Star Ring Mission Chapter 214


Chapter 214 Sensation

Even Xiao Lian on the side pulled Sun Duoxiang a little nervously.

“Sun Duoxiang”

Sun Duoxiang was in a state of excitement at this time, he said to Xiaolian: “It’s okay, I just let these bastards know what is there is Person Beyond the Person, there is Heaven beyond the Heaven! Understand the importance of humility.”


Suddenly a flash of light came on.

Sun Duoxiang was also stunned, looking towards Sun Xiaohu.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, I don’t believe you are really that strong. I want to post it on the forum and let people identify it. If you were born with a video It’s true, several brothers apologize to you!”

The more Sun Xiaohu thought about it, the more embarrassed he felt, the more impossible he felt, so he planned to post the photo on the Internet to see if it was approved or synthesized by himself. .


Sun Duoxiang’s face showed a look of fear, he just wanted to pretend, not to pierce the sky.

Unfortunately, it was too late, Sun Xiaohu sent the photos taken directly to the forum. And it is also accompanied by a striking title, the first kill of the III-type general-level monster, please verify the authenticity!

“What? Coward?”

Seeing Sun Duoxiang’s uneasy expression, Sun Xiaohu felt more and more that his guess was correct.

“big brother, the click rate of your post is soaring!”

At this time, the brother next to Sun Xiaohu was holding his mobile phone and replied in amazement.

Sun Duoxiang also quickly picked up his mobile phone and quickly clicked on the forum. Soon he searched for the post posted by Sun Xiaohu, and after a while, the hit rate broke through hundreds of thousands!

The crash-bang of comments skyrocketed like a snowflake.

Zhang Hao and Ma Ke, who were following behind Sun Duoxiang, asked in horror, “What about Brother Sun?”

“What are you afraid of, they will do whatever they want, what is there? It’s amazing.”

Sun Duoxiang said with a guilty conscience, thinking that he had already reported to the big brother anyway.

At this time, a younger brother shouted excitedly: “big brother, look at it, the authoritative Appraisal Master Professor Wu left a message, he said that this photo is real! There is no possibility of forgery, it is not just Star Ring. There is a specific anti-counterfeiting pattern exported from the game, and from the magnification of the details, there is no problem.”

Hearing the younger brother’s words, Sun Xiaohu’s expression changed for a while, and finally he seemed to have made up his mind and moved towards Sun Duoxiang come over.

Sun Duoxiang instinctively took a step back.

“What do you want?”

“big brother, we made a mistake, I’m sorry, please forgive us a lot.”

Sun Xiaohu gave Sun Duoxiang a standard 90-degree bow, and he almost knelt down to him. He perfectly explained what it means to be able to bend and stretch.

Just kidding about being able to kill a Type III general level player, what kind of existence is that? Even a diaosi can instantly turn over and become the most dazzling existence in the world.

It’s too easy to pick them up.

Sun Duoxiang’s head was dizzy, but he didn’t turn around.

Before Sun Duoxiang came back to his senses, Sun Xiaohu winked at four Brother Zhou, hurry up!


In a split second, no one left, only Sun Duoxiang and a few others were left in place.

“It’s over, it’s a big disaster.”


In the early morning of the next day, Lin Zinuo came to the office building in a very good mood.

Today, the company is very lively, and a colleague gathers together and is discussing something hotly.

“You said this photo is real or fake?”

“It must be real, how many experts jumped out and hammered it!”

“No way , how could such a small martial arts guild produce such an awesome God?”

“You are wrong, it’s not the Great God, but the Great God’s father!!!”

“What are you doing together?”

Lin Zinuo came over suspiciously and asked.

“Sister Zino, you are here, we are discussing the super god. Yesterday someone posted a photo of killing a Type III general-level monster.”

“Really? I’ll take a look.”

Lin Zinuo was also shocked that such a sensation happened.


The sisters all around handed their mobile phones to Lin Zino.

Lin Zinuo took it over and took a look, his eyes widened. She looked at the photo in which Sun Duoxiang stood on the monster’s body and took a selfie with a smug look.

Her first reaction was to speak.

“This is impossible!”

“When we looked at this photo at the time, we thought it was unlikely. But later, after the authoritative certification of many experts, they all said it was true. The person who posted the post is a member of the Mori Ye Guild, and it is said that he had a quarrel with this great god, and the other party only revealed it when he was angry, otherwise people would be very low-key.”

The corners of Lin Zinuo’s mouth kept twitching. , just that coward, who can kill such a strong monster, she doesn’t believe it.

Wait, Lin Zino suddenly remembered something, Su Mo seems to have driven mecha away for private work not long ago, and this guy was still looking for Su Mo yesterday.

This monster should not be killed by Su Mo!

Lin Zinuo thought of this, and looked more and more seriously at the wound on the monster’s body, which was obviously a wound caused by a long spear type of weapon. Seeing this, Lin Zino became more and more certain that this was what Su Mo killed.

Thinking of this, Lin Zinuo returned the phone to all the sisters around, turned and moved towards his office.

At the same time, Lin Zino picked up the phone and dialed Su Mo’s number.

“Sorry, the number you dialed is currently on the phone, please dial later!”

Hearing this prompt tone, Lin Zino was a little mad, Su Mo this smelly brat, it’s harder to find him every time than heavenly ascension.

At this time, in the Wuji Guild’s resident building, in the separate bathroom, Sun Duoxiang was shiver coldly calling Su Mo.

Outside the toilet, there were densely packed people.

Chen Jiadong, the president of the Wuji Guild, and a group of executives are squeezing ugly smiles, accompanying a group of airborne bigwigs.

Vice-President Lin Yao of Martial God Guild came with a dozen executives, who were all waiting outside the toilet at this time.

“I said Chen Jiadong, you have such a strong expert in your club, but you didn’t realize it, and you haven’t reused it yet. You only gave a Small Captain position. You know you are serious dereliction of duty.”


Lin Yao looked towards Chen Jiadong without anger.

Chen Jiadong wiped his forehead with sweat and said, “Lord Lin Yao, I really didn’t mean it, Sun Duoxiang, the great god of this level, deliberately hides his strength, how could I see it. But I thought it was very strange last time. The city stronghold on the west side was occupied, and the director Chen Xin died. This kid escaped unscathed. He was really stupid. Now I know that he is so strong! “

“Stupid, what about his contract?”

Lin Yao asked coldly.


Chen Jiadong quickly took out a contract signed by Sun Duoxiang when he joined the club.

Lin Yao opened it and looked at it, and threw it aside without saying a word, which shocked everyone present.

“Sir Lin Yao, this is this?”

“hmph, this contract is useful for restraining the ordinary person, it is useless to restrain such a great god. I don’t know now. How many people want to poach him. If there is no way to re-sign the contract later, you should just wait to step down. Such an important matter was actually poked by the people of the Forest Night Guild. Is it shameful? Those idiots put things directly on the forum, instead of telling their supervisors in private. Otherwise, people will be poached, and you won’t know.”

The more Lin Yao said, the more annoyed he became!

(end of this chapter)

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