Star Ring Mission Chapter 202


Chapter 202 Burial (Part 1)

Su Mo pondered when he saw that all four of Sun Duoxiang said so After a while, he said: “My opinion is very simple. It is simple to distribute, it is not easy to distribute, and it is easy to divide unevenly. Simply go back and leave useful things. When the team needs to use it, you can apply for it. As for the useless, all the things that are more tasteless After selling it, everyone will share the money equally.”

“No problem, we will listen to you.”

The four of Sun Duoxiang agreed very simply, without any opinion.

Su Mo turned his head and looked towards Lan Xi and said, “Then it is tentative, let the things go to you first.” Su Mo said: “These things are too valuable, I can’t keep them at all.”

Su Mo thought for a while, and what Lan Xi said made sense, so he turned his head and looked towards Sun Duoxiang.

In the end, Sun Duoxiang’s reaction was more intense than Lan Xi’s, his head was shaking like a rattle.

“No, you can’t let me here, my strength and status can’t see these things, something will happen!”

Su Mo heard what Sun Duoxiang said, and then The eyes looked towards Zhang Hao and Ma Ke, there was no surprise, and the two of them were even more scared to death.

“Neither can we.”

Su Mo was also a little speechless, but he didn’t force it, and said, “Then put it all here.”

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Sun Duoxiang and the others immediately sighed in relief.

“By the way, Su Mo, what to do with this monster’s corpse, anyway, this is also a Type III general-level monster, and the whole body is very valuable.”

Blue Xi suddenly remembered and asked Su Mo.

“Can you handle it?”

Su Mo tried to ask Lan Xi.

Lan Xi said to the head: “I can’t handle it, my current knowledge level is not enough. And there is no professional processing equipment and tools, like the monster corpse at this level, it needs a team of life players to handle it. .”

“I understand, so let’s put it here first.”

Su Mo pondered.

“That’s the only way to do it.”

Lan Xi agrees with replied.

Su Mo turned his head and looked towards Zhang Hao and said to him: “Zhang Hao, you enter the innermost part of the laboratory, there is a room that is the control room, and there is a dead old man’s body lying on the operating table in the control room. Help me take it out, move lightly, don’t break it.”


Zhang Hao didn’t ask the reason, he moved towards the entrance of the base directly.

Su Mo was not idle either, he put the backpacks filled with potions into the cab one by one.

A moment later, Zhang Hao took the old man’s body out.

After Su Mo saw this scene, he immediately climbed on the mecha, closed the cockpit, restarted the mecha, and then controlled the mecha to stretch out his left hand to pick up the old man’s body.

“Boss, where are you going?”

Sun Duoxiang asked curiously.

“I’ll do something, it won’t be long, you are all here waiting for me.”

After Su Mo simply replied, he drove away on the mecha highway.

Sun Duoxiang scratched his head, with a puzzled look on his face, he said, “What do you think the boss did with a corpse? is it possible that that corpse is a treasure?”

“Sun Duoxiang, are you suspecting that Su Mo has enriched himself?”

Lan Xi looked at Sun Duoxiang with contempt.

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly explained: “I’m wronged, I don’t trust others, and it’s impossible to doubt the big brother. Without him, we would have been stunned, how could we possibly be able to make a fortune, I’m just curious”

“Since Su Mo didn’t tell us, there must be his reasons.”

Lan Xi said very confidently.


In the ruined city, Su Mo drives the black steel messenger to move on the streets at high speed, which should attract a lot of zombies. But unexpectedly, except for scattered zombies, there are basically no large-scale zombies to be seen.

Su Mo was keenly aware of the strangeness, and he couldn’t help but ponder, is it possible that someone cleaned up the monster in this city?

No, this city shouldn’t have much value.

Forget it, don’t think about it, it has nothing to do with him. He just came to bury Dandan’s corpse with her grandfather, which is to fulfill their long-cherished wish. In a sense, they are very similar.

A moment later, Su Mo drove the mecha to the street where Dandan was killed.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t see Dandan’s body, only the shriveled zombie wreckage.

Su Mo brows slightly wrinkle, what about the corpse?

At this moment, the wall of a building next to him suddenly collapsed. I saw Dandan, who was much taller and had black cracks all over his body, showed a hideous smile, and swept over the super-sized flow planet. .

Su Mo raised his black chain gun to block!


Sparks fly!

The heavy blacksteel messenger took a small step back.


At this time, Dandan rushed up like crazy, his twisted face seemed to have a hint of frenzy, and he waved the planet at high speed and smashed it towards Su Mo.

Su Mo holds the black chain gun in one hand and keeps blocking.


I have to say that compared to the previous Dandan’s strength is indeed greatly increased, she successfully advanced to the type II elite level, and compared to the normal type II elite level Even tougher.

Just after Su Mo blocked for a few rounds, he slammed the black chain gun in his hand and directly stuck Dandan’s planet, pinning it to the ground.

Dandan struggled to pull the chain on the flow planet, but couldn’t pull it.

“I’m sorry!”

At this time, Su Mo controlled the black steel messenger to put down his grandfather, then jumped up, clenched his right hand into a fist of steel, and punched Dan Dan with one punch. Smashed to the ground, the street crumbled.

Immediately after, Su Mo raised his fist and slammed it down with punch after punch.

Three punches, Dandan has almost become a meat pie, and the fire is slowly extinguished, and the dead can no longer die.

But Su Mo looked at Dandan’s body without a trace of relief. Although he didn’t know what happened, the sudden resurrection of this guy was a reality. Since you can climb a corpse once, maybe you can climb twice.

So Su Mo planned to be a good person to the end, he extended the hand and took Dandan’s body away.

Soon after, in a clearing in the city, Su Mo placed Dandan’s body with that of his grandfather, and then doused a lot of gasoline.

Immediately, he raised his left hand, and the concealed short-range gun collapsed.

In an instant, the two corpses burst into flames.

Su Mo stood silently watching, and soon the two bodies were turned into ashes.

Just as Su Mo was about to bury it on the spot, he suddenly found a green fluorescent stone inside Dandan’s burned body.

Su Mo controls the mecha extend the hand to pick it up.

He looked at this green stone brows slightly wrinkle, under normal circumstances, things that can emit light are usually very radioactive things. If there is no accident, it should be this thing that brought Dandan back to life.

It’s a pity he couldn’t figure out what this thing was.

At this moment, Su Mo’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he controlled mecha to turn right.

At this moment, a red mecha rushed over without warning like a gust of wind, and the alloy thorn in its hand was moved towards Su Mo.

Su Mo suddenly raised the black chain gun in his hand to block.


(end of this chapter)

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