Star Ring Mission Chapter 207


Chapter 207 Bargaining (one more)

Dawn at the Western District Airport, three F-777 fighter jets in high winds Whistling from within.

Without any adjustment or buffering, they landed wildly, with neat movements, and finally stopped slowly on the designated runway.

At the airport, the guarding Dawnbreaker Guild players were stunned when they saw this scene.

“Fuck, who are these people? With such a strong wind, they dare to make such a forced landing, and they are not afraid of the crash.”

“Ott, look They know the model of their aircraft, and they know the players in country E at a glance, and this level of emergency landing is trivial for them.”

“It makes sense, but why are they here with us?”

“Ghost knows, but today’s flight log contains their information. If they have applied in advance, don’t worry about it.”

At this time, the six people were wearing white shirts, black suits, and black Men and women in glasses got off the fighter plane.

He is a middle-aged man with white temples, a strong body and sharp eyes. Next to him was a blond, tall, fair-skinned young beauty, and the other four followed respectfully.

“General Cheska, we arrived a day earlier than expected (the game), could it be too early and seem like we’re a little impatient? And is this deal reliable? (translation) “

“Don’t call me general, call me Mr. Cheska. As for this deal, you don’t have to worry, I’ve confirmed with them on the way here, and I’m bound to get it. The Root Alienation Gene Potion can be said to be one of the highest potions that have been born.”

Czeska replied calmly.


In the central square of Auroville, Su Mo squatted on the ground and waited bored.

There was a commotion from the crowd in the distance.

Su Mo and the others subconsciously stood up and moved towards the riotous crowd. They could see Cheska and the others from a distance. After all, the difference in appearance was too obvious.

“People are here! It’s earlier than the agreed time.”

Sun Duoxiang said excitedly.

As he spoke, Sun Duoxiang waved to them.


Chaiska and the others keenly saw Sun Duoxiang beckoning and walked over.

Soon the two sides met in the corner, and their four subordinates dispersed their vigilance without any orders.

all around The people watching the lively crowd watched for a while, and when they saw that they were getting together with a group of people who looked a lot like gangsters, they lost interest and dispersed.

“Hello, you are a big-nosed wolf.”

Chaiska extended the hand to Sun Duoxiang, speaking fluent Z language.

“Haha, yes, yes! You should be Chai”

Sun Duoxiang extended the hand and greeted Chaiska with a warm handshake, but he seemed to forget the guy’s name what.

“Chaiska, well, since there is no problem with confirming the transaction object, let’s get down to business, do we bring what we want?”

Chaiska swift and decisive goes straight to the point.

“Of course, but did you bring what we want?”

Sun Duoxiang asked in a very old-fashioned way.

“That’s natural, Nasha.”

Chaiska raised her hand and Nasha, who was standing beside her, raised the mini suitcase in her hand, Then open straight up.

Type I gene drugΒ·CRID all-round gene resuscitation injection (perfect) is directly displayed.

After confirming, Lan Xi also took out the bottle of Alienization Master Gene Medicine from her backpack. However, when he took out the potion, Chaiska was very keen to see that there were still many genetic potions in the backpack, and his eyelids couldn’t help but jump.

Sun Duoxiang coughed and said, “If there is no problem with the goods, shall we start trading?”


At this time, Nasha said suddenly.

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Duoxiang looked at Nasha suspiciously.

“I don’t think this deal is fair. Our bottle of potion is obviously of a higher grade and better quality than the potion you used in exchange. I think you need to add more to make up for the difference.”

Nasha suggested very simply.

Sun Duoxiang’s face suddenly became overwhelmed. Isn’t this looking for trouble, making it difficult for him to step down in front of his big brother.

So Sun Duoxiang replied bluntly: “I don’t like to hear this, you go to the market and ask, how much is the high-level alienated version of the genetic medicine worth, and how popular is it? This bottle of potion has a relatively high level, but the market is not right, and the effect of using it is not very good. To put it in a bad way, I am willing to trade with you for your face, and I have not asked you to make up the price difference for me. ”

Just as the two sides were arguing, a transport plane roared from the sky in the distance.

In the northern defensive area, Lin Zinuo crossed Erlang’s legs and ate snacks leisurely.

At this time, Zhou Qian came over and reported to Lin Zinuohui helplessly.

“Sister Zinuo, those cerebral palsy groups are here again, do you want to shoot them down with missiles?”

“What missiles are used, how expensive are missiles, the last war almost killed us Their family properties are all gone. When they come down, let our people reward them with peanuts, which is the credit.”

“Okay, I’ll arrange it now.”


“Be careful and bring more people.”


Zhou Qian nodded replied.

The watchtower personnel in charge of vigilance in the Northern Region shouted excitedly: “Look, they’re parachuting!”

But before the words were finished, the sky was full of wind. The player who originally jumped to the suburbs, moved towards Dawn City and floated over.

In the area of Auroville Square, Sun Duoxiang and Nasha were negotiating fiercely.

Suddenly in the sky fell a paratrooper.

“Master Chaiska, there is a change!” (translation)

The four subordinates behind Chaiska immediately took out their AK-47 guns and aimed them at Su Mo. people.

Zhang Hao and Ma Ke were also unhappy and raised their QBZ-171 to face them.

Nasha couldn’t help but get nervous, while Sun Duoxiang was stunned. These people wouldn’t be really sick. They wanted to be black and black in the City of Dawn.

At this time, Chaiska raised his hand to stop himself.

“Put them down!”

The subordinates looked at each other and put their guns down.

At this time, Zhang Hao and Ma can see that they put down and put them down.

At this time, the paratroopers who jumped from the sky landed, and one of them, unfortunately, fell near Su Mo and them.

Su Mo glanced at him and felt that the other party was a bit like a player from R country.

Before Su Mo could think about it, the black crowd immediately moved towards the players who jumped down and rushed over. Soon those skydiving players were either tied up or beaten into pig heads.

There are even a lot of players recording in the video.

This is the right material, and if you turn it into a funny video, it will definitely be able to harvest a large number of fans.

“What’s the situation?”

Su Mo asked Lan Xi in a low voice, he was still confused.

Lan Xi lowered her voice and explained to Su Mo: “Su Mo, you probably didn’t pay attention to the facts. Haven’t we had a lot of conflict with players from country R recently? So many players volunteered to attack, among them A team of players attacked the Amaterasu guild base camp at night, causing them a lot of losses. Now they are clamoring for a counterattack, so people run over to harass us from time to time. These guys must have jumped in the wrong place.”

The corners of Su Mo’s mouth twitched slightly after listening.

(end of this chapter)

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