Star Ring Mission Chapter 206


Chapter 206 Trading (Adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (five more)

Su Mo glanced at it, and it was slightly obvious Surprised, it turned out to be Sun Duoxiang calling, this guy came to him so quickly?


“Boss, I found the exchange partner.”

Sun Duoxiang replied excitedly.

“Sun Duoxiang, are you sure? It’s only been so long, you’ve found it so quickly, isn’t it reliable?”

Su Mo asked suspiciously, don’t let this guy get caught. Cheated.

“Boss, you can rest assured that it is absolutely reliable, because I have made an appointment to trade in Auroville. That is your territory. Who would dare to blackmail him there, and it would not be easy to kill him?”


Sun Duoxiang patted his chest and assured.

“Who is the object of the transaction?”

Su Mo asked after a few seconds of silence.

“I don’t know either, it’s a player from country E, very mysterious.”

“Wait, when did you know a player from country E?”

“Of course I don’t know. I left a message anonymously on a foreign forum, and then someone came to the door. But don’t worry, boss, they provided a picture of the potion, I showed it to Lan Xi, and she said that if it’s true, it’s nothing. The problem.”

Sun Duoxiang reassured.

β€œIf you are willing to trade, just one family?”

Su Mo asked.

“Boss, you must not have gone to foreign forums to read it. The replacement post I posted has already made the headlines, with a hit rate of over 100 million, and several millions of replies, and I have become a great host. There are so many interested buyers, and many people have offered very attractive conditions. Among them, there are many messages from the M country guild, but I remember your words, the boss, to replace the same level of genetic medicine. That’s why I found this to buy Our family, and our relationship with Country E is pretty good.”

Sun Duoxiang said with a bright face.

Su Mo pondered for a while and said, “When is the transaction time?”

“The transaction time is still early, at least tomorrow night. They have to come over and need For a while, you also knew that this kind of cross-regional transaction is very troublesome.”

“I see, you send me the image of the other party’s genetic medicine.”

“No The problem, the other boss.”

“If you have something to say directly, don’t hide it.”

“Then we discussed it privately and decided to follow you, the boss, only to strengthen Regular genetic medicine, so those genetic medicines should be packaged and sold together?”

“Are you sure you want to follow my footsteps?”

Su Mo asked suspiciously, If Lan Xi said this, he might still believe it. From Sun Duoxiang’s mouth, I feel that this guy is trying to make a fortune!

“Look at what you said, big brother, we don’t follow in your footsteps, so who are we?”

“Okay, whatever you want.”

Su Mo replied lightly.


Sun Duoxiang’s excited shout came from the phone.


Sun Duoxiang heard Su Mo’s voice and immediately reacted.

“cough cough, the signal from the boss is not very good, the matter is settled, I will hang up first.”


The phone is blocked Hanging up, Su Mo leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes in thought.

In fact, he doesn’t care that Sun Duoxiang sells other genetic medicines. To be honest, Su Mo really doesn’t agree with Sun Duoxiang and the others. But he doesn’t like to interfere with other people’s choices.


At this moment, the phone vibrated, and Sun Duoxiang sent high-definition photos.

Su Mo enlarge the photo and look carefully, this is a bottle of light blue type I gene injection, and it comes with instructions.

Type I Gene PharmacyΒ·CRID Almighty Gene Recovery Pharmacy (Perfect)

Effect 1: It can comprehensively strengthen the strength of muscles and organs. (The effect is floating)

Effect 2: Enhances anti-radiation ability (Level 1 resistance)

Effect 3: Enhances anti-virus ability (Level 1 resistance)

Effect 4: Can strengthen Divine Transformation after reaction (effect floating)

Effect 5: Can strengthen life resilience (effect floating)

Effect 6: Can strengthen intelligence (effect floating) )

Special note: No side effects have been found so far, it is safe and reliable, this strengthening medicine will not change the genes of the normal form of the human body.

Su Mo was very satisfied with the contents of the manual, in a sense. This potion level is higher than the master potion in his hand, but the effect of the two is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

This almighty strengthening medicine, its effects. Not as strong as those messy alienation gene medicines, it can only be said that the data is barely visible.

You must know that any alienation potion you choose will have most of the characteristics and effects of those Perfect level genetic potions as standard. Some of them even have stronger effects. For example, in terms of strength, some have even doubled.

But it’s normal, people’s pursuit of power is often the ultimate.

We know that alienated genetic medicines are very risky, but for the sake of power, most people are still willing to give up conventional genetic medicines.

Su Mo took a deep breath, and now he is more and more looking forward to tomorrow night’s trade. If the deal goes well, he can break through.


The next day, Su Mo went online early in his room.

In the hangar, Qin Wang was working hard to repair, and there were many parts all around.

β€œHow is it?”

Su Mo asked.

“It’s going well, your mecha is of good quality, there isn’t much damage to the interior, and the quality of the exterior armor is decent. Although some parts are deformed, there is no problem with the strength, give me a few more days It’s almost time to fix it, but”

“But what?”

Su Mo curiously asked.

“cough cough, in order to repair your mecha, I asked Zhao Han to approve a lot of materials. Sister Zhao Han is a little crazy.”

Qin Wang replied with a guilty conscience.

“cough cough, I know that.”

Su Mo coughed a little and sat next to watch.

β€œSu Mo, I remember you weren’t on vacation today, why did you come here?”

β€œI’ll do something later.”

Su Mo also Qin Wang didn’t hide it.


Qin Wang nodded.

“I’ll go up and get something.”

Su Mo climbed into the mecha, he opened the cockpit and flipped inside. Stuff all the genetic medicines to be sold today in a backpack, which is full.

Then he rolled over and jumped down. He waved to Qin Wang and walked outside.

“I’ll go first.”


Qin Wang waved to Su Mo and continued to bury himself in repairs.

On the other side, Su Mo left the camp with a backpack and walked towards Auroville.

Although it’s still early, Sun Duoxiang and the others should have arrived earlier.

Not long after, Su Mo came to the central square of Auroville, which is still super lively, and there are a lot of casual players setting up stalls here, selling all kinds of things.

Su Mo took a few glances and found that the items sold here are much higher than when he first came here, at least some weapons such as rocket launchers are starting to be sold.

It can also be seen from here that the progress is developing rapidly.

At this moment, Su Mo stopped, and from a distance he saw Sun Duoxiang and several people squatting in the corner.

Zhang Hao still had a cigarette butt in his mouth.

Except for Lan Xi, no matter how you look at it, they are all a group of gangsters, and the wanderers passing by are far away from them.

When Su Mo approached, Sun Duoxiang also saw Su Mo, stood up immediately, and shouted excitedly.

“Big brother, you’re here.”

“Well, is anyone here?”

Su Mo directly handed the backpack to Lan Xi.

“I contacted me just now, and they said it’s almost here, earlier than expected!”

Sun Duoxiang replies excitedly, this is the rhythm of making a fortune.


Su Mo nods.

“By the way, boss, I have a request.”

Sun Duoxiang licked his face and said.

“Why do you have so many things, talk about it.”

Su Mo was also helpless to him, and he didn’t finish talking about anything.

“big brother, that, wait for someone to come and talk about business, how about you entrust me with full authority?”

Sun Duoxiang said confidently, he Plan to make a good fortune and slaughter the other party.


Su Mo agreed directly.

“Okay, thank you big brother, I love you to death.”

Sun Duoxiang was about to burst into laughter, as if he saw a lot of money waving to him .

(end of this chapter)

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