Star Ring Mission Chapter 205


Chapter 205 Major event (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (four updates)

Lin Zinuoyi Slapped on the forehead, forgetting the business, she sprayed at Su Mo; “I’m dizzy, I forgot what I came to you for. You smelly brat dared to hang up my phone and turn it off! I’m all with you. Having said that, that commendation meeting is very important, you must attend it, it’s alright, Lord Chen Shan asked to see you by name, but you didn’t come. We were reprimanded, are you embarrassed?”

“You can just drive.”

Su Mo still had an indifferent expression.

“Why don’t we just open it, and people will give you a certificate of praise. You don’t come, so let people put their face in it?”

Lin Zinuo The more he talked, the more annoyed it became. Su Mo stabbed the basket and nothing happened, and they also asked them to take the award.

But as the boss, she and Zhao Han were ordered by the guild to write a self-criticism letter.

Su Mo listened to his left ear and heard it from his right ear.

After a while, Lin Zino finally stopped.

Su Mo lifts the head looked towards she said: “It’s over, don’t hurry up and call someone for me.”

“You! You are cruel.”

Lin Zinuo left helplessly.

Su Mo looked at Lin Zinuo’s back with a faint smile, as if life had become a little more interesting.

Not long after, Qin Wang ran into the hangar gasping for breath, he asked breathlessly.

“Su Mo, are you looking for me?”

“Help me maintain this mecha.”

Su Mo simply said to Qin Wang.

After Qin Wang finished listening, he looked at the black steel mecha riddled with scars with a sad expression on his face.

“big brother, I remember that this mecha was not in good condition before, how could it be hurt like this.”

Su Mo was also a little embarrassed, coughed and said, “Look Wrong, the damage was very serious last time, and it didn’t come to repair, please help me repair it. If you need anything, I will try my best to solve it.”

“cough cough , okay.”

Qin Wang could only follow oneself.

“As well as these sets of mechanical armors, you can also help me to clean and maintain them in all directions.”

“Okay, leave them all to me.”

Although Qin Wang was surprised that Su Mo could get so many good equipment, he was relieved very quickly. For someone as powerful as Su Mo, there is nothing he can’t do.

“Then please, don’t let other people touch my mecha, I only trust you.”

Su Mo suddenly thought of those things in the cockpit, and told Qin Hope to be reminded.

After Qin Wang heard Su Mo’s words, he was very moved and replied.

“Rest assured I will.”


Su Mo raised his wristband and clicked, and chose to log out of the game.

After a whirlwind, Su Mo opened his eyes and took off his helmet.

Su Mo was the only one left in the private room, and Sun Duoxiang and the others had already left.

Su Mo also stretched and twisted his neck slightly to move his muscles and bones.

Although there were some changes in the middle of this wasteland reclamation, the overall situation was very smooth. At least it’s much smoother than Haifeng Island, but it’s tiring enough, and the online time is also very long.

Su Mo pushed open the private room door and walked out. The entire Star Travel Cafe was still so lively, and the holographic projection platform in the middle was still projecting the battle images of various gods.

Every now and then you can hear a burst of cheers!

Su Mo left Xingyou Cafe with his hands in his pockets. When he came to the street, the dawn sun had already risen.

He stood there for a while, then moved towards the public rail station next to him.

Soon after, Su Mo returned to the apartment. When he opened the door, he happened to meet Ziqing and the four of them were having breakfast.

Hanna took a sip of canned beer and asked gossip.

“Oh, it’s not bad, our Su Mo will not go home at night. Which girl did you go to play with yesterday?”

Su Mo walked to the water dispenser and poured it out. He took a glass of water and replied lightly: “Go and do something.”

“Of course we know that you are going to do business, and you dare not come to an event as big as an award.”

Han Na said a little worried that the world would not be in chaos.

At this moment, Zidie tilted her head and asked curiously: “Su Mo big brother, are you going to the funeral of your relative?”

Su Mo heard Zidie’s words, Immediately choked.

“cough cough! I’m going to the funeral? Who said that?”

“Sister Zinuo said it, everyone knows it, and many people are still discussing whether to follow A gift.”

Zodie said innocently.

Su Mo’s face turned black, Lin Zino was really messed up.

At this time, Zi Qing opened the mouth and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, Su Mo, would you like to have some breakfast together?”

“No. I’m a little tired, I’ll go to rest Yes.”

“Okay, your certificate, I’ll put it in your room.”


Su Mo slightly nodded, He walked into the room, and he saw a commendation letter and a certificate, neatly placed on the table.

He stepped forward, opened it, took a look, then put it away in a drawer and went to rest.


At night, Su Mo sat leisurely on the sofa and watched TV.

He hadn’t been so free in a long time.

At this time he clicked, the latest Star Ring news.

I saw a group of reporters gathered around the gate of Moriye Group, swarming to interview a handsome guy with eyes who looked very gentle.

“Mr. Xiao Jie, can you give a speech, I heard that the third Legion you belong to has successfully taken the base of the Chixia Valley. And you also killed the type III elite mutant monster yourself. Β·The beast of the rotten scorpion has completed the first case of the first kill of the Type III mutant elite, is it true?”

I saw Xiao Jie smiling and replied: “Yes, but this is very common. There is nothing to be concerned about.”

β€œMr. Xiao Jie, you are really too modest. So far, no matter which country you are in, few people can kill the Type III elite monster, let alone It is said that it is still a powerful monster who guards one side.”

Su Mo watched the interview for a while, and also looked thoughtful.

He found a problem. This man named Xiao Jie killed a Type III elite monster and caused such a big stir. But Legion of the Heavenly Dragon guild must have killed a Type III elite monster when he was reclaiming the sea breeze island. Although he was not a mutant, he had no repercussions.

Then explain one thing, there is still a big gap between the expert on the surface and the official expert strength.

Thinking of this, Su Mo picked up his mobile phone to log in to the forum and searched a little, and found that there are really not many experts who have been publicly killed the Type III monster. This Xiao Jie has now been held in the hot search, and the click rate has also exploded.

Some people even directly touted him as the number one expert in country Z.

After all, from the current public information, the strongest monsters killed by players are the Type III elites.

But Su Mo doesn’t believe this data, he has seen Chen Shan and the others, each has the ability to kill Type III elites alone, and they are not the strongest in the Heavenly Dragon guild.

So it is very likely that the core members of the Heavenly Dragon guild have already opened up wasteland to a very high level.

Just as Su Mo was thinking, suddenly his cell phone rang.

(end of this chapter)

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