Star Ring Mission Chapter 218


Chapter 218 Melee

Two days later, the Grey Stream Sea Territory!

Ships of different sizes and sizes converged. The number has reached more than 100, and the scale is extremely spectacular. The only fly in the ointment is that the overwhelming majority of these ships are very small in tonnage, and many of them are converted from fishing boats. None.

And there are two large-scale fleets, one is the third navy-blade fleet of the Burning Flame Guild, which consists of seven standard ships.

The other part is the second navy of the Mori Ye Guild, the Wind Fleet, which consists of eight standard ships.

Many players stood on the bow excitedly and waved wildly at the players on the next ship!

“Hey! Are you guys going to fuck those guys too?”

“Yes, kill those bastards!”

The main force of the Wind Fleet In the control room of the ship Raofeng, a middle-aged man with two mustaches on his mouth asked the person below.

“How long until we reach the Sea Territory?”

“Captain Link, we will be able to arrive in about 27 hours of sailing, and the distance is not too far. “

“Let the people below drop the small unmanned early warning aircraft. We are now infinitely close to the area controlled by the enemy.”

“Yes, Lord Link. This time we With so many ships and advanced weapons, they will definitely be sent into the sea to feed the fish.”

“Don’t be careless, you can’t be too careful. Those guys are just a bunch of villains, don’t forget them before. What a bummer thing you did.”

“Understood! I’ll make arrangements now.”

The adjutant next to him responded quickly.

Soon a small reconnaissance drone will be launched!

Not very long, in the control room of the Raowind, messages and images from small reconnaissance drones were received. I saw a lot of ships of different sizes appearing on the sea, at least more than 30 ships.

It’s a pity that there is still no comparability with this side.

“Lord Link, you are so wise, you really found the trace of the other party!”

The adjutant next to him said excitedly.

“Send a message to everyone, prepare to fight, and eat this wave!”

Link took a deep breath and issued a ruthless order, it was their turn to clean up this group Guys!


Soon all the spontaneously formed fleets entered a state of battle, and each of them shouted as if they had been beaten with blood.

“Brothers, the opportunity for revenge is here, kill them!”

Soon the enemy fleet appeared in the field of vision, and this fleet seemed to be spontaneously initiated by the player. , is not the regular army of the Amaterasu Guild, and the fleet is quite messy.

In the command room of the Rafting Wind, Link looked at the fleet that was approaching from the front, also brows slightly wrinkle.

Are these people lacking in their brains, or are they arrogant enough to think that they can defeat more than five times their own troops!

“Report! The enemy is about to enter the attack range, whether to launch an attack!”


Link’s doubts turned to doubts, but he did not soften his hand.

At this time, many of our own fleets began to accelerate forward, rushing to attack the enemy.

The two fleets collided in this Sea Territory, and all kinds of torpedoes, missiles and shells were fired at each other.


The ships on both sides exploded one by one, raging flames burned, and screams continued.

The battle is fierce.

Both sides are fighting to the death, just like enemies, no one is cowardly.

Soon the scale of victory on the battlefield moved towards our side. After all, the number is here, not to mention that there are two regular fleets in it.

“Come on! Brothers! Victory belongs to us! Kill these bastards!”

In the public channel, the excited shouts of various captains continued to sound.

However, at this moment, there was a noise in the public communication channel, and a captain shouted, “flustered and exasperated: “The ship behind is sick, how did the shells hit? Hit me directly.”

As a result, before the words were finished, a scream rang out from the public communication channel.


Link suddenly felt that something was wrong, and he asked his subordinates.

“What’s the matter?”

As soon as the question fell, a torpedo exploded directly on the Raofeng, and the Raofeng shook violently.


Link reacted immediately, he was overcast!

At this time, the voice of the captain of the Burning Flame Guild, the sharp blade, sounded in the communication channel.

He angrily said to Link: “We are overcast, our fleet is mixed with enemy ships, these guys sneak attack us while we are fighting!”

When Link heard Zhang Wang’s words, his face became even more ugly and sinister.

At this time, chaotic quarrels continued to be heard in the public communication channel.

“Damn, that ship with the rabbit pattern painted on it belongs to the kid, it attacks Lao Tzu!”

“Fart, you are the kid, I see it clearly You attack your own people.”


Looking down from the sky, you can see groups of your own ships, twisted together inside, attacking each other everywhere.


You hit me and I hit you! There is no way for the rear row to provide fire support for the front row ships.

And the ships in the front row that are fighting are even more embarrassed. They are beaten hard by the enemy, and then they are hit by cold guns from the back from time to time. Some ships even want to reflexively beat the ships behind them. .

A great advantage turned into a disadvantage in an instant. At this time, the enemy fleet was very excited. They found that the strategy worked and seized the opportunity to launch an attack.

β€œWhat now?”

Looking around and asking Link.

Link took a deep breath and shouted directly on the public channel: “Everyone listen to me, I am Link from the Forest Night Guild, everyone, don’t fall for the enemy’s conspiracy and mess with your own hands and feet, Attack each other everywhere.”

“But we don’t know who the enemy is.”

“It’s very simple, everyone raises the same flag, and those who don’t raise the flag are the enemy! “

Link said directly.

“Yes! Good idea!”

The crowd exclaimed with joy.

“No, we don’t have a flag.”

At this time, a voice of a person was awkwardly heard in the communication channel.

“Whoever goes out to NM without a flag, I think you are a spy, kill him!”

“That’s right!”

Soon , a ship quickly raised the unified flag!

Immediately, the chaos and order began to be corrected, and then everyone began to besiege the ships without flags that had sneaked in under the command of Link!


The ships sank into the sea.

Seeing that the plan failed, the enemy fleet, which was still aggressively attacking, began to persuade and wanted to retreat!

And Link immediately noticed it, he said to Zhang Wang: “Come on together, cover with fire, hold them! Don’t even want to leave!”

” Good!”

Looking excitedly replied.

In less than half an hour, the incoming fleet was wiped out, and everyone cheered.

And in the area on the right that deviates from the course, the Helan moves fast.

Ziqinghui reported: “In our left area, the spontaneous force hit the enemy.”

“How is the situation?”

Qianchengxue indifferently asked .

(end of this chapter)

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