Star Ring Mission Chapter 211


Chapter 211 Fitting (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (five shifts)

Two security guards are attentive for Su Mo Open the door with Lin Zino.

Lin Zinuo walked down and skillfully took out two 50 bills as tips and handed them to the two.

“Thank you.”

The two security guards happily accepted and thanked them.

Su Mo was also a little surprised, Lin Zino was a little more generous and brought him to such a high level place.

“Today I will show you how people in the upper class consume. Of course, this is not the highest level shopping mall in Imperial Capital, but here, I also have a lot of things that I can’t afford.”

As Lin Zinuo said, he had no confidence.

In fact, she brought Su Mo here for a special reason, she wanted to let Su Mo know the importance of money.

Otherwise this guy will make money back and throw money all over the place, or set off debts.

“I don’t care.”

Su Mo replied faintly.

Lin Zino can be pissed off by Su Mo’s attitude.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Zinuo pulled Su Mo directly inside.

Soon the two entered the mall, which was super lively and full of stylish and good-looking customers.

At a glance, rows of high-end stores are open.

A handsome little fresh meat or a beautiful girl is standing at the entrance of each store, greeting the passing guests warmly.

Lin Zino said nothing and pulled Su Mo moved towards a large men’s clothing store in front.

“Welcome! Do you need any help from me?”

A young and capable shopping guide greeted her with a smile on her face.

Lin Zino said straight to the point: “Bring up your new clothes.”

“No problem!”

The female shopping guide Hearing Lin Zinuo’s words, his eyes lit up. Today’s performance is promising.

“Just buy a set.”

Su Mo felt very uncomfortable, so he gave Lin Zino a vaccination in advance.

“Alright, I understand, you can rest assured.”

Lin Zino replied at will.

Su Mo listened to Lin Zino’s answer and was not at all relieved.


A whole row of hangers was pushed over, with dozens of different styles of clothes and trousers hanging on them.

“This one, this one, this one.”

Lin Zino extended the hand, pointing to a suit of clothes.

“It’s almost there.”

Su Mo saw that Lin Zinuo was getting more and more points, and his expression was a little unbearable.

“Okay, don’t need any of these, try the others.”

Lin Zinuo said with a big smile.

Su Mo’s face turned dark, and he asked with a somewhat unbearable expression.

“We’ll just buy one set, why try so many?”

“If you don’t try a few sets, how do you know which one looks the best? The clothes here are so expensive. Of course, you have to choose carefully. You can rest assured, no one will say anything, service is paramount here, go and try it!”

Lin Zino happily pushed Su Mo to the fitting room.

Su Mo’s face turned black. This was to play his rhythm to death. He was a little doubtful that Lin Zinuo was deliberately trolling him.

But there is a saying that is good, don’t reach out and don’t hit the smiling person, after all, people are kind enough to bring themselves to buy clothes.

It was no accident that Su Mo was pushed into the fitting room, and Lin Zinuo took four or five sets of clothes and stuffed them directly to him.

“Wait, take my cell phone for me, don’t lose it.”

Su Mo took out the only belongings from his pocket and handed it to Lin Zino.

“Aiya, it’s just an old phone, don’t worry.”

Lin Zinuo said happily.

Su Mo sighed, closed the door of the fitting room, and reluctantly tried on the clothes.

Soon Su Mo got dressed and walked out.

Lin Zinuo’s eyes shined immediately. Sure enough, people rely on beautiful clothes and beautiful photos. After changing into serious clothes, the whole person is much more handsome and more attractive.

It’s a shame this guy isn’t going to be a pretty boy.

“Is it possible? Or let’s just do this.”

Su Mo asked helplessly seeing that Lin Zinuo didn’t speak for a long time.

“No, try again!”

Lin Zino couldn’t help but push Su Mo forward again!

After more than an hour, Su Mo was vomiting blood, and he had never felt that time had passed so long.

He didn’t even remember how many outfits he tried on.

As for Lin Zinuo, she was leaning on the sofa leisurely, waiting quietly to enjoy the fashion show, in a very good mood!

Su Mo’s phone vibrated and a video chat popped up.

At this time, when Lin Zinuo picked up Su Mo’s mobile phone, he accidentally touched the ON button.

Immediately the video communication was connected.

Sun Duoxiang’s face appeared on the phone, he licked his face and shouted: “big brother, let’s have dinner together to celebrate tonight, you see Lan Xi is here.”

“It’s you!”

Lin Zinuo just wanted to apologize, but it was Sun Duoxiang, that coward! said angrily.

Sun Duoxiang was also stunned. He looked at Lin Zinuo carefully, and was also taken aback.

“Fuck~ Isn’t this the evil star of the Dawnbreak Guild?”

Wait~ Sun Duoxiang suddenly realized, no wonder Su Mo was so happy to join the Dawnbreaker Guild at that time. Wouldn’t it be just to see this beauty.

Looking at the situation in front of you again, the boss is the boss, the speed of development is too fast, so let’s get started.

It’s no wonder that I ignored him for half a day, the relationship is dating!

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Sun Duoxiang hung up the communication after he finished speaking.


Lin Zinuo was about to speak, but the communication was cut off, her face darkened! This guy runs really fast.

On the other side, Zhang Hao, Lan Xi and Ma Ke all asked Sun Duoxiang curiously.

“How is it, is Su Mo coming?”

“Big brother can’t come, let me tell you. Big brother is dating a beautiful girl from the Dawnbreaker Guild, I said he Why don’t you come. And the big brother is worthy of being a big brother. It’s very awesome to get started so quickly. It’s only been a few days.”

Sun Duoxiang praised with high eyebrows.

“It’s amazing!”

The two of Zhang Hao also echoed.

Lan Xi heard Sun Duoxiang’s words, her originally good mood suddenly fell to the bottom, and her spirit was a little dazed.

“What’s wrong with you, Lanxi?”

Sun Duoxiang was talking and found that Lanxi’s expression was a bit wrong.

“I’m a little uncomfortable, or you can go to eat at night.”

“Don’t, wait, you shouldn’t”

Sun Duoxiang was also stunned, he looked at Lan Xi’s lost expression. Immediately reacted, damn, Lan Xi must not have a crush on Su Mo.

Thinking of this, Sun Duoxiang immediately patted his mouth.

“Look at my stinky mouth, I’m just joking and talking nonsense, don’t take it seriously!”

“It’s okay.”

Lan Xi finished speaking Turned around and left.

In the shopping center, Su Mo came out with another set of clothes. He looked at Lin Zino angrily.

“It’s almost there.”

“One more set, the last one.”

Lin Zinuo smiled and picked up a set of casual clothes and handed it to Su Mo, push him in, she’s never brought a boy to buy clothes, it’s really funny.

“Hey~ I’ve agreed, the last set.”

Su Mo said patiently.

“Okay, okay.”

Lin Zino also saw that Su Mo was almost at his limit.

Su Mo saw that Lin Zinuo agreed, so he didn’t say anything, and closed the door of the fitting room again.

At this time, a couple of intimate men and women in the distance walked into this high-end men’s clothing store.

“Young Master Ye, let me help you choose a dress.”

The heavy makeup beauty said delicately.

“Okay, okay.”

The handsome guy laughed replied, this man is none other than Ye Jing who was collecting things in the gym before, and the girl next to him was It’s Tang Zhi. When the two met, it was a match made in heaven, one wanted money and the other wanted a girl.

(end of this chapter)

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