Star Ring Mission Chapter 219


Chapter 219 Traps

“From the radar point of view, the forces of both sides are not the same level, so there should be no big problem. “

“en. ”

“Report, two ships were scanned in front, both of which are light frigates, and a patrol ship was also scanned on the side, and we are getting closer.”

Chen Xijie also opened up to report.

“Keep your distance, expand the optical imaging mode, I want to see those three ships.”

Qiancheng Xue gave the order lightly.


Chen Xijie’s quick operation.

Soon one after another image was revealed, and images of three somewhat old ships emerged. I saw that the players on the ship saw the Helan chasing behind them, and they ran to the deck to look out curiously.

Many people pointed to the Helan with joy, their mouths open, not knowing what they were talking about, and they waved their arms vigorously.

“What do you say they are so excited about?”

Lin Zinuo curiously asked.

Su Mo, who was taciturn at this time, said lightly: “They are exclaiming, it is the Helan! Oh my god, it is the Helan! We have won this time, didn’t ‘t expect even the Helan to join the war.”

“It’s true or not, Su Mo, did you figure it out yourself?”

Lin Zinuo looked confused by Su Mo.

Su Mo just glanced at Lin Zino, too lazy to explain!

“He’s right, that’s how it’s interpreted from lip language.”

When Qiancheng Xue confirmed for Su Mo, she couldn’t help but glance at him, lip language This thing needs special training, she didn’t expect Su Mo to do it too.

At this time, Ziqing suddenly said to Qianchengxue: “Report, in our southwest area, a submarine was scanned, approaching us, and it also actively sent a communication request.”


“Submarine? Which player is so rude.”

Han Na and the others began to discuss.

“Connected to the communication.”

Qianchengxue said calmly.

Soon the communication was connected, and the voice of the northern scumbag rang out.

“You are Helan, right? It’s so exciting to meet you, idols!”

“Who are you?”

Qianchengxue did not talk to the other party in a domineering manner.

“I’m Shi Tai from Sinan Guild, we admire your name very much, please let us fight side by side with you!”

Shi Tai replied excitedly.

At this moment, Chen Xijie lowered her voice and said to Qianchengxue: “Sinan Guild is a small guild with only over a thousand people. This guild is very active in the forum.”

Qianchengxue said lightly to the other party: “Thank you, but we have no intention of meeting with others for the time being. Please don’t approach us and keep a safe distance.”

“Just let us Let’s go together, we want to kill the enemy with you. And don’t misunderstand, we didn’t intend to get close to you, but to go to the enemy’s sea route.”

Shi Tai defended.

Hearing Shi Tai’s words, Qianchengxue motioned Ziqing to unilaterally block the communication here.

Ziqing complied immediately. After shielding, Ziqing said, “The other party is still approaching us!”

“Prepare torpedoes!”

Qian Cheng Xue’s eyes were cold and replied, she didn’t believe him at all.

“Wait~ Sister Xue, are we going to sink each other?”

Sun Li couldn’t react, so she hurriedly asked.

“I have already warned them, and a small guild can actually have weapons like submarines?”

Qianchengxue said with a very cold expression.

“Sister Xue, you are right, but these are speculations after all! We have no substantial evidence. You must know that Lin Zinuo and the others miraculously obtained the Helan. If we If you sunk it hastily, this matter will be stabbed to the Internet, which will lead to very bad consequences.”

Sun Li quickly persuaded.

Qianchengxue brows tightly frowns, it seems that there is a little more concern.

Just when everyone didn’t know what to do, Su Mo suddenly stepped forward, pressed the button to cancel the blocking of communication, and said familiarly.

“Brother, you sound like you are very young, I didn’t expect you to be so young and promising, and you still have a patriotic heart.”

“You are joking, this is us It should be done, and we are only doing our little bit.”

“Don’t say that, a nobody can do great things. I just admire you, when the battle is over, I invite you Eat.”

“How embarrassing.”

“Sorry, I know a shop that has High Level fish, how do you like to eat it.”

“It’s delicious when grilled, full of flavor.”

Shi Tai gushed about how delicious grilled fish is.

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly raised eight tones, and said fiercely: “バカダロー, 鱼は sashimi γŒδΈ€δΈ€γ†γΎγ„ (Bastard, the fish must be made into sashimi only) The most delicious).”

Shi Tai’s neural reflex replied: β€œγ―! (Yes!)”

As soon as these words came out, both sides fell silent.

Su Mo turned his head to Ziqing and said, “The identification is complete, it’s time to kill it!”

Everyone looked at Su Mo with a bewildered expression.

“Why are you still standing still?”

Zi Qing pressed the button to launch the torpedo without saying a word. In fact, the other party was really bold and even dared to approach the Helan. You must know that the overall performance of the Helan is actually closer to the destroyer type. It has a powerful radar and various missiles and anti-submarine torpedoes. It can be called a submarine killer! It can directly sink submarines from a long distance outside the opponent’s range.

At this time, although the other party hurriedly made an evasion, it was a pity that there was no accident and he was directly hit.

The red dot on the radar suddenly disappeared.

Lin Zinuo and the others looked at Su Mo in disbelief: “You can speak the R language?”

“What’s so strange, I know more, you guys Don’t you think I’m a spy too?”

Su Mo looked at Lin Zinuo and the others with interest.

“We are not fools!”

Lin Zinuo replied a little annoyed.

At this moment, the Helan number suddenly sounded an alarm, Qianchengxue asked calmly.

“What’s the situation?”

Zi Qing said with a slightly changed expression: “At the edge of the radar, a lot of scattered red dots were scanned.”

Su Mo beside him Looking at the red dot displayed on the radar, he reminded in a deep voice: “No, it’s not scattered! The other party is surrounded by a net, and we have entered the circle. It should have beat the grass to scare the snake just now. The network is closing.”

“What should we do? We charge ahead?”

Lin Zinuo asked anxiously

At this time, Qianchengxue was calm. Make a decision: “Change the course, we will shift in the direction of the main force, join them, and send them early warning information.” It’s hard to break out alone. If so, just join up with the prey who fell into the trap, find a way to break through together, and see if they are tough or the opponent’s teeth are better.

If you want to eat them easily, you have to make the other party pay the price.

Of course Qiancheng Xueduo is also a little bit self-blaming, but it’s still careless and underestimates the other party. She thought that the other party would ambush, but didn’t expect the other party to have such a big appetite and make such a big net.


Zi Qing and the others responded immediately.

“Level 1 Combat Alert! All combat players are on standby and all maintenance technicians are in place.”


(end of chapter)

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