Star Ring Mission Chapter 203


Chapter 203 sneak attack (two more)

The two weapons collided and sparks flew!

Su Mo controls the Blacksteel Emissary with a jolt and bounces it off!

However, the red mecha in front of me turned over and landed not far away. Before Su Mo could question, this red second-generation agile mecha rushed up very fast, waving the alloy in its hand at high speed. The sharp thorns stabbed at different key points of Su Mo’s body respectively, and the movements were extremely fast.

Su Mo was also surprised, he kept raising his chain gun to block.

The whole mecha kept going backwards. This guy’s attack speed was so fast that Su Mo couldn’t see clearly, and the attack angle was extremely tricky.


Su Mo didn’t pay attention for a while, and was stabbed in the left chest, but fortunately, the armor of the steel messenger is very thick. So only a little scar is left, and there is no substantial damage.

At the moment when Su Mo was hit, there was a bit of nervous woman laughing in the red mecha.


Su Mo’s brows became more and more frowning, he kept backing away, trying to distance himself, so as to have enough buffer opportunities.

It’s a pity that the other party simply didn’t give him a chance.

The red mecha in front of him is like gangrene clinging to Su Mo, and the alloy thorns in his hand pierce like howling wind and torrential rain.

“One shot, two shots”

The black steel messenger was stabbed one after another all over his body.

Su Mo was not flustered by this. He knew that the Black Steel messenger was not agile enough, and he was very disadvantaged by such agile mecha. Not to mention that the opponent’s skills are very good, so it’s not surprising to be suppressed.

Of course, Su Mo didn’t plan to sit still. No matter how many flaws the Black Steel Messenger has, it has its own advantages.

So when Su Mo pretended to wave the black chain gun to block, the chain gun was directly swept away by the opponent, and the door on his chest opened.

Sure enough, the red mecha laughed excitedly, and the alloy thorn in his hand stabbed down towards Su Mo’s neck.

β€œdie for me!”

β€œNot necessarily!”

At this moment, Su Mo raised mecha’s left hand and grabbed it to hold the alloy The thorny mecha wrist, followed by fiercely pulled over, kicked the mecha with a sharp kick and flew it out.

In an instant, the red mecha, like a cannonball, crashed directly into a building.

And Su Mo’s attack didn’t stop. The moment he was kicked, he threw the chain gun in his hand sharply, and the black chain gun also followed into the building.

Su Mo drove the mecha and rushed up.

However, unfortunately, when Su Mo rushed into the front of the building, he found it empty. On the other side of the building, there was a gap in the wall, and the other side should have escaped from the side immediately.

“Did you run?”

Su Mo was silent for a while, then drove the mecha back.

He dug a hole in twos and threes and put the ashes of Dandan and his grandfather in it.

Then opened the cockpit, took out the photo, and put it on slowly.

“May you live in peace in the next life.”

Then he got up and buried it.

Su Mo mourned in place for a while, looked up towards the sky, and sighed emotionally.

“I don’t know grandfather, is he okay in heaven?”

After a long time, he drove the mecha and left the city with a heavy heart.

As Su Mo was about to leave the city, he seemed to sense something. So he turned his head and moved towards the right and looked at the top of the building in the distance. A bright red mecha was sitting on it, staring at him like a vulture, but he didn’t dare to get close.

Su Mo ignored her, turned around and drove the mecha straight away. If he also has an agile mecha in his hand, Su Mo will definitely be irreconcilable and destroy it in the city. But he now has a heavy-duty mecha, and as long as the opponent wants to escape, he simply can’t take it.

In the same red mecha cab, a very beautiful woman with fair skin, long black hair, and a nervous expression stared at Su Mo’s back.

She gave a nervous laugh.

“hehe, you can’t run, I’ll catch you.”

She’s like seeing a funny toy!

At this time, several Green Shield mecha rushed over at high speed and took the lead in asking a Captain respectfully.

“Miss, the mission target has been killed. Shall we mobilize people to surround and kill that person?”

“No, that is my prey. If any of you dare to intervene , I’ll kill anyone!”

The neurotic woman turned her head, laughed, and said to her subordinates.

The subordinates all around couldn’t help shuddering when they heard it. They knew their young lady better than anyone else, and she never joked.


After a long time, Su Mo returned to the biochemical base mountain within the valley.

Lan Xi and the others were breathing in all kinds of boredom, when Su Mo came back with mecha.

“Boss, you’re back!”

Sun Duoxiang’s group suddenly became energetic and greeted him immediately.

“Is there something wrong?”

Su Mo asked.

“Don’t worry, boss, it’s very hidden here, and you can’t see anyone for a long time.”

Sun Duoxiang patted his chest and assured.

Su Mo placed the green fluorescent stone in front of everyone, and he asked Lan Xi.

“Do you know this thing?”

Lan Xi and the others gathered around curiously, observed it carefully and shook their heads: “I don’t know, but it should be a good thing.”

“This thing can emit light, it should have radiation, it is best to find a box to put it in.”

Lan Xi took out the sealed box from her backpack.

“Well, then this time the land reclamation has come to an end. I have to go back to the guild to maintain and repair the mecha. Everyone should go offline and rest first. As for finding a buyer, I will leave it to Sun. So much.”

Su Mo said with some thought.

“No problem, this matter is covered by me. But it’s not a problem for a monster’s body as big as the boss to put it here, why don’t you try harder and stuff it into the base again?”

Sun Duoxiang suggested.


Su Mo thought about it, and before thinking about what to do with the corpse, this was indeed a good suggestion.

So he shoved the Type III General-level Snake of Resentment into the base arrogantly, and made a disguise at the entrance of the hole. Pull it out when you need it.

After doing this, Su Mo said to Lan Xi and the others.

“I’m leaving first, I’ll contact offline if I have something!”

“Wait! Big brother.”

Sun Duoxiang suddenly stopped Su Mo again .

Su Mo looked at Sun Duoxiang suspiciously, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“That big brother, this single-soldier mechanical armor hasn’t been returned to you yet. What?”

Sun Duoxiang was about to take off his equipment.

“What are you doing for me? You keep it for yourself, and you will have your equipment in the future.”

“Thank you big brother, but in that case, you will have to take it off. Go back. Let the people in our guild see that we are wearing such good equipment, and the explanation is not clear, and it may be deprived.”

Sun Duoxiang quickly took off the equipment on his body.

(end of this chapter)

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