Star Ring Mission Chapter 200


Chapter 200 Tinder (Add more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (four more)

“Wait~ Brother Sun, fly a kite Shouldn’t we keep our distance, why is the monster catching up with the big brother?”

Marco asked suspiciously.

Sun Duoxiang was also taken aback for a moment, then looked over.


I saw Su Mo’s mecha and was directly entangled by the snake of sin.

Sun Duoxiang immediately reacted and shouted in horror.

“Ah~~ Come and help!!”

Just now, Su Mo was pulling and pulling, the speed of the snake of sin, suddenly burst out, at an extremely fast speed Rush to yourself, infinitely shrinking the distance.

Su Mo also secretly said that it is not good, this guy’s body is recovering quickly, and the speed is too fast.

Of course, the biggest reason is that the Black Steel messenger is too bulky.

Just as it was approaching, the Snake of Resentment pounced on it!

Su Mo dodged with a rollover.

At the moment of landing, Su Mo quickly controlled mecha to retreat.

At this time, the high-speed retreat mecha was shocked and almost didn’t fall.

Su Mo was startled and looked down, only to find that the black steel messenger’s feet were entangled by the tail of the sinful snake.

At this moment, Su Mo’s whole body got goosebumps, and he missed.

Su Mo decisively raised the chain gun in his hand and tried to pierce his tail in order to break free.

But it’s still a step too late!

The body of the Snake of Resentment wound up at a very fast speed, directly entangling Su Mo like a python.

It starts shrinking like crazy.

Su Mo controls the black steel messenger to raise the black chain gun to block.

At this time, the rib of the Snake of Resentment opened its chest, and moved towards Su Mo mecha’s head directly.

Su Mo immediately abandoned the chain gun with both hands, grabbed the ribs on both sides, and supported it tightly.

He turned on the power to the maximum, clenching his teeth for support.

“Boss, we’re here to save you!”

Sun Duoxiang and the others rushed over. They raised their rifles and kept shooting at the Snake of Resentment.

peng~ peng~!

The dense rain of bullets hit it, but unfortunately it was of no use, just like scratching it.

In the cab, Su Mo desperately pushes the power lever, and the power is also crazy overclocking output.

A red warning box pops up all over the joystick.

“Warning! The power output is overclocked!”

Su Mo’s eyes became colder and his thoughts became calmer. After a while the whole mecha will be strangled.

At this time, he suddenly lifts the head, his heart swaying.

Then Su Mo pushed the power lever all the way again.

I saw the black steel messenger’s eyes lit up and exploded instantly, grabbed the hand of the double rib, and violently supported the rib that was clamped over.

At this time, the black steel messenger’s cab suddenly popped open, and Su Mo jumped, passed through the layers of sharp teeth, and jumped directly into the body of the Snake of Resentment. At this time, the resentful face also opened its mouth to Su Mo and let out a painful roar.

Su Mo’s expression remained unmoved, without a trace of fear, his eyes were fixed on the flesh wall on the lower left side of the human face, and Mo Xue was raised high in his hands.


Incomparably sharp ink snow pierces the meat wall with precision and penetrates the heart of the heat.

Then pull down sharply.


In an instant, a highly polluted liquid with the color of lava spewed out and splashed on Su Mo.

At the same time, the face of resentment let out a wailing, accompanied by a loud noise, the body of the snake of resentment was paralyzed, let go of the black steel messenger and fell heavily on the ground, struggling for a while unwillingly, but it The power is fading fast.

Su Mo gasped as he won the bet.

He made a mistake of habitual thinking before, thinking that this synthetic beast is composed of the same way as the synthetic beasts outside, but it is not exactly the same. The main vertebral support of this synthetic beast is steel, which is destined to have a source of power, and the heart of heat radiation is its source of power.

Fortunately, when the Radiant Heart lit up before, he remembered the location.

If he guessed correctly, this is probably the biological machine of a semifinished product, and the protection of the Radiant Heart has not been done well.

But it was also because of this that he won! Otherwise, it should be him who fell today.

Su Mo hurriedly crawled out of the snake’s chest and quickly cleaned it up. After all, the second-generation armor is resistant to type III source radiation, which is no problem for a short time, but it will not work for a longer time.

He who avoided a catastrophe, looked at the dead monster with a hint of happiness on his face.

At this moment, the body of the Type III General Level Snake of Resentful Sin floated with a little spark. These sparks slowly coalesced together to form a bright red fire.

Su Mo eyelids twitched, he climbed back into the cab without a word, and went to get the tinder storage bottle that was used earlier. Then one turned over and jumped on the Snake of Resentment, and then took out the bottle that had previously contained the fire, and faced the fire floating in midair.

At this time, the spark naturally fell into the bottle.

“Big brother! It’s Tinder! You’ve made a fortune.”

Sun Duoxiang rushed over excitedly and ran faster than anyone else!

Su Mo plugged the bottle cap and put it away. This thing is hard currency and will definitely be used in the future.

Sun Duoxiang saw Su Mo put away, licked his face and said, “big brother, let me touch it, I haven’t touched the real fire yet.”

Su Mo glanced at Sun Duoxiang, and then threw it to him, causing Sun Duoxiang to catch it in a panic.

“Big brother, take it easy, this is a good thing that money can’t buy.”

At this time, the three of Lan Xi also ran over, and she asked Su with concern. Mo: “Su Mo, are you injured?”

“It’s okay, it’s just that my physical strength is exhausted.”

Su Mo responded with a wave of his hand.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, I’m exhausted, eat something to rest.”

Lan Xi secretly sighed in relief, she took out water and compressed biscuits and handed them to Su Mo.


Su Mo took it and sat down on the floor to eat.

At this time, Sun Duoxiang held the spark bottle, raised his wristband and kept taking selfies, but he still felt a little unsatisfactory. So he climbed onto the body of the Snake of Resentment and posed for a shot. This feeling was simply wonderful.

Looking back, I have these photos and videos, as well as the capital to pick up girls and pretend.

Zhang Hao and Ma Ke were constantly observing the corpse of the Snake of Resentment. Until now, they did not dare to get too close to the corpse, because it was very infiltrating.

After a while, Su Mo regained some strength, turned his head and said to Sun Duoxiang, who was still taking a selfie.

“Enough is enough.”

“Enough, enough.”

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly jumped off the corpse and handed the fire with a smile on his face. to Su Mo.

Su Mo raised his hand to signal everyone to come around, lightly saying.

“Let’s count the earnings this time.”


Lan Xi took all three backpacks and cautiously put them inside She took out all the things and put them on the ground, and then she picked up a storage record book.

“We brought out a total of 53 bottles, of which 23 bottles are type I genetic medicines, which can allow people to break through genes and gain different abilities. There are also 30 bottles of various auxiliary medicines and The healing potion is not cheap!”

“I’ve made a fortune!”

Sun Duoxiang said excitedly.

“However, there are different good and bad among these genetic medicines. I suggest picking out the best ones for yourself first.”

Lan Xi suggested.

“That’s for sure, boss, you choose first!”

(end of this chapter)

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