Star Ring Mission Chapter 209


Chapter 209 Meeting (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (three shifts)

At this moment, Su Mo feels better than ever , This feeling is very wonderful, I feel that the whole person is light and airy, the thoughts in the head have become extremely clear, and the thinking turns faster.

He clicked on the bracelet to open the Tinder column.

It was clearly written above.

Tier 1 fire evolution degree (10%)

Su Mo then opened the system log, and he clearly saw a prompt in it.

Tips: Congratulations on your successful use of Type I Gene PharmacyΒ·CRID Almighty Gene Recovery Injection (Perfect)

Tips 1: Congratulations on your 2.3-fold enhancement of the basic strength of all aspects of your body.

Tip 2: Congratulations on your Level 1 Radiation Resistance.

Tip 3: Congratulations on your Level 1 Antivirus.

Tips 4: Congratulations on strengthening your neural response by 2 times (the effect fluctuates)

Tips 5: Congratulations on 3 times your life toughness.

Tip 6: Congratulations on 1.3 times your brainpower.

Tip 7: Congratulations on successfully activating the hidden gene sequence, the mental strength is increased by 2 times.

Su Mo looked at the series of prompts and checked his body again to make sure that no organ had mutated, and he was extremely satisfied.

Sun Duoxiang and several people saw Su Mo say this, and they were also sighed in relief, and the matter was finally resolved by Perfection.

“Big brother, how do I think you don’t seem to have any special changes before and after the fight.”

Sun Duoxiang looked up and down Su Mo and asked suspiciously.

“Changes are bad vegetables. Traditional genetic medicines are designed to maintain the human form as much as possible, and the enhancement is limited. In short, it still belongs to the category of human beings, and there are not so many alienation medicines. Concerns, they are more for the pursuit of ultimate power. With the higher the degree of evolution, the human body will be infinitely close to alienation into monsters, and eventually the genes may overlap 100%, or even surpass monsters, when the time comes alienated players, unarmed It’s not impossible to tear up the mecha.”

Su Mo explained to Sun Duoxiang and the others that Su Mo has not been idle in the past two days. data of.

And he also discovered that his authority level had been elevated.


Sun Duoxiang and several others responded.

“Okay, nothing to do, I’ll go offline first, you can share the money equally.”

Su Mo is also ready to go offline.


Sun Duoxiang replied happily, although it sold for 500,000 yuan, but four people can share it, and they can get a lot of money.

Now they also have small assets. Of course, this asset is not enough for Imperial Capital, but it can also make normal people live well.

After Su Mo went offline, he took out his computer, plugged the cable into his helmet, and after his authorization and verification, he immediately started exporting his in-game images.

Soon he was exporting a pre-shot image.

This image carefully captured the information brought by the base, and Su Mo quickly processed it with professional software. Then organize it into a document, and then link to Ziqing’s printer in the living room to print it out.

Su Mo went to the living room to sort out the typed documents and brought them back to the room.

Then Su Mo took out the commendation letter from the drawer, looked at Chen Shan’s phone number and dialed it.


The phone was connected soon, and Chen Shan’s puzzled voice came from the phone.

“Who are you?”

“Hello, I’m Su Mo.”

“Haha, Su Mo brother, you’re calling me Now.”

“I have something to ask you, do you want to meet?”

Su Mo asked straight to the point.

“Convenient, everything is convenient. I was just about to invite you to a meal to express my thanks. It’s better to choose a day than to hit the sun, so let’s do it now. I’ll set the location right away, and I’ll send you the address later.”

Chen Shan is more active than Su Mo. He is worried that he can’t find a chance to ask Su Mo out.


Su Mo responded directly.

“See you there!”

After finishing speaking, Chen Shan hung up the phone.

Su Mo looked at the information in his hands and fell into thought!

In fact, he also considered handing it over to Qianchengxue, but then it was not suitable. After all, he’s doing private work, and he has to explain a lot to submit a document to such an unfathomable mystery. Although Qianchengxue’s character should not trouble him, but it was a little embarrassing after all.

Of course, there is also the most important point, Su Mo usually also follows the chat in the Legion group. He found out about the Haifeng Island incident. Although Qianchengxue was rewarded, he was also pushed to the forefront.

Many people in the guild are questioning her credit, thinking that Ye Wei and the others rescued her.

So at this juncture, it is better to have more than one less.

weng weng!

A message pops up from Su Mo’s phone, interrupting his thoughts. He opened the message and glanced at it, it was the location sent by Chen Shan.

This guy is really swift and decisive, so he got up and set off.

An hour later, Su Mo came to the Fifth Ring Area according to the address. He looked around and finally found the address on the message.

This is an authentic ground pot chicken. The store is quite large, but the location is not very good and very remote.

As soon as Su Mo pushed the door in, Chen Shan, who was sitting in the corner, shouted to him.

“Brother here.”

Su Mo followed the voice and looked over, then stepped forward and sat directly opposite Chen Shan.

“You came just right, this pot of chicken has just been stewed. I told you that the stewed chicken here is a must! Come and try it.”

Chen Shan is very enthusiastic to give Su Mo served a bowl.

“Thank you.”

Su Mo politely replied.

“It’s all my own, don’t be so polite, it’s rare to meet today, let’s have a drink.”

Chen Shan directly picked up a bottle of Erguotou with the height of the bottle and opened it, saying nothing Said to pour a full glass for Su Mo and myself.

Su Mo looked a little unnatural when he looked at the big glass of white wine.

But I couldn’t bear the warm greeting from Chen Shan.

Brace oneself took it over, and the two touched wine glasses.

One took a sip!


Chen Shan shouted happily, he hadn’t eaten meat and drink so much in a long time.

Su Mo took a sip and felt that his stomach was burning. He was really not used to drinking it.

“By the way, brother, what’s your business with me?”

Seeing that the atmosphere has risen, Chen Shan is full of anticipation and asks why Su Mo suddenly called him.

He thought to himself that Su Mo must have read the testimonials and wanted to join them.

However, Su Mo silently took out a document and handed it to Chen Shan.


Chen Shan was also taken aback, subconsciously took it, and he read it carefully.

Su Mo quietly eats the stewed chicken, which tastes really good.

After a while, Chen Shan probably finished reading the document, his eyes looking towards Su Mo became more and more different, and he had a little more admiration.

Although he is not an expert in medicine recipes, he can see that this valuable medicine information should be brought out from Star Ring.

This document is not a problem to sell for a good price, it is very easy to sell.

(end of this chapter)

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