Star Ring Mission Chapter 213


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“cough cough, as his boss, what’s wrong with me caring about my subordinates? Besides, he is also the great god of our group, so he must give some benefits.”

Lin Zinuo defended with a guilty conscience.

“We understand.”

“Okay, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t talk nonsense, but Zinuo Sister, should you invite us to dinner?”

Zhou Qian did not forget to seal her mouth.

β€œYou guys.”


At the entrance of the Big Bones Hotel, Sun Duoxiang, Zhang Hao and Ma Ke got out of the van. Lan Xi sent it back.

They weren’t very interested in seeing Lan Xi, so they didn’t force her.

Walking into the restaurant, Sun Duoxiang shouted arrogantly: “Lady Boss!”

There is a saying, money brings confidence, he is coming to fiercely today Consume a handful.

But he just finished shouting!


A pair of eyes looked towards the three.

The three of Sun Duoxiang were also stunned for a moment. Only then did they realize that the entire restaurant table was full of people, and they seemed to be all the way.

“Who are you? Who let you in?”

A man in a suit stood up and asked rudely.

Sun Duoxiang was also annoyed by this question: “Who am I, none of your business, I come here for dinner, what are you pretending to be?”

“What did you say? , we have reserved the restaurant, please go out.”

The people next to them pointed at Sun Duoxiang and said.

Zhang Hao and Ma Ke looked at each other, silently moved towards the broom next to the door, and leaned over, ready to copy the guy if they disagreed. this kind of thing.

Sun Duoxiang replies displeased: “Who allowed you to book the room, we have already booked the room.”

At this time, a male manager hurried over with a smile on his face said: “Brother Sun, Brother Zheng misunderstood!”

“Manager Zhao, we have packed the hotel, what do you mean by that.”

He took the lead and called Zheng Lu The man looked towards Zhao Sheng.

“Oh, Brother Zheng, you really misunderstood. When Brother Hu packaged, we greeted Brother Hu in advance. Our room 203 has already been reserved, so we can’t package it all for you. Brother Hu means to free up 203 private rooms, which is owned by Brother Sun.”

Zhao Sheng explained quickly.

After Zheng Lu heard it, his expression was a little ugly, and he sat back coldly snorted.

Although Sun Duoxiang was full of fire, he couldn’t do anything about it. “

“Let’s go upstairs!” “

“Come on, please come to Brother Sun.” “

Zhao Shengsheng was afraid of a conflict, so he quickly led Sun Duoxiang upstairs.

“Who?” “

Sun Duoxiang asked according to the displeasure in his heart.

“Brother Sun, don’t ask, you can’t afford to offend anyway. “

Manager Zhao Sheng really wanted to send Sun Duoxiang away. Isn’t this adding to the mess. But there is no way, Lady Boss is determined not to let Sun Duoxiang’s pigeons go.

Although Sun Duoxiang felt unhappy, because it was an old friend’s shop, he didn’t dare to mess around. At this time, they went up to the second floor, and when they passed by private room 201, the private room door was open.

A voice came from the private room.

“I said Xiaolian, you can earn a few cents by working so hard to run this restaurant. Look at the thieves of the several brothers in Star Ring, I heard that you also played Star Ring, how about my brother take you. “

“Brother Hu, you’re joking, I’m just having fun, so I won’t bother you.” “

“No trouble, brother said he always counts, I tell you how many people are begging us to take them, we are too lazy to take them, you just have to have a drink with us, come. “

After Sun Duoxiang heard it, he exploded in an instant, and the bubble girl blew up on his head.

Who knows that he is chasing Xiaolian.

So Sun Duoxiang directly broke into the private room, and saw a big man with a shaved head, five or six thick, holding a glass of white wine and forcing Xiaolian to drink.

Always pungent Xiao Lian, who was holding back her anger at this time, said in a good voice.

“Brother Hu, I really don’t know how to drink. “

“That’s not good, you have to give me a drink today no matter what. “

Sun Xiaohu continued to push the wine over, the other hand was not honest.

