Star Ring Mission Chapter 208


Chapter 208 is very good (Second Update)

Sun Duoxiang coughed, breaking the silent atmosphere. When the guy messed up, he didn’t know what to talk about.

So he simply said ruthlessly: “Just change it for one! Love can’t be changed!”

Of course, Sun Duoxiang said this, but he was also very unsure, he was afraid that Su Mo would smoke. Own.

It turns out that he won the bet, and Nasha looked towards Cheska.

Chaiska made the final decision: “Deal!”

“Very good!”

Sun Duoxiang secretly sighed in relief, and he handed the potion to him. In the past, the two sides successfully exchanged potions!

“It’s a pleasure to trade with you, and I hope there will be opportunities in the future.”

Cheska said very frankly.

“There is no need to look back, there is a chance now, we still have a lot of genetic medicine, are you interested?”

Sun Duoxiang laughed the backpack in Lanxi’s hand, Take it and open it for them to see.

Chaiska motioned to Nasha to take a look, and Nasha understood the result of the backpack. Cautiously, I took out all the genetic medicines inside, and looked carefully at bottle after bottle.

Sun Duoxiang and the others watched with excitement. Whether they can make a fortune depends on now.

After a long time, Nasha checked all the genetic medicines, and her face showed a disappointed look.

“These are low-level genetic medicines. Although the quantity is large, the price is not high.”

“How much.”

Sun Duoxiang didn’t believe it. The bullshit of these people.

“Three hundred thousand!”

Nasa held out three fingers.

Sun Duoxiang jumped up as if his tail had been stepped on, and he replied with a dark face: “You robbery, so many bottles, only 300,000 yuan, let’s talk less. Millions! We sold five tanks for 150,000.”

Czeska was very calm and did not intend to participate, his eyes fell on Su Mo from time to time.

He was watching Su Mo, his gut feeling told himself. The core boss of this gang should be this youngster, but he actually exudes a very dangerous aura.

Of course, Su Mo was also observing Chaiska, and he was quite sure that this group of people were not ordinary players, and their tone of voice and behavior marked their identity.

Nasha explained to Sun Duoxiang very professionally: “At the beginning of Star Ring, due to the low output, naturally everything was expensive. I remember that some people made it not very long at the beginning of the game. A bottle of low-level genetic medicine is sold for 100W. But it is not worth that much now. As the progress of land reclamation improves, the output will only increase. This kind of low-level and inferior things will only depreciate. If If you don’t sell it today, it will only be cheaper tomorrow. Not to mention, some of your genetic medicines look a bit spoiled, and some even have fuzzy labels on them. The price I offered is very fair. “

“That’s 800,000! That’s too many bottles.”

Sun Duoxiang’s eyes were almost red.






Nasha responded with a smile.

Sun Duoxiang was annoyed when he heard the word “Deal”. Aiya, it didn’t play well, I knew it wouldn’t drop so much, maybe 550,000 can be sold.

“Don’t be heartbroken, sir, give us the card number, and we will transfer the money to you.”

Nasha showed a faint smile on her face, and exchanged the transaction before. , more or less they are at a loss. But the later packaging of these medicines is still profitable as a whole.

After all, the market is the market, so you may not be able to buy it, and you can buy so much at one time.

Sun Duoxiang endured the heartache and copied the card number to the other party.

Then Nasha and Sun Duoxiang went offline at the same time, not very long they went online, and shook hands, and the transaction was completed.

Chaiska said neatly: “This is the end of the deal, let’s go! Organic will meet again.”


Sun Duo Xiang squeezed out an ugly smile and replied.

Immediately, Cheska took people away. After all, this is not their territory, and they don’t have much sense of security after staying here for a long time.

After the people were gone, Su Mo gathered together.

Zhang Hao and the others all looked at Su Mo with a look of anticipation, waiting for him to distribute the proceeds.

Su Mo opened his mouth and said: “Let me briefly say, this time, in addition to the 500,000 yuan sold, there are also fire seeds, some healing potion, and that information. I think so. Yes, healing potion and Tinder are reserved for the team for emergency, I don’t want the money from the sale, I’ll take the materials and hand them in, do you have any comments?”

Sun Duoxiang and several others Replied with joy: “No opinion, thank you big brother!!”

“Then it’s settled, give me that gene injection.”

After Su Mo finalized the matter.

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly handed the genetic injection to Su Mo.


After Su Mo took it, he glanced at it, and injected it directly into his arm without the slightest hesitation.

Sun Duoxiang looked at Su Mo very curiously.

The moment Su Mo finished injecting, he felt as if his heart was being pinched, his muscles were in severe pain, and he stumbled directly to his knees, but fortunately he was on the ground with one hand.

But even so, Su Mo still felt as if his whole body was on fire.

The severe pain made it painful for him to even breathe.

“Boss, are you all right?”

Everyone was shocked.

At this moment, a pattern of flames appeared on Su Mo Su Mo’s chest, and then with it as the center, countless cracks spread out like spider webs, and red fireworks covered his whole body with the cracks.

Su Mo has bulging blue veins on his forehead, his whole body is steaming hot, and sweat the size of pearls keeps dripping.

Lan Xi hurriedly helped Su Mo and asked in a panic, “Su Mo, are you alright.

” How could this be? Those people wouldn’t sell us fake medicines, right? ?”

Sun Duoxiang’s head is a little confused.

“They probably haven’t gone far, let’s go find him! “

Zhang Hao and Ma Ke are also completely angry.

“Dare to pit our big brother and kill them!” “

Sun Duoxiang was also angry, and he said he was going to chase after those guys!

However, at this time, Su Mo extended the hand and grabbed Sun Duoxiang’s arm directly. Resisting the pain, he panted and said, “Don’t go, this potion is real! “

“Ah, big brother?” How could it be so painful. “

Sun Duoxiang was also stunned, completely unable to understand.

Su Mo didn’t reply to him, he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth and endured the pain as much as he could. I feel what the fuck. It is clearly written on the medicine that there are no side effects, but it is heart-rending pain to use. Next time, I really can’t fully believe the above words.

Time flies by little by little!

About half an hour later, Su Mo’s body pain was greatly reduced, and he slowly stood up.

“How are you feeling, big brother? “

Sun Duoxiang asked eagerly.

Su Mo took a deep breath, and in an instant the whole person’s breath changed qualitatively, and calmly replied: “Very good ! ”

(end of this chapter)

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