Star Ring Mission Chapter 212


Chapter 212 Scumbag

Ye Jing and Tang Zhi walked into the store intimately, and Ye Jing met him. I saw Lin Zino.

He is also a little surprised, why is Lin Zinuo here? Still dressed like this, I almost didn’t recognize it. However, he is also a member of the Breaking Dawn Group, and Lin Zinuo is also an executive of the group. He has to say hello when they meet, so he shouted.

“Miss Zinuo, what a coincidence.”

Tang Zhi saw Ye Jing greet a pure girl, although her expression didn’t change. But she was secretly vigilant in her heart, she finally hugged her thigh, how could she not be snatched away so quickly.

“Ye Jing?”

Lin Zinuo turned his head to look over, his heart skipped a beat, his luck was really bad, how did he meet this guy.

Ye Xue’s cousin, the current manager of the purchasing department of the Breaking Dawn Group, is a well-known playboy in the group.

Of course, Lin Zinuo replied with a smile: “Isn’t this Young Master Ye?”

“Haha, what Young Master Ye, we are all part of a group. People, just call me Ye Jing, by the way, are you here to accompany your friends to try on clothes?”

Ye Jing replied very modestly, don’t look at him as a Ye Family member, he is so rich, Poor fat. In fact, he has no real power, but Lin Zinuo is different. Although she has no money, she is a real executive with thousands of people.

“Young Master Ye is so kind. I’m here to accompany a friend to pick out some clothes.”

Lin Zinuo replied simply, she was thinking about how to make this as soon as possible. When the guy passed away.

Su Mo came out after changing into his last clothes and said tiredly: “Okay.”

“It’s you!”

Tang Zhi looked When Su Mo came out, his face suddenly changed and he lost his voice.

Su Mo didn’t notice Tang Zhi until he heard the voice, and his expression suddenly turned cold.

“You know him?”

Ye Jing was also very surprised to see Su Mo, but was even more surprised by Tang Zhi’s reaction. It stands to reason that Su Mo and Tang Zhi have nothing to do with each other.

Tang Zhi’s thoughts turned quickly, she glanced at Lin Zino, then at Su Mo who was trying on clothes, and she probably guessed what was going on.

So she said in a mystifying tone: “Sister Zinuo, younger sister Rong, be fair. This guy is a standard scumbag, and he has been hooking up with a girl named Lanxi in our guild. Those who hook up, didn’t expect to turn around and lie to you, just like a beast with two boats.”

After hearing Tang Zhi’s words, Lin Zinuo’s first reaction was to take pleasure in other people’s misfortune , Su Mo will also be confronted face to face. Of course, she didn’t believe it instinctively. As for his character, if he could hook up with girls, it would be called the sun came out of the west. Of course, if the girls took the initiative to hook up with him, he would say something else.

“Don’t talk about Tang Zhi, it’s almost done, maybe there is some misunderstanding.”

Ye Jing didn’t want to offend Su Mo, Su Mo is a newly emerging expert in the guild. So what if Su Mo has two boats? The slutty he has never cared about this kind of thing. In his eyes, women are like clothes.

If you like it, wear it for a few more days, and if you don’t like it, change it.

“Young Master Ye, no one said nonsense. He even used fire to resurrect the girl from our guild in order to pick up girls. Maybe he is using your guild’s resources privately.”

Tang Zhi replied with a very aggrieved look.

Hearing Tang Zhi’s words, Ye Jing became a little uneasy. It would be too much to use fire to pick up girls. Every fire in the guild is extremely precious.

is it possible that I really misunderstood, Su Mo is really bad character?

Lin Zinuo originally had the look of watching a play, watching Tang Zhi tear Su Mo, only to hear the word Tinder.

Suddenly thought of something, looked at Su Mo in amazement: “Should there be fire in those things in Su Mo?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?”

Su Mo asked nonchalantly.

“I did you really use it?”

Lin Zinuo looked like she wanted to cry without tears. This guy is really a wasterel and really used fire. If Sister Xue knew that this guy not only took so many sets of second-generation armor, but also the fire would probably hit the wall.

Tang Zhi saw Lin Zinuo’s astonished expression, as if she really didn’t know about this, and was overjoyed in her heart.

“Zi Nuo, logically speaking, I shouldn’t be involved in this matter, but the precious resource of fire, which is used by the people of the grand guild, is a bit too much.”

Ye Jing also opened the mouth and said.

“Just use it, what’s the problem? I still have one. Besides, this is what the head of the regiment promised me. I can use it as I want.”

Su Mo responded coldly.


Lin Zinuo also said in a helpful way.

Ye Jing originally wanted to say something, but after hearing what Lin Zino said, his thoughts quickly came to his senses, laughed replied: “haha, I’m just joking, Su Mo brother Don’t worry about it.”

Tang Zhi just wanted to say something.

Ye Jing glared at Tang Zhi directly. Although Tang Zhi was reluctant, she could only bear it.

Lin Zinuo touched her forehead, her head hurt a little, she didn’t feel in the mood to be futile with Ye Jing here, so she said.

“Young Master Ye, we’ve picked out our clothes and let’s go first, you can stroll around freely.”

“Okay, walk slowly.”

Ye Jing laughed replied .

Lin Zinuo directly took the five sets of clothes that he had chosen and pulled Su Mo moved towards the checkout counter.

Not very long, the two left the men’s clothing store after paying the bill. Lin Zinuo asked impatiently, “How many good things did you pick up?”

“What do you want to do? Huh?”

Su Mo replied in confusion.

“cheapskate, it’s not good to ask, really, I won’t ask you to ask for it. And you don’t really use fire to pick up girls, or are you kind?”


Lin Zino looked at Su Mo very worriedly, no matter what the reason was, things were very serious.

A straight guy like Su Mo usually doesn’t make eye contact with a girl. But if you are really hooked up by a girl, it will be difficult to get him back heavenly ascension, because he is a stubborn guy.

If it was the second situation, he used it indiscriminately. If Sister Xue knew about it, she would really cry.

“I used Tinder for Lan Xi because she saved me. I don’t like to owe people, what’s the problem?”

“No problem.”

After Lin Zinuo finished listening, he secretly sighed in relief,

Su Mo saw Lin Zinuo’s frightened and flustered appearance, and felt more and more interesting, just when he opened his mouth to say something.

Suddenly, an excited shout came from a distance.

“Sister Zinuo, Su Mo!”

Lin Zinuo followed the voice and saw Zhou Qian and the others moving towards them waving not far ahead, Lin Zinuo He touched his forehead involuntarily.

“Did you not read the almanac when you went out today?”

Su Mo was speechless for a while, not knowing what to say.

Zhou Qian and other girls ran over, they looked at Su Mo and Lin Zinuo, and said with a gossip smile: “Sister Zinuo, you are too much. .”

“Don’t talk nonsense, it doesn’t matter, let’s go out for a walk.”

Lin Zinuo explained quickly, but it seemed that the more the explanation, the darker it was.

“Go shopping and buy clothes for Su Mo?”

(end of this chapter)

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