“I’m coming Hah!”

Sun Duoxiang’s mind became hot, She stepped forward and grabbed the wine glass.

Xiaolian turned her head to look, and she was both happy and worried when she saw Sun Duoxiang.

“Who are you, what kind of onion are you? , is this wine you can drink if you want?”

Sun Xiaohu scolded with displeased expression, and the group of younger brothers in the private room all stood up, all showing bad expressions.

Xiaolian hurriedly pulled Sun Duoxiang and said to Brother Hu.

“Brother Hu, misunderstanding”

Sun Duoxiang only reacted at this time, as if he had stabbed a hornet’s nest .If it were changed to usual, he would definitely be cowardly, but now he really doesn’t want to back down.

“No misunderstanding, since you said that I am not qualified to drink, then what qualifications do you have to force Xiaolian to drink. “

“I won’t let her drink for nothing, but my brother has the strength to take her.” “

“I don’t need you to bring it, I won’t bring it myself, and it’s your turn. “

“What a big breath, where are you from?” “

Sun Xiaohu looked at Sun Duoxiang up and down, but he didn’t remember this person.

“I am from the Wuji Guild.” “

Sun Duoxiang braved oneself to give up.

“Haha, I thought you belonged to the Martial God Guild, and your feelings belonged to the Martial God Guild.” Boy, let me tell you, we belong to the Mori Ye Guild, and Xiao Jie is our big brother! Our big brother has just killed the Type III elite monster and completed the Type III mutation to achieve the first kill, but we will be number one expert in the future! Now it is known to everyone, known to everyone! “

Sun Xiaohu said with great brilliance.

In fact, the entire third Legion of the Mori Ye Guild is celebrating, and they have booked a lot of luxury hotels. But due to too many people Too many, impossible to accommodate, so many of the following brothers went outside, built a restaurant to celebrate by themselves, and when the time comes, the guild will reimburse.

Sun Duoxiang’s face became more and more unable to hang, this is not to let him in Xiao Lian was embarrassed in front of him, so he pretended to be here.

So Sun Duoxiang got hot and blurted out!

“It’s not a Type III elite monster, what’s so great about it? of! ”

As soon as these words came out, Brother Hu and the others were furious, and he took out the wine bottle and smashed it on the ground.


The whole Bottle of wine all split up and in pieces!

“Boy, how dare you insult our big brother. If you don’t say why today, don’t even think about getting out of here! “

“That’s right! “

The Sen Ye Guild players present had their eyes bursting with fire, knowing that Xiao Jie was no different from a god in their hearts.

Sun Duoxiang suddenly woke up, He knew he had said the wrong thing.

I was in a dilemma for a while, and didn’t know how to end it.

But he didn’t want to be cowardly at this time, so Brace oneself said.

“Okay, you wait. “

Then he stepped aside and picked up the phone to call Su Mo.


The call was connected soon.

At this time, Su Mo was eating hot pot with Zhou Qian and the others, and he asked tiredly.

“Why? “

Sun Duoxiang sorted out his emotions and said to Su Mo: “Boss, someone is touching my girl and pretending to be forceful in front of my girl. It’s really unbearable and unbearable.” Can’t let me wear one too. “

“Whatever I thought, it’s up to you!” “

Su Mo didn’t care to answer, so he hung up the phone.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Sun Duoxiang immediately sighed in relief. Self-confidence also came back, and his confidence also changed. That’s enough.

He proudly picked up his mobile phone, called up a video, and pointed it at Brother Hu and the others.

“open wide your dog eyes, look at the father. Killed monster, type III general! Your big brother is a ball! What are you doing just killing the elite? ”


Sun Xiaohu and the others looked over, everyone’s faces were dull, the whole room was absolute silence.


ps: I am going back to my hometown for the funeral. I will keep two updates in the past few days, and I will add more later. Please forgive me.

(end of this chapter)

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