Star Ring Mission Chapter 201


Chapter 201 Dividing the spoils (adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (five more)

Sun Duoxiang’s eyes are spinning fast, Very attentive to Su Mo.

Zhang Hao and Ma Ke also echoed: “big brother pick first!”

Su Mo pondered for a while, his fire progress bar was full after the sea breeze island battle. . Normally, it is indeed time to use genetic medicine for breakthrough, so he asked.

“What type of genetic medicine is there?”

“Let’s see how this bottle looks like, the fusion of the Bai Ze gene can greatly strengthen the limbs and gain night vision. ”

Lan Xi took the record book and started flipping through it. He picked up a bottle of turbid white genetic medicine and began to introduce it.


Su Mo didn’t even think about rejecting it.

“Boss, this bottle is pretty good. It’s a gill-type genetic medicine. It says that it can gain underwater breathing ability, increase anti-virus and radiation ability, and also resist low temperature. But it seems to have some side effects. The body will grow fish scales and gills.”

Sun Duoxiang picked up a bottle of deep blue genetic medicine and strongly recommended it to Su Mo.


“Or this bottle, the winged gene potion, seems to be extracted from a bird-shaped xenogeneic species, maybe it can grow wings and fly.”



“Go away! It’s not right to be a good person, what kind of murloc, what kind of bird?”

Su Mo complained angrily.

“It’s not the boss, so what type of genetic medicine do you want?”

Sun Duoxiang asked in confusion.

“I want a humanoid, not nondescript.”

Su Mo said with a dark face, his head hurts a little, and he himself is very repulsive of monster templates.

“Yes, here is a bottle of zombie monkey-type genetic medicine, which can greatly enhance physical functions, especially the two claws, and the ability to bounce.”

“Sun Duoxiang, you are still Shut up.”

“It’s not the boss, our ancestors were monkeys, I chose you according to your request?”

Sun Duoxiang just wanted to continue explaining, Seeing Su Mo’s bad eyes, divide fruit shut up.

Lan Xi thought for a while, then said to Su Mo: “These genetic medicines in our hands are biased towards alienation, and this is the most precious of them.”

Speaking of this here Lan Xi took out a delicate box and slowly opened it, which contained an injection with green bubbles.

“What is this?”

Sun Duoxiang asked very curiously.

“This is the master version of the laboratory genetic medicine, the I-type highly alienated medicine! It can greatly strengthen the human body’s comprehensive organs, harden the skin, and have the power to fight monsters with bare hands. However, the specific degree of alienation is unknown. The site of alienation is also unknown.”

Lan Xi explained very seriously.

“The boss is just this one, it sounds cool! It’s awesome.”

Sun Duoxiang excitedly said to Su Mo, adding this potion with the strength of the big brother, It’s going to be an absolute mess in the future.

Su Mo’s expression turned a little unnatural. To be honest, after listening to Lan Xi’s introduction, he was really moved by the effects of this and the genetic medicine.

But Su Mo is still very repulsive to alienation, and he always feels a little panic in his heart.

But in the face of everyone’s expectations.

Su Mo took the gene injection. He removed the mechanical armor covering his shoulders, slowly picked up the gene injection, and raised it up at his arm.

Sun Duoxiang watched excitedly. They had not seen the use of genetic medicines with their own eyes.

Su Mo took a deep breath, holding the gene injection and constantly gesturing.


No tie!

It made Sun Duoxiang’s group anxious like ants on a hot pot.

At this time, Su Mo’s heart sank, and he raised the gene injection again, and the hearts of Sun Duoxiang and the others also raised to their throats.

The atmosphere is dignified to the extreme.

Just at this moment, Su Mo suddenly remembered, what Dandan’s grandfather wrote on the group photo, when you stare at the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you.

He made a sudden decision to stop the injection.

Su Mo handed the genetic medicine to Lan Xi and said, “Put this genetic medicine away.”

“No, no, boss, why don’t you inject it.”

Sun Duoxiang and the others were all confused.

“I still stick to the original idea, just inject the genetic medicine that simply strengthens the body, not the alienation type of genetic medicine.”

Su Mo explained calmly.

“No, boss, you have to think about one thing. I read a post, and it was written very clearly that the effect of genetic medicines that simply strengthen the human body is rubbish. Although it can strengthen all aspects of In terms of attributes, it can’t explode like a breakthrough. Although the alienation potion has some shortcomings, the enhancement effect is completely unspeakable. You can even get a very powerful innate talent, such as the gill-changing potion, which can breathe in water, etc. “

Sun Duoxiang was afraid that Su Mo would be too self-willed. You must know that throwing out this master potion will definitely attract big bosses from all over the world.

“I still think it’s better to stay on the ground.”

Su Mo didn’t waver.

“Hey, that’s a pity.”

Sun Duoxiang said regretfully.

“If you like, you can also inject, and I won’t stop you.”

Su Mo said very generously to the four of Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang glanced at each other and said bitterly: “big brother, the energy bar of our fire is not full yet, and the injection effect is not good. And our team’s main battle personnel depend on you. , there is no good thing big brother doesn’t use, we use the truth.”

“I don’t care about those things.”

Su Mo replied indifferently.

“I have a good idea.”

Lan Xi said suddenly.

Su Mo looked towards Lan Xi curiously and asked suspiciously.

“What’s your idea?”

“I found a problem when collecting data. Alienation medicine is much more popular than traditional genetic strengthening medicine. We can use this master gene. The potions are exchanged with other bigwigs on the forum to exchange powerful traditional gene boosting potions for Su Mo to use!”

Lan Xi gave her advice.

“That’s not good? You guys haven’t used it yet.”

Su Mo brows slightly wrinkle.

“There’s nothing wrong, just do this, Lan Xi, you are really too smart. Don’t delay until Big Brother Yu, you’ll show us a demonstration first, and make a gene first.

Medicine, let’s see how it works? Anyway, there are too many genetic medicines here, and there are some when we want to use them.”

Sun Duoxiang laughed his hands in agreement.

Su Mo couldn’t help but look at Sun Duoxiang with contempt, and muttered in his heart: “My dear, is this taking me as a little white mouse?”

At this time, Zhang Hao And Marco also followed suit.

“We agree too.”

“Well, since you all said so, then do it.”

Su Mo nods, Tucao returned to Tucao, in fact, he felt warm in his heart. Many teams fall apart, often because of spills of war distribution.

Although Sun Duoxiang’s strength is not very good, but they know more contentment than others.

This is one of the reasons why Su Mo likes them.

“Okay, I’ll take care of it. Boss, don’t worry, I’ll definitely help you do it beautifully.”

Photo by Sun Duoxiang Guaranteed with a chest.

“Are you sure? Don’t let people fool you.”

Lan Xi kindly reminded Sun Duoxiang.

“Don’t worry, I have experience in this area. I used to do things down. If I can be deceived, I don’t have to mess around.”

Sun Duoxiang is full of confidence the replicated.

“That’s it, let’s talk about the distribution of income.”

Su Mo lightly took over the topic and brought up the issue of distribution again.

An unexpected scene appeared, Lan Xi said in unison: “This is up to you! We will listen to you.”

(End of this chapter)

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