Star Ring Mission Chapter 21


Chapter 21 Shock

The other three cars were so frightened that they braked quickly, but it was too late!

The huge thorn iron ball has swept over.

On the other side, Su Mo kicked the door and climbed out immediately.

“Big brother, you do it.”

The four of Sun Duoxiang endured the pain and climbed out. He just complained, but when he saw an extremely brutal scene, he couldn’t help shivering.

The guard cars that followed were all blown up by hammers, and the whole ground was blood dyed red.

Several of Zhang Hao’s surviving younger brothers escaped with crying father and mother moved towards Su Mo.

The little girl turned her head and moved towards Su Mo and the others, looking over, her mouth widened and she smiled.

β€œhehe! (*∩_∩*)”

At this moment, Su Mo and the others’ bracelets vibrated, and a prompt popped up.

“Type I variant.”


Su Mo shouted without the slightest hesitation, this monster gave him the feeling that it was dangerous Extremely strong, much stronger than that butcher, not on the same level. In the absence of heavy weapons, it is estimated that it is difficult to cause substantial damage to it.

Everyone hurriedly took out the strength to suckle and ran away desperately.

“Luck is too bad.”

Sun Duoxiang grimaced and complained.

“Don’t talk so much, if you have the strength, run quickly.”

Su Mo’s face is also extremely ugly.

At this time, Dandan dragged a huge iron ball, moved towards Su Mo, when they were about to catch up. As a result, a large group of zombies rushed over behind him, passed her directly, moved towards Su Mo and the others chasing after him.

“Su Mo, a lot of zombies are catching up.”

Lan Xi turned her head and glanced, and said to Su Mo nervously.

Su Mo heard Lan Xi’s words, turned his head and glanced, his heart sank to the bottom.

He looked left and right, his eyes locked on a 10th layer building in front of him, and he shouted.

“Go to that building!”


Zhang Hao responded quickly.

Immediately they rushed into the building, and Sun Duoxiang slammed the glass door back.


The whole door was crooked, and then fell to the ground.

“You can’t tap.”

Lan Xi was also anxious.

“I, I’ll just do it.”

“Go upstairs!”

Su Mo said solemnly, now is not the time to argue.

The tone barely fell, and the zombies squeezed in frantically, Zhang Hao and Mark immediately shot when they saw it.

peng peng ~~

Some zombies, who were not hit, continued to charge up.

Su Mo waved the Tang knife in his hand, and the knife hit the key point, one knife at a time.

The seven of them retreated upwards while fighting bloody battles.

But they were guarding the stairs and didn’t mean to hide in the room.

Not to mention that Su Mo is in the front, there is an imposing manner of one man holds the pass, blocking ten-thousand, no matter how many zombies come up, he can always kill them immediately.

The number of zombies that came up gradually seemed to be decreasing, and Lanxi and the others could not help but sighed in relief, as if they were temporarily safe.

However, the idea is that the beautiful reality is cruel. The bottom of the whole building has actually been surrounded by countless zombies.

Dandan, who was stuck in the middle by zombie, seemed angry. She dragged the huge iron ball and swept away, blocking her zombie, all like as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves, swept away.

Then she pulled the iron ball and moved towards the building step by step.

In the sixth layer of the building, Su Mo hacked to death the last zombie.

“Fortunately, it’s these guys who caught up.”

Sun Duoxiang said happily.

“What a shit, we are also trapped to death.”

Lan Xi helplessly said.

“Take a rest first, then think of a solution.”

Su Mo replied in a deep voice, and his thoughts are a little confused now. But according to memory, they should not be very far from Safety Sector. But the longer the delay, the worse they are.

It is obvious that a large number of people moved to the Safety Sector tonight, which will inevitably lead to a large number of corpses flocking to the Safety Sector. Although the Safety Sector must have taken precautions, its periphery will become more and more dangerous.


Suddenly, a loud bang sounded, and the whole building suddenly shook violently.

“What’s the situation?”

Sun Duoxiang asked in horror while leaning on the handrail.

“I don’t know.”

Zhang Hao has never seen such a situation.

“Why do I feel that the building is crooked.”

Lan Xi said tremblingly.

Su Mo’s face changed suddenly and replied: “It’s the mutant, she’s demolishing the building!”

“No, it’s so perverted, then what should we do?”

Sun Duoxiang held the handrail tightly,

“Go to the rooftop!”

Su Mo led them moved towards the upstairs and ran wildly.

“Okay, okay”

Soon they all rushed to the entrance of the rooftop. Just as Sun Duoxiang went up to open the door, Su Mo held his hand.

“Don’t open it yet.”

“Huh? Why?”

“The building is about to collapse, and if you go out now, you may be thrown out. Everyone grabs the handrail, we will meet the impact here, and we will go out when the building collapses on the adjacent building.”

Su Mo said with all his strength. When he entered the building, he observed the terrain all around. As long as the building is of good quality and does not fall forward, there are buffer points in the other three directions.

Now all they can do is pray and bless the house from falling apart.


Lan Xi and the others all hugged the armrests.


Under its powerful attack, the building tilted more and more, and finally the whole building fell towards the right side.


The huge vibration sent Sun Duoxiang and the others flying. Some of them slammed into the wall, some rolled down, and screamed in pain. But thanks to their immediate ability to cover their heads with their hands, there was no downsizing. But even so, one by one still kowtowed to the ground.

After Su Mo stabilized his body, he went up to open the door of the rooftop. Now he is most afraid that the door of the rooftop will be deformed and stuck, and it will be troublesome.

But luckily, all of a sudden It was opened, he turned his head and shouted at Lan Xi and the others.

“Get up, let’s go!”

Lan Xi gritted his teeth and got up, not bothering to check his injuries, and left.

Su Mo entire group went to the rooftop, at this time the whole building just dumped on the rooftop of a building next door, they rushed over immediately.


The collapsed building shook violently again, and Dandan was still smashing the building frantically. It seemed that he was very dissatisfied with the dumping and wanted to completely collapse the entire building.

Su Mo and the others stumbled, their balance was not good, they fell directly and rolled over like rollers.

Some then slammed into the concrete protective wall of the roof.


Sun Duoxiang and the others clutched their chests and let out a painful wailing sound, almost dying, but the pain was weakened,

“Come on! This building is going to collapse”

Su Mo put his hands on the ground, turned over and jumped up, and jumped straight into the roof of another sixth layer. Fortunately, the quality of these houses is very good, unlike the bean curd dregs project, which is broken when it is smashed. However, the place where it was hit also collapsed a layer. Then Su Mo shouted to Lan Xi and the others, and his intuition told him that the building was not very long before it collapsed.

Lan Xi stood up staggeringly and ran over.

Su Mo extend the hand and pull them over one by one.

“Wait for me.”

Sun Duoxiang, who was running at the back, shouted anxiously.

(end of this chapter)

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