Star Ring Mission Chapter 22


Chapter 22 Covering

At this time, the building shook even more violently, and it was on the verge of collapse. Large cracks keep appearing.

“Go! It’s not safe here, leave quickly. Otherwise, the Type I variant will be discovered, and no one will want to live. This is beyond the scope of conventional cognition.”

After Su Mo finished speaking, he directly took out the rope, found a fixed point to tie it, and jumped off the sixth floor without saying a word.

Sun Duoxiang and the others didn’t talk nonsense, and quickly climbed down the rope.

Then Su Mo entire group successfully left the building and ran from behind. They tried their best to escape, and did not dare to stop along the way, for fear of being overtaken by the mutant.

It turns out that misfortunes never come alone is never wrong.

After Su Mo and the others ran out of the two streets, although they were not caught up by the mutants, they ran into the black pressure zombie tide head-on. They are eating some unlucky players, they sensed new prey, and raised their hideous heads one after another.

β€œNo way.”

Sun Duoxiang and the others cried and gasped frantically.

“This way!”

Su Mo immediately took Lan Xi and the others to flee in another direction.


The hordes of zombies followed.

“Big brother, how far are we from Safety Sector? If we keep running like this, even if we don’t get killed by zombie, we’ll be exhausted.”

Sun Duoxiang gasping for breath asked.

“Come on, turn ahead and you’ll be there.”

Su Mo replied calmly, even though they fled all the way, all the directions of escape, he had silently calculated in his mind, Not too far off.

“Really? As expected of a big brother.”

Sun Duoxiang and the others immediately regained hope. They simply admired Su Mo as prostrate oneself in admiration. To know that they escaped all the way, their heads are all confused. Even now it is dizzy, and the sense of direction is completely confused.

Soon Su Mo and the others rushed to the end of the street. They turned and saw a giant bird’s nest-shaped stadium in the distance. The center of the stadium was ablaze.

However, before Su Mo and the others were happy, their hearts fell into an ice cave. I saw a huge gym, surrounded by zombies.

Hundreds of zombies swarmed the entrance directly opposite them.

“It’s over, it’s over, the delay on the road is too long, and the entrance is blocked by zombies.”

Sun Duoxiang collapsed directly to the ground.

Lan Xi panted desperately, turned her head and glanced back, and said to Su Mo anxiously.

“Su Mo, the zombie group behind us is catching up, we are going to be made dumplings!”

“big brother, what should we do now.”

Zhang Hao is also completely not knowing what to do, he can only rely on Su Mo now.

Su Mo turned her head and looked towards Lan Xi and said, “Gauze!”

Although Lan Xi didn’t know why Su Mo wanted the gauze, she still immediately turned it over from her backpack and handed it over. to Su Mo.

After Su Mo took the gauze, he threw the backpack to Lan Xi. After that, he wrapped the gauze around the hand holding the Tang Dao, and then tied a dead knot, and then he said fiercely.

“Kill the past!”

Lan Xi and the others’ eyes almost fell out when they heard Su Mo’s words.

“What? Big brother, there are hundreds of zombies ahead!”

Zhang Hao reminded tearfully, so many zombies have to be killed, what a tiger!

“So what! If you die horizontally and vertically, it’s better to fight, you cover me!”

After Su Mo finished speaking, he rushed up fearless.

“Fight against them!”

Sun Duoxiang and several others were also infected by Su Mo’s imposing manner, so they all picked up guns and rushed up.

Zombie, who was entrenched at the entrance, also found Su Mo and the others, and rushed over.

Su Mo’s eyes are extremely sharp, his eyes are getting colder, his nerves are tense, and the world seems to be quiet at this moment.

Hands up and down!


The head of a zombie in front of her flew straight up.

Su Mo is like a wolf entering a flock, and he frantically swings the Tang knife in his hand, and every knife is extremely precise and falls on the vital points of those zombies. Then kick it fiercely and kick it away to prevent mistakes from being clawed.


The sticky blood splashed!

Zombies fell one by one.

Lan Xi, who followed Su Mo, kept firing cover and attacking zombies who wanted to sneak attack.

peng peng ~

Not to mention that Su Mo and the others really entered the zombie group, but more and more zombies gathered all around.

Su Mo and the others faced increasing resistance when they were halfway through. Su Mo gritted his teeth and kept swinging the knife at a high speed. He didn’t dare to relax. This was not only a serious test for his arm, but also his spirit. Now his whole hand is about to be chopped numb.


Lan Xi pulled the gun and was horrified to find that there was no bullet.

“No more bullets.”

“Don’t look at it, it’s all used up.”

Zhang Hao replied directly.

“I’m gone, what should I do?”

Sun Duoxiang’s face was about to cry.

“Fight with them!”

The ruthlessness in Zhang Hao’s heart was also aroused at this time, he pulled out his baton and went up to help.

The situation is getting worse and worse, more and more zombies are gathered all around, they are a little bit hard to get in, and they are obviously not far from the entrance.

At this time, above the Bird’s Nest Stadium, a player from the Wuji Guild was lying on his stomach with a gun in his hand.

“Who are those guys? They are so fierce, they want to force their way in, but it’s a pity that they will be beaten to death.”

“We came here. Squat down and meet your own people, no matter how awesome other people are, it’s none of our business.”

Lei Wang, the Captain who took the lead, said indifferently, he was not interested in being a bad guy. They don’t have many bullets in their hands, and they’re expensive.

“Hey, I read that right.”

At this time, a team member said suspiciously.

“What’s the matter?”

“The guy with the sharp eyes seems to be from our guild. He seems to be called Sun Duoxiang. We signed up together.”

β€œAre you sure?”

Captain Wang asked.


“Come on, that’s not my own, brother fire support!”

Captain Wang shouted immediately.


The team members next to them put up their guns one after another.

At this time, Su Mo and several people are struggling to support, even if Su Mo can’t get rid of it again. Even if they were able to kill, they couldn’t withstand the impact of such a zombie. Lan Xi and the others were a little desperate. At this moment, a burst of gunfire suddenly sounded, and the zombies that rushed up fell one by one. The zombies all around, He was shot down as soon as he approached.

Su Mo lifts the head looked towards the roof of the stadium in the distance, and immediately found supporters.

β€œWith fire cover, kill past! ”

Su Mo’s words are like a strong injection. At first, some despair Lanxi and the others suddenly regained hope.

Sun Duoxiang also saw the supporters at this time. , he shouted excitedly: “It’s from our guild! Te finally came to pick us up. “

“Don’t talk nonsense, just kill it.” “

Lan Xi complained to Sun Duoxiang.

“Okay, okay”

After a while, Su Mo and the others successfully reached the entrance . A high steel wire protection net is erected at the entrance of the gym, and a group of players with rifles are guarding.

“We belong to the Wuji Guild. “

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly reported himself to his family when he came up.

Book title: The Origin of Myth.

A thousand years later, we are history, ten thousand years later, we is a myth

(end of this chapter)

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