Star Ring Mission Chapter 215


Chapter 215 Carry it yourself

“Lord Chen Jiadong, you are right, we will definitely not make mistakes next time.”

“Next time?”

“No next time, I will never make the same mistake, or I will urge Sun Duoxiang to hurry up?”

“What are you urging, people are going to the toilet, all they want is to have fun, what do you want?”


“Wait for me”

As for the bathroom, Sun Duoxiang kept calling Su Mo, but the phone didn’t get through.

Su Mo had just woken up and was taking a shower.

After he finished washing, he returned to the room, only to see his phone ringing constantly, he picked it up and took a look, good guy!

Sun Duoxiang made more than 30 phone calls to himself, almost seamlessly.

So Su Mo picked up.

“Hey, what’s the matter!”

“Big brother help, you finally answered my call.”

Sun Duoxiang was so excited I was about to cry.

“What’s the matter!”

Su Mo sighed, asked helplessly.

“Big brother, I’ve pierced the sky, those bastards posted their photos on the forum, and now everyone in our guild is asking me if I was the monster I killed. Even Martial God The Vice-President of the guild came down to dig me, they kept asking me if I killed him and where is the monster’s body, I can’t stand it anymore, please help me!”

Sun Duoxiang explained to Su Mo with tears in his eyes.

eyelids twitched after Su Mo listened.

“You’re really going to cause trouble for me.”

“Big brother, I just want to pretend, didn’t expect those people to make things bigger, and big brother Brother, I didn’t ask you in advance.”

“It’s so hard to pretend, even if you are kneeling, you are absolutely not allowed to give me out! As for how to tell lies and explain, I believe in you There shouldn’t be any problem with my talent, right?”

“But big brother, if I admit that I killed it, and when the time comes they treat me as an expert, I’m really screwed. I didn’t That ability! Big brother, you have to save me!”

Sun Duoxiang cried.

Su Mo pondered for a few seconds and replied: “You’d better find a way to stay in the Martial God Guild now, don’t run to the Martial God Guild, or you will absolutely die badly. The method of refusal is very simple, at worst, it’s enough to put extremely harsh conditions on them to keep them away.”

“Is that okay?”

“It’s okay, and it’s absolutely not allowed to give me Sell it, or you will die.”

Su Mo bluntly warned Sun Duoxiang.

“I understand, big brother, don’t worry, I will not betray you if you beat me to death.”

Sun Duoxiang quickly assured.

“As for the corpse, you can take them to get it and let them deal with it. After they take it, they will naturally compensate you for the things. It doesn’t matter where the things are exchanged for rewards, maybe the Martial God Guild is over there. The rewards are even better.”

Su Mo thought for a while and decided to let Sun Duoxiang hand in the body, which would be more persuasive.

Under normal circumstances, only if you kill yourself, do you dare to deal with corpses like this.

“Okay, boss, but boss, I’m still panicking.”

“It’s useless, that’s all.”

Su Mo After explaining, he hung up the phone. Originally, as he became more and more famous in the Dawnbreak Guild, there were more and more troublesome things, and people would come to dig him at every turn.

If this matter is on his forehead, it is estimated that there will be no peace in the future, and the days of cessation are over.

And kill the type III general monster, in fact, the water is very high. If the peak state was standing in front of Su Mo, he could only turn around and run away.

But thinking of the synthetic beast of the sinful snake, Su Mo always felt something was wrong. It was embedded in the human head, which made Su Mo care a lot.

Longguo seems to be touching a terrible taboo.

weng weng!

Su Mo’s phone vibrated again.

Su Mo picked it up and took a look. Seeing that Lin Zino was calling, he picked it up suspiciously.

Before Su Mo could speak, Lin Zinuo came up and scolded Su Mo.

“Why is it so difficult to find you every time?”

“What’s the matter? Can you be quiet?”

“I ask you, that one Did you kill the Type III general-level monster?”


“Speak well, don’t think I’m so foolish, you didn’t kill it, is it possible that or That coward to kill.”

“Anything is possible.”

Su Mo was talking nonsense with his eyes open.

“If you killed Su Mo, you must admit it, don’t be confused! The limelight has been robbed.”

“I didn’t kill it, I didn’t kill it. It’s a dime relationship.”

“Stop pretending, you drive mecha out to do personal work, it wasn’t you who killed it, who else could it be? , is it possible that I can misunderstand?”

“I didn’t kill it anyway, that’s all, I’m going to work.”

Su Mo hung up the phone after he finished speaking. .

He let out a long sigh of relief, Lin Zinuo’s intuition was so accurate, she was still discovered by her, but it didn’t matter.

As long as you don’t admit it.

Now Su Mo is more worried about Sun Duoxiang, and the Martial God Guild probably won’t let him off so easily.


In the office of the Wuji Guild Building, Sun Duoxiang took a deep breath several times and adjusted his state again and again. He had already thought about it. Now that things got to this point, he decided to follow Su Mo’s words, carried the pot and walked out of the toilet.

“Is Mr. Sun Duoxiang’s stomach feeling better? Would you like me to call a doctor for you?”

Lin Yao greeted warmly.

β€œNo, no.”

β€œCan we talk about it then?”


β€œ Mr. Sun Duoxiang, I want to confirm with you first, did you kill that monster? Or is there another secret? Of course we have no doubts about your strength.”

Lin Yao asked very tactfully. .

Sun Duoxiang struggled in his heart for a while, but finally he gritted his teeth and admitted it.

“I killed it, and I killed it with my squad members. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Zhang Hao and Ma Ke!”

I heard Sun Duoxiang’s words , Lin Yao suddenly became excited: “Don’t ask, of course we believe you, can you take us to find the monster’s body?”

“No problem, you ask Zhang Hao to take you there. That’s it.”

Sun Duoxiang gradually calmed down.

Lin Yao turned his head to look at a subordinate next to him, and the subordinate immediately left.

“Mr. Sun Duoxiang, a top-level expert like you is really inferior to stay here. Why don’t you come to the Martial God Guild? There are the highest resources and a better stage there. .”

“No, I’m very afraid of trouble, and I just want to mess around, this time is purely accidental.”

Sun Duoxiang learns Su Mo’s tone, a look of indifference.

“Mr. Sun Duoxiang, I know that experts like you hate trouble. But the guild really needs you, so please think about it. Of course, you can bring up any requirements you want, as long as the guild really needs you. What we can do is absolutely not harsh.”

Lin Yao was also a little anxious, this guy doesn’t seem to want to change jobs, the problem is that he can’t keep Sun Duoxiang in the Wuji Guild, otherwise he will really will be poached at any time.

“Aiya, I think the Wuji Guild is pretty good, I don’t want to leave.”

Sun Duoxiang started to talk nonsense, he thought what a shit, since Chen Xin Hanging up, each of these people’s noses are almost growing above their eyes.

Chen Jiadong is also anxious at this time. If such a great god stays in his guild, he will never have a good life in the future. But he didn’t dare to offend Sun Duoxiang, so he said to Sun Duoxiang with a reluctant look.

“Brother Sun, we also miss you, but the General Guild needs you very much now!”

(end of this chapter)

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