one by one.

At the same time, the apprentices who were watching in the corner had their eyes straight. A look of admiration.

Of course, these stakes have more or less performance elements in them.

The leading Martial Master performed Jeet Kune Do on the spot.

Seeing a student, his blood is boiling, and he applauds.

At this moment Su Mo walked in dragging the sack.


All eyes on him fell on him.

The new apprentices take pleasure in other people’s misfortune for a while, and feel like they have a good show to watch. These days, there are people who dare to drag a garbage bag and run to the martial arts hall to make trouble.

At this time, all the big men turned their heads and looked towards Su Mo, and bowed and greeted at the same time!

β€œEldest Senior Brother!”

The students present were stunned and speechless for a long time. These Masters turned out to be the Junior Brothers of this youngster.

It’s ridiculous how you look at it.

Su Mo waved his hand a little not used to it.

“Hello Junior Brothers, where’s the Master.”

At this time, many big men gathered around and said enthusiastically.

“Master went out to travel around the world, and went to meet friends. But he has explained that when you come, he will rent the house to you, and we will go to get it for you.”

“No need. , how could I possibly charge the rent from the master and his old man.”

“But, this is what the master and his old man explained.”

The Junior Brothers present were also very embarrassed.

“It’s alright, you guys wrap those rents as red envelopes. Give it to all the newcomers, and take it as my senior’s favor.”

Su Mo looked at the curious present. said the apprentice.

“Okay, since you’ve said that, we won’t say much more. Senior Brother, you’re dragging such a big sack, it’s a few hundred pounds at least, it’s heavy, let’s do it. Get it for you.”

“No, no, I can do it. By the way, when will the Master be back?”

Su Mo shook the head replied.

“Not sure, maybe half a month, maybe half a year. I heard that there is an old friend who asked him to help with assault training or something. Senior Brother, do you have anything to do with the Master?”


“I have nothing to do, I just stopped by to see his old man.”

“Senior Brother, I am not talking about you, you are too nerdy.”

” Do you have it?”

“Why not, I only see you once every six months.”

“That is, come back when you have nothing to do, and let’s sweat a man’s sweat with us.”


The Junior Brothers who were present raised their arms one after another, showing off their muscles one by one.

“Uh, okay. Since the Master isn’t here, I still have things to do.”

“Slow down!”

Su Mo dragged Moved towards the outside in a snakeskin sack.

After a while, Su Mo came to the last stop and lifted the head with a long breath. The huge sign hangs prominently, Zhao Kee Restaurant!

The whole restaurant is very lively, full of customers eating, you can smell the rich meat aroma when you stand at the door.

Although the decoration of Zhao Ji Restaurant is not very good, the taste here is very good, and the price is good. It can be regarded as an old restaurant in the town street here.

Su Mo walked in dragging the snakeskin sack, and a man with white temples greeted him happily.

“Su Mo, you are finally here.”

“Well, Uncle Zhao, I’m here.”

Su Mo nods.

“Come and sit down, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Uncle Zhao kindly pulled Su Mo and sat at the table by the door.

“Today is your birthday. I think you haven’t come for a long time, and I was going to find you. Just when you came, you don’t need to bother. I’ll show you some good things.”

Before Su Mo could speak, Uncle Zhao excitedly ran to the kitchen.

Immediately after, Uncle Zhao came over with a flower pot covered by a transparent plastic bag. He placed the flower pot in front of Su Mo, and then cautiously took off the plastic bag.

I saw the green leaves of the lettuce were exposed, and a small pot of lettuce was planted in the flowerpot.

Su Mo’s face was also a little surprised.


“Surprise, I got this from the country just for you. And of course, you wait.”

After Uncle Zhao finished speaking, he ran to the back kitchen, and came close to him with a small fish tank in his arms. A small perch was swimming in the fish tank.

“Hehe, look what this is.”

“Freshwater bass.”

Su Mo replied with a slightly moved expression.

“That’s right, this thing is very difficult to do. It’s pure natural and pollution-free. In addition to this, there is another highlight.”


“Of course there is, just wait a moment.”

Uncle Zhao rushed back after finishing speaking.

Not long after, he came over with a big rooster and happily said to Su Mo: “The three-year-old rooster is still castrated, I will slaughter it and cook a good dish for you, and make up for it. A supplement.”

“Uncle Zhao, you are too polite.”

“See you outside, your grandfather passed away, of course I will take good care of you.”

“Okay, thank you Uncle Zhao.”

Su Mo didn’t insist either.

“That’s right, just wait!”

Uncle Zhao happily walked to the back kitchen with the ingredients.

Su Mo rested his chin with one hand and looked at the familiar restaurant, his thoughts were a little lost.

An hour later, Uncle Zhao came up with hot stir-fried lettuce, scallions, and steamed sea bass, and placed them in front of Su Mo’s table.

The fragrant aroma made all the guests around couldn’t help swallowing.

“Eat it while it’s hot.”

Uncle Zhao asked with a smile.

Su Mop Su nodded and said, “Uncle Zhao, help me add a pair of tableware and a bottle of small bar.”

Uncle Zhao was also slightly startled when he heard what Mop said. , then the eyes are a little red, nodded.


Just as he turned to get the tableware, he couldn’t help shouting the head, sighed.


(End of this chapter)

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