Star Ring Mission Chapter 20


Chapter 20 Dan Dan

Lan Xi explained to Su Mo seriously: “I don’t understand, this The monsters of the game are basically not likely to drop things. Only this special monster will drop things. The way of dropping is different from that of regular games, and it needs to be collected by yourself as in reality. The blood I collected is It’s valuable, and its weapon hook is also equipped. But it doesn’t seem to be of good quality, and it’s super heavy.”

After listening to Lan Xi’s words, Su Mo looked more and more thoughtful, and didn’t know what to think.

At this time, Lan Xi handed the collected blood to Su Mo.

“Here you are.”

Su Mo glanced, not taking it. He turned and moved towards the car, leaving a sentence at the same time.

“It’s time to go.”

Sun Duoxiang reacted and quickly echoed.

“big brother is right, it’s time to go, go, go”

Lan Xi looked at the material in her hand, and then looked at Su Mo’s back, which was also slightly touched. , then closed.

Soon Su Mo and the others all returned to the car.

“Sit down, get ready to rush!”

Sun Duoxiang rubbed his hands and said excitedly, ready to take the lead in charge ahead.

Su Mo’s previous fierce battle scene was like giving him chicken blood.

At this time, Zhang Hao pressed Sun Duoxiang’s shoulder from behind, and said with some anxiety: “Brother Sun, don’t be in a hurry, let a car go ahead to explore the way.”

“It makes sense.”

Sun Duoxiang came back to his senses and hurriedly nodded in agreement. If a butcher suddenly pops up, even if the group is not destroyed, the soul will be scared to death.

Soon a car rushed out and moved towards the direction of the distant fire.

The city streets are very dark, all around the street lights are all off, the visibility is very low.

“Turn on the lights.”

Su Mo reminded.

“No, I’ve tried it for a long time, and it doesn’t light up at all. It must have been damaged in disrepair, but don’t worry, my night vision is very good, it’s not difficult for me. I’m sixteen. I’ve been driving since I was young, and I’ve never asked.”

Sun Duoxiang was halfway through speaking and slammed on the brakes.

“Release the brakes.”

Su Mo immediately opened the mouth and said.

Sun Duoxiang quickly released the brakes.


A zombie was knocked out directly.

Lan Xi slammed her head directly on the back of the chair, she covered her head and said angrily.

“What the hell are you doing, Sun Duoxiang.”

Sun Duoxiang’s face was a little embarrassed, and he quickly explained: “Sorry, sorry, it’s not a habit to hit the brakes when you see a silhouette. Well, I forgot that this is a game.”

Su Mo said to Sun Duoxiang at this time: “Be serious, step on the accelerator to the end, and hit me no matter what you encounter. The sound of our driving , has caused a lot of zombies to be alert.”

“Okay, okay!”

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly stepped on the accelerator to the bottom.

Soon, a group of black silhouettes appeared in front of them. At first glance, I knew it was a zombie, and the car in front had already rushed past.

“Go ahead.”

“No problem.”

Sun Duoxiang fiercely stepped on the accelerator.


Zombies were knocked out directly, but some zombies were directly stuck in the front of the car, and some zombies even hit the windscreen directly.

Suddenly, his vision became worse, and Sun Duoxiang could not see the road. In addition, the road was not easy to walk, and there were too many obstacles, so I could only slam the steering wheel from time to time, and the whole car swayed.

Lan Xi, who was sitting in the back, became even more nervous. She stood up and lay on the back of the chair and said to Sun Duoxiang.

“Can you do it? You keep turning around.”

“Don’t rush me, I can’t see clearly, you didn’t see the windscreen It’s not just cracked, it’s also dirty.”

“Be careful, there seems to be a silhouette dangling in front of you.”

At this time, Lan Xi saw a silhouette ahead and quickly reminded Sun Duoxiang .

“What a big deal, sit tight!”

Sun Duoxiang fiercely stepped on the accelerator.

At this time, on the street, a player waved excitedly when he saw the speeding convoy. It’s a pity that the first car ignored him and rushed over directly. He was also annoyed, and rushed directly to the middle of the street, jumping and jumping to intercept it.

The results were soon tragic.

Bang sounded.


With a scream, the player was knocked out.

In the guard’s car, Sun Duoxiang was also stunned, he said to himself.

“It seems that I bumped into someone.”

“Never mind, I will bump into it when I come.”

Zhang Hao said nonchalantly.

At this moment, Sun Duoxiang said with a surprised expression: “Damn, after the collision just now, the lights turned on!”

“Alright, drive well. “

Su Mo solemnly said.

“Big brother, no problem.”

Sun Duoxiang said more confidently.

At this moment, Marco looked back and shouted in horror: “Quick, quick.”

“Quick what?”

Sun Duo Xiang asked suspiciously.

“There are so many zombies in the back!”

Marco shouted in horror.

Sun Duoxiang turned his head and glanced at it. He was almost scared out of his wits. He stepped on the accelerator frantically to accelerate, and the car rushed to the front.

Looking down from the sky, you can see several guard cars racing desperately on the dark street.

At the same time, the originally quiet city was completely lively at this moment, and a large number of players rushed from all directions and moved towards the Safety Sector.

A moment later, Sun Duoxiang looked back while racing wildly. After seeing the zombie group behind him being pulled away, he couldn’t help sighed in relief.

“hu~~ really scared me to death.”

“I said you can’t be more courageous.”

Lan Xi complained angrily road.

“I’m not brave enough.”

“I don’t feel that much”

“Okay, don’t be noisy, drive safely, we are about 10 minutes away from Safety Sector There’s one third left, don’t make any setbacks.”

Su Mo stopped the two of them.


Sun Duoxiang closed his mouth immediately, Su Mo’s words were still very effective.

As time passed, everyone in the car was nervous. After all, no one knew if there would be any monsters on the road.

At this moment, the headlights illuminated the middle of the road ahead. A little girl wearing a red pleated skirt with a bumpy cross on her chest and two ponytails on her head stood there with her head lowered.

Sun Duoxiang pursed his lips, stepped on the accelerator, and said helplessly.

“Another player who doesn’t want to stop the car, I’m sorry.”

Su Mo looked at the little girl in the red dress in front of him, his eyes narrowed, and he didn’t know why , always looks very familiar.

Just as the car was approaching, the glare of the light was completely on her.

Su Mo saw the other side completely, his eyes shrank, and he shouted in shock.

“It’s Dandan! Brake!!”

“Ah, who is Dandan?”

Sun Duoxiang replied in a daze.

At this time, the little girl in the middle of the street suddenly lifted the head, her pale face was full of cracks, her eyes were dark green, and her small mouth grinned suddenly, revealing a hideous expression. smile and scarlet teeth.

At this time, Su Mo didn’t answer Sun Duoxiang, but grabbed the steering wheel with one hand and swerved to the right.

The whole car immediately lost control. Before hitting the little girl, it suddenly turned to the right, and then hit the curb, and the whole car rolled over and hit the storefront next to it.

At this time, the little girl also waved a chain held in her little hand, and behind the chain was a giant iron ball covered with sharp thorns.

As she slammed hard, the huge iron ball moved towards Su Mo and smashed it down.


The guard car that followed Su Mo’s car was smashed into patties.

(end of this chapter)

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